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  1. Read it properly it was a JOKE, specsavers appointment, but typical, feet first knee jerk reaction.
  2. JF, the only delay you can come up with I guess is t say that you are going to pay for it, tell them that you are sending a cheque, I know from some people this trick has worked well, this should give you a little more time for your injunction application. Only thing I would say tho is I am not aware that there is such thing as a Bill of Sale being registered late, at court we do not register anything with out a reasonable answer, the master will normally use his discretion if he believes there is a genuine reason that the BoS was being presented late, I know we charge a fee for late registeration, the court cannot just register a late BoS for the sake of it. Did you have an expensive car ? it certainly sounds it if you owe 8k. Come back and let us know.
  3. In addition, Contact a manager at LBL, find out if they now own the deal, if not stop paying, as it sounds like the broker had to receive a certain percentage before LBL take the loan on, incase it back fires and they end up with a dead agreement, which i think it is, by you paying all the time, you are probably bring that transfer of loan over to LBL closer. IF the company has gone pop, then you do not need to pay anybody. For gods sake let us know, and come back wth the information needed so that we know whats been said. geeezzzz
  4. Bully firstly its totally irrelevant about the agents name who they are and what colour the boxer shorts, its not going to help. Firstly get in touch with HPi, ask for complaints, 01722413434, tell them you are a member of public. Call LBL and ask if they have any paper work on you, and ask for a copy of te Bill Of Sale, if by some miracle they hold a BoS then ask for the rest of the supporting paper work. It sounds ok'ish if before the company went down he did everything correctly, but i doubt very much that is the case. There is a lot of talk about Bill Of Sale being registered at the court not within seven days, that is of no significance, if you need to know let me know. If the finance company (and this in GENERAL) have an interest in a car then they can register the interest on te Hpi register, they are not obliged by law to do so, there are no time constrainsts however should therebe a claim against the finance company then they will not have a leg to stand on. If on the other, you are tied into a contract with LBL by virtue of the agreement made with this dodgy dude, the paper work needs to be correct. Now unless i missed something earlier, which i probably did, why have you not :- Contacted LBL ask for copies of BOS and supporting Docs. Contacted HPi to seen when the interest was registered. Reported the agent to OFT who is of course a broker
  5. I didn't say anything I just woke, late night and all that, yawned. How can that be a camp yawn.
  6. I know that, I have just signed up to a free service, well i say free but you dial an 0871 number, which is free with BT anyway, you get a pin number, so what you do is you dial the 0871 number which is unique to you, you get a dialing tone, dial your bank or whoever, when you finished you can then download the conversation as an MP3 file, dated and timed, you can then email it to whoever needs the evidence. Thats the first way forward, because it seems no matter who you talk to they just like and cheat their way thru. I wonder if somebody at my office be able to advice me on your compo claim, or at least how much you should charge? Prangers I will ask for you and get back to you, I am sure one of the judges should know what is reasonable.
  7. Your time, plus telephone call, other costs as you think fit. but not overboard
  8. Prangers for the love of jesus stop this nonsense, what do you mean pushing it ? they owe you DO NOT GIVE up, i am still struggling with these (edit), i cannot believe the incomptence, tomorrow is D day, if i do not get a satisfactory result, I will speak to my judge at the court, and get HIS advice about the best way to proceed, it looks of course first port of call is the FOS, but i will not sit back and do bugger all, i told NW today that I will not leave this and will SUE, i swear on my life, i am so furious. DO NOT KEEP SAYING AM I PUSHING IT ITS YOUR BLOODY MONEY. GO GET IT. I WILL POSTING ON MY OWN THREAD, I WLL BE SUING NATIONWIDE AND EXPERIAN, I HAVE THE MONEY TO DO IT AND THE FREE LEGAL ADVICE AFTER ALL......
  9. Right it no appears that I need to record all my calls as these scumbags are denying everything that was said, any recordings made will be available on-line, with all contradictions made, warts and all. Latest is they are not refunding anything, and that I must now ask the telephone company to refund, they claim that the money is owed to them bearing in mind that they are all ILLEGAL CHARGES, dam the GOVERNMENT THE OFT AND EVERYONE INVOLVED, how the **ck can their be endless delays in making a ruling. Where now?
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