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  1. I have been busy with new born twins, but I will be writing to Link - phoning them is a waste of time and money and anything said means not a lot. As I said, first aim is to stop paying them any more. If successful, I may well look in to getting several hundred quid back.
  2. That seems fairly straightforward, thanks madwoman. Let's forget about claiming back for the moment and concentrate on stopping future payments without further hassle. Would we expect that Link will contest the debt is statute barred, somehow muddying the waters with some wordy meaningless but authoritative/legal sounding jargon, and quite probably the introduction of "CCJ" (they may have done this already in the original letter) to matters? Let's say that the debt is not statute barred (obviously further down the line I will need to establish this as described elsewhere and advised above). I'd be liable to pay up and with their interest, etc., because I have an "Agreement" with them (pretty sure I've never sent them anything, signed anything).
  3. That wasn't easy reading for an early Saturday evening. I'll be honest, I just don't want to pay for anymore lavish trappings for the Burdells luxurious lifestyle, whilst I have had to graft damn hard to have got this far in life. To confidently stop paying them any more would be enough, getting anything back would be a considerable bonus. One thing did spring out at me. I was also asked by Link in a phone call (must have been May/June 2013, as it was a "6 month review"), as I hadn't provided them an attachment of earnings they wanted me to increase my payments to £100/month. I argued the toss with her that I was already paying the maximum I could afford (or even slightly more than I could really afford) and no way could afford to pay double that. She said she would have to speak to her supervisor, and put me on hold (it was their call, by the way, I didn't call them), after a few minutes she came back and said that the supervisor has agreed that you can continue with payments of £50/month. Checking their docs sent today right now: Headed "Notice Of Sums In Arrears" Loan agreement under Account Number: ##HMBC##### Our ref: ##### Balance at date of this notice: £1,001.72 This notice is given in compliance with the Consumer Credit Act 1974 because you are in arrears with your payment under this agreement. Arrears on balance at 26/08/2013: £1,284.52 27/08/2013 Balance Brought Forward £1,284.52 31/08/2103 Interest Debit £3.47 Balance £1,287.99 06/09/2013 Credit £50.00 Balance £1,237.99 and so on to 27/02/2014 Balance Carried Forward £1,001.72 (Total payments £300.00, total interest approx. £16.50, I haven't added it up as I don't want to open a spreadsheet on a Saturday) Continuing: Arrears £1,001.72 The current arrears represents the outstanding balance as you have failed to maintain payments in accordance with the terms of the original agreement so the full amount has become due. If you have not already done so, we would encourage you to contact us to discuss the state of your account. Default sums and interest You may have to pay default sums and interest in relation to the missed or partly made payments referred to in this notice (in addition to any default sums and interest included in this notice). Please contact us if you would like further details. This notice does not include any payments received after the date of this notice. Notices For so long as you continue to be behind with your payments by any amount, you will be sent notices about this at least every six months. We are not required to send you notices more frequently than this, even if you get further behind with your payments in between notices. They have the cheek to include some info about arrears from the Office Of Fair Trading... So, what's my case exactly here?
  4. Sounds good to me. Has my naivety in paying them something over-ruled the statute barred? How do I go about asking for the money back and what are the pitfalls, obstacles, etc., past history of this company in paying back anything in a timely manner, if at all?
  5. 1991/92 3x top up loans (one each term) taken out, total value approx. £1,200 Through the next 13-14 years deferred/occasional payment made to SLC 2005 - redundancy, CAB consulted about various debts, no arrangement made with SLC June 2005-April 2007 unemployed, no further correspondence with SLC, no payments made April 2007 - December 2012, no further correspondence with SLC, no payments made June 2012 successfully applied for a car loan (first credit obtained since unemployment, no reference made to previous addresses that SLC would have known about on credit application) December 2012 or January 2013 received letter from Link Financial - definitely passing themselves off as acting officially on behalf of SLC and the usual threats described elsewhere on this forum. I 'phoned them as I didn't want this hanging over me and now with means to pay I offered £50/month to get them off my case. Initially they rejected this and asked for a statement of earnings, etc., I persisted with "this is all I can afford", and eventually they accepted. Unfortunately not, I have the most recent (received today) arrears letter, I really wish I had kept the original letter. Despite having paid around 14x £50 the account arrears is still £1,001 - feasible I suppose with SLC adding (even low rate) interest across a decade or more.
  6. I took a top up student loan in the last year of grants/first year of phasing in of student loans. Due to not earning enough through my early employment career, I deferred, and deferred, made the odd payment here and there. I was made redundant in 2005 and was unemployed for nearly 2 years, during which I had a lot of debt sorted out through the CAB. SLC didn't agree to any arrangement. Fast forward to December 2012/January 2013 and I get a letter from Link Financial, unfortunately I haven't got a copy of this, but they definitely passed themselves off as acting officially on behalf of SLC. Not wanting to be falling in to debt problems again - and particularly with a government endorsed organisation - I phoned Link Financial, initially demanding that the debt be handed back to the SLC, eventually coming to a £50/month payment arrangement with Link, which is taken via a debit card. I have obviously now learned that Link are, shall we say, somewhat of a rogue outfit, who resurrect bad debts to fill their own coffers. Is there anything I can do now that I have actually made an arrangement with them? I just received an arrears letter today which triggered research that lead me to this forum, and a while ago I received a similar arrears letter, which was a bit scary as I hadn't missed a payment, tried to call them on their 0843 (or similar) and put in their queueing system for 45 minutes, and hung up before I spoke to anyone.
