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  1. just a thought : could it be that because the Club Lloyds account - assuming that you have this - at the time paid 4% on total balances starting at 4000 up to 5000 that this paid more interest than could be expected ? obviously this was quite a bit more than the usual building society rate or ISA savings rate (they've stopped it now reduced it to 2% max). So it may be worth pointing this out / providing evidence of this at least.
  2. Hi many thanks for the links; however the template links attachments 53996 & 53997 don't seem to work. would you mind posting the links again (valid links) as I will use them ? There is no will hence no executor, just left to me as next of kin to try to sort out her affairs. Many thanks.
  3. Hi there, many thanks for the reply. It's looking like my mum may have an insolvent estate. As the debts may well exceed the assets in the estate. I'm getting help with the Council funerals officer to arrange a cremation and value the estate. Cannot begin to start clearing the flat until the council officer has been to value belongings, so this has delayed things. I'd like to ask, if it's an insolvent estate, does the HA have the right to claim rent from the estate ? same with the credit card co. debt of £3700. My mum was a tenant(protected) for approx. 44 years, there was no deposit system in those days (late 60's/early 70's), 3 months' rent was paid in advance. The finance officer of the HA said straight away to me ' your mother was in rent arrears, & rent will continue to be charged until the flat is cleared'. no mention of rent-free period. I haven't been in touch since. I haven't found a Tenancy Agreement, the document would be ancient now! Do I need to apply for letters of administration to deal with an insolvent estate ? I've read online e.g. CAB site that if it's insolvent I would not need to. I do not have money & no access to credit so I'm trying to keep costs to a minimum. any help apprec., I went to a free legal advice drop-in but they said they would get someone to email me info (not their area) but haven't heard anything back so far. Cannot afford a solicitor, & there is no legal aid for this apparently!
  4. My mother passed away a few days ago. She was a protected tenant in a large housing association / housing trust. An officer of the trust has informed me that she was in rent arrears prior to her death, and that until the flat is cleared rent will continue to be charged. She had been living in the property (and another property in the same HA) from the early 70's. She was the sole tenant, there was no-one else living with her & no-one stands to continue the tenancy. She was a hoarder therefore it will take some time to clear her rubbish & belongings (little of value). She had very little of value, and i've found recent credit card statements indicating she was in thousands of pounds of credit card debt. There may be other debts. She was in receipt of pension credit & housing benefit. The rent included heating & hot water, therefore the HB would not have included that, so the HB was not for the full amount. There may be other HB deductions. I am her next of kin (sole child). My questions are : 1) is the HA right to claim a) rent arrears prior to her death b) to charge rent while the flat is unoccupied but being cleared of her belongings after her death ? given the amount of stuff she has hoarded, this will probably take a month or so. they have verbally offered to allow 'approximately two months' if needed. 2) re the credit cards she owes money to (the one i saw was ' m&s credit'). and other loans she may have. What happens following someone's death? I suspect her estate will have very little value. Do the CC companies claim it from the estate, chase the next of kin for the debts owed ? or are they written off ? any help appreciated i have never been in this situation before.
  5. ok many thanks, i really think the ebay system needs an overhaul & there is a gaping opportunity for an alternative.
  6. i paid by debit card through paypal, what ebay is saying now is that i need to wait a week before being able to raise a complaint. I thought that's what I was doing in the chat to their customer 'support' !
  7. done! what gets me is ebay KNOWINGLY allows sellers overseas to mislead buyers into thinking they are buying from a UK seller, & operate multiple accounts, & also the support saying "there's a possibility he already post it" - what, on a Sunday! and then they did absolutely nothing about cancelling the purchase & refunding me. Cash on collection only for me from now on! & then they terminated chat with no actual help whatsoever.
