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  1. I know £175 is quite a bit! but then again the average I've seen for rented accomodation here is around £200.
  2. We paid the £175 for "documentation fees". I.e. drafting of the contract, liaising with the landlord, processing of our references etc. This is what I assume it is for anyhow. Their offices are quite far out and we are restricted by working hours and public transport but will be making a trip over there if neccessary in the future. We have spoke to them on the phone again and they have now insisted that they well provide receipts for payments made to them (about time too!). Just need the first receipt to arrive now! Still think it's abit strange though, receipts should be mandat
  3. Hi there, Me and my girlfriend are currently in the process of renting a new flat together but have some concerns over how the application process for this new flat has gone. Firstly we have handed over £175 in admins fees for the flat via BACS transfer, also we have been asked to hand over the first months rent and deposit before the contract has even been signed. Also we have requested receipts for all payments but the issue of receipts seems to be avoided. The majority of correspondence has been conducted via email and phone. Is it normal for renting a new property that
  4. Hi there, We signed a joint short term assured tenancy agreement for 6 months but it has become a rolling contract since January now and we signed guarantor forms also. 2 out of the 4 us are planning to move out of our current property in the next month or so but my friends are planning on staying. Written notice has been served by the 2 leaving tenants. Who is liable for the rent for my room? After my notice period of 1 months rent has been served? Is it me? or is it all of us jointly? or is it the remaining tenants? Any help would be much appreciated. Chee
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