  7. After two years unemployment, and having moved back to my parents after living in London for several years, I finally got a new job in another part of the country. I slummed it on a mate's couch for the first month, and finally got a flat to rent in the city centre, took the keys on May 9th, and moved stuff in over the weekend of 12th/13th. The rent is £500/month, with a deposit of £500 (which was agreed I'd pay over two months). I had to pay an "administration fee" of £200 to the letting agent. On the first attempted viewing, the agent's rep had left the keys inside, nipped out to his car and locked himself out of the entrance to the apartment block. I watched him for about half hour trying to break in to the block using various methods without success. I arranged to view the next evening with the Letting Agent himself, a Friday night. I left work early to squeeze it in on my way to the railway station as i was going back to my parents for the weekend. As I was on my way, I got a text from the Agent, "Running late, sorry, can't make it - have to do it tomorrow." It's only an hour from parents by train, didn't have little choice, so I agreed, despite a saver return costing £28! I did view on the Saturday morning - he was late - and I pretty much knew how the flat would look as I'd viewed others with different agents. I did the deal, (he was asking £550pcm - the price that furnished flats are going for in the development, I offered £475pcm - a fair price for unfurnished - and we agreed on £500pcm - slightly over the odds). At the viewing I pointed out that the carpets needed cleaning, the kitchen cupboards, oven and bathrooms also needed cleaning. He promised that this would all be taken care of. I gave him £200 cash "administration and preparation fee", receipt of which was confirmed by him writing on his business' compliments slip. We arranged for me to take the keys on the following Wednesday - May 9th. When he arrived - late - he said he didn't have time to do the business, and could we do it the the next evening. Reluctantly I agreed, he gave me the keys, I gave him a cheque for £250 deposit and £500 first months rent. The receipt of this was again acknowledged on a business' compliments slip. He left (this all happened in the car park, not the property) and i went in. None of the cleaning had been done. I did a pretty thorough inspection, making a detailed list of faults (only minor faults to be honest) which I emailed to him the following morning. Next evening he cancelled meeting me to sort out the tenancy agreement, and said could we do it the next evening, Friday. The carpets, etc., still hadn't been cleaned, and again he promised that it would be taken care of before I moved my furniture in on the Saturday. I phoned him on the Friday morning to make sure he was getting the carpets cleaned, "Yes mate, it'll all be done!" On his track record I thought it prudent to ask if he had keys to let cleaners in. "Yes, don't worry, it'll all be taken care of." I checked in on the Friday evening 5pm - when again he was supposed to be sorting out the Tenancy Agreement - but again cancelled because he was running late, and, yes you've guessed it. No cleaning. I contacted him immediately, and he said that I was starting to **** him off! "How could I get in, you've got the keys?" "Err, that's why I asked you this morning if you needed keys to get in..." "No you didn't!" It just so happened that I was only 10 minutes from where he lives, so I said, "Fortunately for you, I'm eating at the retail park, so you can come and collect the keys, I'll be at the property between 3 and 5 tomorrow to drop my first delivery of stuff in - you will be there to return keys and to sort out the Tenancy Agreement. He sent his cleaning crew to collect the keys. I phoned him when I was 20 minutes away. He arrived with the keys, and the tenancy agreement (Standard Shorthold Tenancy Agreement) and an "application form" - which he filled in "to make it quicker", I signed but didn't get a copy of either (Standard Shorthold Tenancy Agreement) - he said he'd post out my copies shortly. Fortunately the carpets had been cleaned! (But not the oven, kitchen work surfaces or hob top). I found it surprising that we didn't do a thoroughly detailed inspection/an inventory check - and when I pointed out that the vertical blind in the master bedroom had been removed, he said, "I'm sure it was here when we viewed." I said I'd emailed him a full list of things first thing the morning after I'd got the keys, "Oh, I don't get time to look at emails...." The letting agent told me that the previous tenants had done a runner with 2 months rent unpaid (and sure enough, there was plenty of mail to that effect. In fact, on the Friday before I moved in there was letters from the water and electricity supplier threatening to switch off supply - which I took care of straightaway. On my first night sleeping there, the doorbell rang at 3.30am and the previous tenant wanted to "get his furniture" (I didn't open the door!) but just shouted through that there wasn't any furniture there and I'd just moved in (along with a request for him to "go away", and if it wasn't for the fact that I'm a pacifist and was half naked, I'd be giving him a thoroughly good hiding). On the Friday of that first week I got home to find a letter addressed to "Mrs xxxxx xxxxxx AND ANY OTHER OCCUPIER". I correctly guessed that Mrs X was the owner of the property. The letter was from my adopted city's Crown Court and was an eviction notice for her and any other occupants, eviction to be actioned at 10.30am June 5th. I had the name and address of the legal firm who brought the action and who they were acting on behalf of, and the bailiff details at the courts. I called the letting agent who didn't answer his phone so I left a couple of messages and then contacted him by text. I phoned all the parties trying to find out as much as I could first thing Monday morning. The letting agent, who is a total tool, was as flippant as you like and offered not much more than, "Oh this happens all the time, it'll be ok. And if it does happen we'll move you into somewhere else..." (Err, I've just spent a fortune, money and not to mention time and effort, moving in to this place!) By the Wednesday (just gone) the mortgage people got back to me to say that Mrs X had come to an arrangement with them. However, I've had further letters on Thursday and Friday from the mortgage company's solicitors, asking her to contact them immediately to make an arrangement and halt the forthcoming legal action (i.e.: eviction). With it being a bank holiday there's not much I can do before tomorrow and that only leaves a week before E-day. What are my rights, what are my next steps. My mother works as a Legal Sec and one of the solicitors she works for is a property specialist. She's suggested that I make an offer to the mortgage company to pay them the rent direct; but the mortgage company has told me that she hasn't even got a buy-to-let mortgage. Sorry this has been a bit rambling for my first post...
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