  8. absolutely useless...and they ended the chat without doing anything! transcript from customer 'support' : Ruth xxxxx 14:22:44 Welcome to eBay Live Help. My name is Ruth. How can I help you today? rogersxxxx 14:23:22 hi there i'm concerned about an item i've bought today & paid for by paypal - zero feedback seller who isnt actually in the Uk after all Ruth Piexxx 14:24:13 Hello, Jeremy. rogers2836 14:25:05 hi Ruth xxx 14:26:34 If I may ask, have you received the item you've paid for? rogers2xxx 14:27:29 no bought it today not sent yet item no. is 1212934xxxx7 i want to cancel transaction & get refund as seller fraudulently claiming to be in UK in listing Ruth Pxxx 14:28:41 May I know how did you say that your seller doesn't live in UK? rogers283xxxx 6 14:29:22 his message to me about delivery states will send by priority airmail DB rogersxxx 14:29:42 its a [problem] fraudulent listing Ruth Pxxxx 14:32:48 Thanks for this information. Ruth Pixxxx 14:33:12 To assist you with this, I will need to transfer you to the relevant department. May I go ahead and transfer you now? rogers2xxxx 14:33:24 sure ty Ruth xxxx 14:34:48 Please hold on as I transfer you. Charlotte Mxxxx 14:36:32 Thank you for contacting eBay Live Help. My name is Charlotte. Please give me a moment to review what you've discussed with the previous representative. rogers2xxx 14:36:51 ok ty Charlotte Mxxx 14:37:56 Thank you for patiently waiting. Please accept my apologies as it seems that the previous representative mistakenly transferred the chat to us. Your concern needs an attention of our other team which looks into such concerns. I've made a note on this chat. Without taking more of your time, may I transfer you now? rogersxxx 14:38:08 ok ty Charlotte Milxxx ls 14:38:44 You are most welcome. Please stay online while I transfer you to them. Ruth Pxxx 14:39:08 Welcome to eBay Live Help. My name is Ruth. How can I help you today? rogersxxxx 14:39:39 hi concerned about a fraudulent listing for an item i've paid for rogersxxx 14:40:18 youve just forwarded me onto some1 they say its not their dept rogers2836 14:42:52 hello ? Ruth Pierce 14:43:32 Hello again, Jeremy. rogers2836 14:43:54 yes the dept u forwarded me to say they dont deal with that Ruth xxx 14:45:17 Please hold on for a while. Ruth xxxx 14:46:25 First, as for your issue about cancelling the transaction while I understand that you have a good reason to withdraw from your purchase, however please note that as the listing has already ended, I'm afraid that only the seller has the ability to cancel the transaction. Ruth xxxx 14:46:32 You will be surprised to know that most sellers are responsive to buyers who are willing to keep an open communication with them. rogerxxxx 14:46:48 the seller is not in the UK - it is not a genuine listing rogerxxx 14:47:21 ebay has the ability to cancel the transaction where it is fraudulent rogerxxxx 14:48:29 & Seller isnt responsive & evasive about where he actually is Ruth xxxx 14:49:59 Please note that we will only consider a transaction as null and void if the seller is no longer a registered user or if the item has been removed by eBay. rogers28xx14:50:13 can you pass me to the supervisor please now plse rogersxxxx 14:50:37 the item should be removed by ebay & the sellers other items as they are a [problem] Ruth xxxxx 14:51:01 I understand how you feel about this but to assist you with your report about their listing, I will need to transfer you to the relevant department. But before I transfer you to you have any other query about the cancelling this transaction? rogerxxxx 14:51:20 plse transfer me to the right dept this time! Ruthxxxx 14:51:44 Okay. Please hold on as I transfer you. rogexxxx 14:52:34 you asked me that already Simon Lawxxx 14:53:29 Welcome to Community Watch Live Chat. My name is Simon. Please give me a moment to review your previous discussion or if you'd like to, can you let me know what the issue is? rogersxxx14:54:21 item 121293408xx have bought the item seller now says he isnt actually in uk - [problem] listing Simon Laxwsxx 14:55:49 Thank you for the item details. Simon Laxxxx14:56:08 Please give me a couple of minutes to review the item. rogersxxx 14:56:45 location says uk / cambridge, seller now evasive about where he is, says he will send it by 'priority airmail' zero feedback seller Simxxxx 14:57:41 Thank you for the details. Simon Lxxxx n 14:58:01 We have investigated on your report and I can confirm we've documented this and forwarded to our relevant department. However, privacy is a priority at eBay at all times so we're not able to share the details of the actions we take. They can range from issuing the seller an informational alert, a temporary suspension, an indefinite suspension or terminating the member's account. rogexxx 14:58:13 his username also indicates he is in uk > d***aviuk rogexxxx 14:58:29 yes but i want the transaction cancelled & my paypal payment refunded ... today rogexxxx 14:59:06 seller