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  1. Hi, Ive just logged into my HMRC online today and realised that the £200 direct debit that i setup in December 2019 was not showing in the payments section. gave them a call to find out that they cancelled the payment plan in march 2021 due to failing to keep the arrangement (however they continued to take the £200 via Direct debit). I later found out that the self assessment for last year is was caused the cancellation, I also created an additional payment to them which started in march 2021 and pays every month for £200. so essentially im now paying back £400 per month (debt is for about £17k). spoke to the debt management team and they say it needs to be paid in full now and the maximum the payment plan can be setup for is for 12 months which will be around £1650 per month. I cant afford this and have no way of raising this sort of cash , ive got bad credit so cant get a loan , got no family that could also help me. Please someone help me with what i can do , im seriously getting concerned that baliffs will start next! thankyou Andy
  2. Just checked my file however and Moorcroof have carried out a hard search without my permission !!!!
  3. No default showing currently still shows as an open account
  4. HI Andy Ive received nothing from them in the post, they have said however that they have sent letters out
  5. Hi Andy Yes Natwest have stopped the interest, however they have defaulted the account now!! They chose to close it. What will happend with moorcroft? will NW sell the account on Andy
  6. Hi Dx100uk, Sorry i should have updated this. I actually attended court hearing with their solictor. The judge ruled in my favour and it was thrown out. they were unable to provide the details of the debt and the judge basically said if you are unable to provide this to myself then how can you expect to pay for it. Case closed
  7. I held 2 accounts with Natwest for over 10 years, in January of this year they decided to close my basic account with no reason, at this point i opened a new account with an alternative bank and started paying my wage into this. A month later natwest decided to close my current account which had a £6k overdraft, I called them to ask why and they said the Bank has taken the decision and now i have to repay the £6k. I told the bank at this point that i would pay £100 to bring the balance down and that no further interest etc will be charged. 2 weeks ago i receive a letter for Moorcroft ask to get in touch. Furious I called the bank and asked why they account has been passed to moorcroft , again they coudlnt answer only to tell me that the account has now defaulted and its in my interest to make contact. I didnt default, the bank chose to close the account!!!! What can i do , Should i make contact with Moorcroft? Any help will be greatly apprecaited Thanks
  8. This topic was closed on 09 March 2019. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  9. Hi Do I need to send the witness statement to the claimant or just the court ? Reason I ask is I'm concerned about providing the claimant with my signature
  10. yes they have , re constituted agreement, screenshot of a computer screen, statement of shopdirect account but with no details of purchases just transactions and a notice of allocation
  11. Hi, Could you please advise what i need to do with the request document. Im at the stage where i have had a mediation call .... Thanks to all the great advice on here!!!. But i dont know whether this is a request for a witness statement or just further information on the defence but it has to be submitted by the 17th November Any help will be greatly apprecaited Thanks andy court.pdf
  12. Hi Andy Absolutely I have no idea what this is for
  13. Hi Is anyone else having any issues calling the business center just seems to ring out when i try been like this all this week? im calling 03001231056 anyone else got a different number i can try the judgement was done on the 9th may, this does not make a difference I have letter proof from the one im challenging dating back to last year at my current address any advice would be greatly appreciated Hi Andy Have you managed to take a look at the attachment ? can you advise what i have to do now? Thanks claim.pdf
  14. Hi dx100uk Spoke to county court today who have sent me a copy of the judgement but they said they dont send copies of the claim I have to speak with Lowells if i want that which im reluctant to do. Is there anything else i can do? Thanks
  15. hi dx100uk How do you get a debt set aside for something that has already gone to court and a verdict has been given?
  16. ok will do, ill get onto them on monday. I assume i dont say anything about it on the current courtclaim im about to goto mediation with?
  17. What do i need to do? the court has already been done ? i have no idea what the debt is for
  18. Hi, I got the claim form around end of may for the ongoing claim( no thread just using this forums advice to defend it) They filed it to my current address and have been sending me letters for months prior to the courtclaim also. so they knew my address without any doubt
  19. Date of CCJ is 30th June Thanks for the info London, who did you get a mortgage with if you dont mind me asking? what was the value of your CCJ's?
  20. Hi, Im currently in the process of challenging lowell solictors for a shop direct catalogue debt they allege i have to which we are at the mediation stage. Today i return home to find a letter from lowells saying im behind on my county court payments for another shop direct account which i have no idea what it is for, this is the first correspondence ive had on this from them. I've checked my credit file and i do indeed have a CCJ on my file for the balance they say i owe. Where do i stand on this? They obviously had my address as Im challenging the other account in question , why have ive not received anything yet its gone through the courts and they have gone in their favour? Can i still challenge the debt even though its gone through the court? I am fuming, If anyone could point me in the right direction I would very much appreciate it Have a great weekend Thanks Andy
  21. Finally after 5 weeks i have received a copy of the agreement showing my PPI amounts, the amounts are as follows PPI insurance = £1780.43 Mechancial Breakdown = £1000 Any other products??? = £240 Total Premiums = £3020.43 Finance Charge = £2537.01 Total Amount payable = £5557.44 My question is can someone pease assist me with the first letter i need to send to welcome to recliam all of these charges? Thanks for any help given Andy
  22. how do i get my old account number? anyone got any contact details?
  23. I used to have a citi credit card which i dont know what the account number is anymore, i want to claim the charges back and also have the default remove from my file!! can someone explain which order is should do this in and tell me which template letters to do in order? Thanks in advance Bring it on CITI
  24. sorry to be a pain but could you send me a template letter and who do i send it to the council or the baliffs?
  25. thankyou for you reply in answer to your questions ive not let them in but i do feel a prisoner in my own home now. Ive locked windows and doors and are afraid to answer the door when it goes wheres the sticky area? also do they have a set time of working hours?
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