hasnt responded to this request - because it is a [problem] Simon xxxxn 14:59:45 I checked on your concern and saw that a specialist from a relevant department will handle this matter. Would it be okay if I connect you there so this can be resolved immediately? rogxxx 14:59:57 yes ty Simon Lxxxx 15:00:02 Please stay online while I transfer this chat. Robert xxxx15:00:25 Welcome to eBay Live Help. My name is Robert. Please give me 2 minutes to review what you've discussed with the previous representative. Robert Cxxxx15:03:13 Just to confirm you'd like to report the listing 1212934xxxx? rogers2xxxx 15:03:47 i dont just want to report it i want the purchase cancelled & my paypal payment refunded rogexxx 15:04:01 as it is a [problem] Robertxxx15:04:04 I understand your situation and I will be more than happy to look into this for you. Robert xxxx 15:04:06 Please bear with me for two minutes while I investigate this for you. rogexxxx 15:04:24 msgs from seller : rogexxxx15:04:53 1) Posting tomorrow registered Priority Airmail. DB rogerxxxx 15:05:18 2) Erm ... no, not from Cambridge. That's my billing address, some wires crossed. Should arrive Wed-Thurs. rogerxxx 15:06:30 & then no response from my request to cancel the transaction Robertxxxx r 15:07:20 Thanks for the additional information that you have provided. I'm doing my investigation right now. I appreciate your patience. rogers2xxx 15:08:01 note how the seller doesnt actually say where 'item' (if it exists) is located Robertxxx 15:11:08 I'm still investigating. I'll be with you for a while. rogersxxx 15:11:18 ok ty Robertxxxx 15:13:44 Thank you for patiently waiting. Robert Cxxxx r 15:14:26 Your report has been noted and we'll take appropriate action against the seller if necessary based on our site rules. Please be aware that we are strict on our policy especially with the item locations. rogexxxx6 15:14:56 yes but i want the sale cancelled & my paypal transaction refunded - today rogexxxx 15:15:22 i dont understand how ebay allows sellers from overseas to state their location as UK rogexxxxx 15:16:02 i do not believe it to be a genuine listing Robexxxxx r 15:17:25 I understand your situation. Since you already paid for the item, the best option you can do is to send another message to the seller and ask for your refund and to open a Cancel transaction case in Resolution centre. Please try to get in touch with the seller if the seller will not respond until 23rd of March, contact us back for us to take action against the seller and we will then cancel the transaction for you then our Resolutions team can help you to open a case for your full refund. Please understand that we have policy in place so we need to follow this. rogxxxx 6 15:18:13 hi i have already sent him a msg he has not responded I do not want to anxiously wait until then, i want to do it today before the item is (not) sent roxxxx6 15:19:38 he is playing the ebay system which is why it should not be fixed in this case Robxxxxxr 15:20:13 I understand, but there's a possibility that the item is on its way, I can see that the seller has a good record of sending items right away. Just in case that you receive the item and it's not from Cambridge UK, I suggest you to open an "Item not as described" case to get your refund. rogexxxx 15:20:44 how would it be on its way on a sunday ? plse explain. also he has zero feedback - how would this be a 'good record ? Robert Cxxx15:22:56 There's a possibility that he already post it, I have no idea about that because only the seller knows that. Also a member can have more than one accounts. Please be aware that we are not allowed to provide any further information about the other accounts of this seller. Robert Coxxx 15:23:06 But I assure you he is a genuine seller. Robert Coxxx 15:23:08 I can assure you that by doing the best options I've provided, it will surely resolve your concern. rogers2xxx 15:23:38 how is he a genuine seller if he states item is UK his location is UK but he actually isnt ? Robert xxxxr 15:24:18 I do get your point and that's why we have policy in place to protect buyers like you. Just follow all the options I've given. Robert Cxxxx15:24:24 I believe I have addressed all of your concerns. Please follow the steps you've been provided. . Thank you for using eBay. Enjoy the rest of your day. System15:24:29 The chat session is being wrapped up. System15:24:29 The chat session has ended. System15:24:29 This chat was on 03/16/2014. All times in the above transcript are in the following time zone: (GMT) Greenwich Mean Time : Dublin, Edinburgh, Lisbon, London
  9. you're missing the point - those who are sanctioned on JSA for example (over a million in the last 12 months) can currently still claim housing benefit / council tax benefit, based on zero income. HB will also be sanctionable under universal credit - in addition - which will encompass millions of low-paid workers, not just the self-employed and the unemployed & those on ESA etc.
  10. ...no mention of Council Tax Benefit (yet). This will make the bedroom tax look benign in comparison! Lose your home at the stroke a low-paid jobcentre worker's pen, with ramped-up sanctions targets to meet or the jobcentre worker is also out of a job. Mass homelessness for 100000's possibly millions of people. http://johnnyvoid.wordpress.com/2014/02/27/part-time-workers-to-face-housing-benefit-sanctions/#comments
  11. hi to the OP just a thought - local freecycle groups are usually looking for online moderators. Similarly, if there are certain fields you are interested in / forums you are a member of, then you could ask whether they're looking for moderators. This could count as voluntary work & be done from home online. Best wishes.
  12. oh yeah ? http://watchinga4e.blogspot.co.uk/2013/06/sanctioned-tell-local-paper.html http://johnnyvoid.wordpress.com/2013/09/23/one-third-of-homeless-people-hit-by-benefit-sanctions/ http://blacktrianglecampaign.org/2013/06/09/2-25-million-have-been-sanctioned-by-the-condem-dwp-after-spending-2-2-billion-on-the-esa-regime-ids-has-managed-to-get-just-just-1290-off-the-sick-into-work/ http://falseeconomy.org.uk/blog/a-list-of-completely-ridiculous-benefit-sanctions-people-have-experienced
  13. be very careful about being sanctioned...plenty of stories around of people ringing up the jobcentre & told it's fine to miss the signing appt then being sanctioned for 4 weeks. give them any excuse under the current regime & they will sanction you. sanctioned people don't count in the unemployment figures...so if you can attend the jobcentre then try to do so.
  14. Hi wondering if anyone can help. I'm due to see the CAB next week, currently in receipt of Employment Support Allowance (support group, migrated from IS already) & DLA middle rate care low rate mobility. I am a single adult with severe mental health problems & personality disorder, severe agoraphobia other issues. What I wanted to know is whether or how DLA is included in an application for a debt relief order, should it be included as income ? there are extra costs associated with my illness i find it nigh-impossible to cook for myself & organise myself, have to have someone to clean & tidy the flat for me. I'm in about 4,500 of unsecured debt (2 credit cards, payday loan, utilitites, paypal etc) my psychiatrist has advised me to sort my debts out somehow as they are adversely affecting my mental health, which is true, living under a cloud & just want to start again. So what i would like to know re a DRO appllication is should DLA be stated as income in the income section ? Should the exact amounts be deducted from the income in expenses section ? what is the guidance for the official receiver on the issue ? what i'm worried about is if they count DLA as income then they might say my income is too high (over £50 / month left over) to qualify for a DRO. I meet all the other criteria. I don't mind if my credit rating is shot I cannot handle credit! If anyone knows or has been in this situation before then please please advise. If i start a debt management plan, then the debt will be hanging over me for years & years to come. Any info much appreciated. thankyou
  15. some aspects to think about : if the s/e doesn't work out & you try to claim JSA, your claim could end up being disallowed for leaving your previous employment 'voluntarily', so no benefit. under universal debit (oh sorry credit) which may be introduced as soon as oct 13 , isn't there something about the self employed being assumed to earn 35 hours x the minimum wage as a basis for their universal credit award ? that's clear profit of around £240 per week. If you earn less than that, your income will still be counted as approx £240. Please correct me if i'm wrong. Seems a lot of self-employed people are going to take a big hit when UC replaces tax credits.
  16. It's a trial...see how it goes, then introduce the vouchers for the disposable income part of Universal Debit (credit).
  17. Have had the letter saying I will receive the ESA50 form soon. Any info appreciated as worried. My disabilities are mental rather than physical. I've heard mention of recent new criteria for ESA new descriptors etc is that right? can i source them anywhere? will there be adequate questions asked re mental health? any info appreciated
  18. I agree with the last post 100%. Long term sick leave through depression & stress caused by doing 2 people's jobs would be the way to go; also contact the Occupational Health Dept at work.
  19. Don't forget the benefits cap under ' universal debit ' , I've heard a figure mentioned of a limit of £350 per week for a single person, this is for everything : IS/ESA, HB CTB DLA/PIP , this is another way of cutting benefits, & the inevitable IT problems will mean long delays of payments during the changeover. My advice to you is to save up as much money as you can now, you'll need something to fall back on soon enough, & it won't be benefits.
  20. Don't forget many people on IS/JSA etc will have to pay 20% of their Council Tax soon as well ! More business for those tory-loving bailiffs! (Even more) widespread poverty, destitution & homelessness coming soon...
  21. don't be afraid of them isn't it in the legislation somewhere that if you are unable to work again then the loans are written off ? they're trying to put the frighteners on you, invite them to take you to Court & tell them you will vigorously defend the case & counterclaim as your circumstances meet the conditions making you eligible for the loans to be written off. As you are an individual, the case will be held in your local County Court. If you need further help then post here. I do not see why evidence you have already provided should not be regarded as sufficient for all of the loans you took out. I'd refuse to pay anything just keep urging them to take you to Court. I'll dig out the legislation re deferment , link here : http://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/1998/211/schedules/made *** " The lender will cancel the borrower’s liability to repay the loan if the borrower— (a)dies, (b)is not behind on any repayments under any agreement for a student loan and— (i)was under the age of 40 when his last agreement for a student loan was made and he reaches the age of 50 or when the last agreement for a student loan has been outstanding for not less than 25 years, whichever is the sooner, or (ii)was aged 40 or older when his last agreement for a student loan was made and he reaches the age of 60, or ©if the borrower can show the lender that he gets a disability related benefit and because of his disability is permanently unfit for work. " *** So you see, the Law states quite clearly that you *do not* have to pay back the loans. Remember the huge amount of student loan arrears have been bought up by private companies who are of course seeking a return on their investment. These means that the SLC & others will ignore the law when it suits them in order to keep applying pressure on people, in your case a severely disabled person, to pay back student loans even when they are no longer liable for repayment. Urge them to take you to Court & tell them you will publicise the case. The fact that they have already agreed to write off one loan has also set a precedent. What is the difference between the one loan they have written off & the ones they havent ?
  22. She's taking the Gov't to Court - best of luck ! http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-16039599
  23. just had a phone call, they will backdate the deferment 3 months & my arrears are now cleared. In your case, i would say that if the SLC take 8 weeks or so to process a simple deferment form, you are being penalised by their tardiness / inefficiency / maladministration. Up to you if you want to accept it, if you use the formal complaints procedure & take it to stage 3 (excecutive level) if you need to, you could find the arrears are wiped out. It may also be prudent to cancel the direct debit with the SLC if you wish, so that they are unable to take funds out of your account due to the above, it's ultimately up to you how much you wish to fight it. In my case, I've fought it and won and have not had to pay any unjustified 'arrears', I'm aware of many cases where people have accepted what the SLC has said as gospel, not questioned it, not wanted to put up with the harassment, and have given up and paid the 'arrears' supposedly owed by them, sometimes thousands of pounds. Ultimately the choice is up to the individual. I personally believe that if the founding principle of student loans is that they only become repayable when a borrower's income reaches a certain level (a principle that still holds true today), then a borrower has a right to resist and fight against this when it is being subverted by the very people who are supposed to be upholding it, the Student Loans Companies, under the watchful eye of the Government.
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