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  1. you done your bit and covered your side, obviously they are trying it on,just quote ' let the buyer beware' lol
  2. it depends on what you want, if you are alleging inappropriate conduct by police then just walk into a police station and tell themyou want to contact IPCC and ask themfor address or if it involves compensation speak to your local advice centre - most solicitors will give you half an hour free consultation in which you can set out the details and they can advise whether it is worthwhile continuing i.e. is your case strong enough. might take it on as 'no win-no fee' . Once you have done that then perhaps you vcan come back with a bit more detail to chew on, good luck :smile:
  3. This is the same tactic they tried with me, i told them the laptop had not been dropped or mistreated and was always carried in a proper case to protect it. Considering their buying power, i suggest that they are quoting retail and not trade prices.If they phone i would suggest to try the 'fit for purpose' and 'fair usage' part that sits quite well SoGa. In the meantime, ring up their customer services and ask for a Head office contact and phone/email. When i did this , I then wrote a letter stating my position and they then paid for whole repair. I would suggest the 'soft approach' first then
  4. i had same problem my HP notebook that i got from Dixons, paid nearly £1000 fir it and screen died 2 weeks after manufacturers warranty ran out. went back to shop as online support told me and got a really ****ty reception. wanted £400 there and then to repair it. i said how can you charge that when you don't even know what is wrong with it. Anyway they would not touch it kept saying 'out of warranty'. i wrote to Dixon's head office and initially offered to go 50/50 on repair. i stuck to my guns and said they should either replace a faulty product as it was implied when sold that the item woul
  5. What kind of work/jobs are you being asked to do? what is your job description? have you voiced your concerns re this to your management?
  6. where do you live, could the subsidence be a result of mining activity or was it a natural occurrence i.e. an act of god, if the latter not much chance of getting some cash out of any one. if no-one was aware of the existence of the problem you found, fat chance of suing someone, justb have to write it off as a bad experience. can't expect someone to pay up for all incidents !!
  7. to get a fine first L has to be prosecuted, if the county council ( responsible for education) say that no law exists then i would go ahead with the holiday. if push comes to shove, she just says child has measles and will be off school. up to school to prove it especially as other parents seem to get away with it and no penalties applied. Seems that the person L has been corresponding with is a 'callous jobsworth' wielding their small authority like a 16lb sledgehammer against those who are powerless to complain or so they think!! go over their heads and get it printed in the local paper and
  8. UNFORTUNATELY . YES.If you have been employed for less than 2 years then you do not come under redundancy provisions of employment law, was a reason given for dismissal? you may have a claim for constructive or unfair dismissal! You must file a claim withn industrial tribunal within 3 months of receiving notice of dismissal. was any period of notice given/ paid? best bet is to go along to your local CAB and take your contract for them to have a look at plus any other letters you have had concerning this. Were you the only employee dismissed or were others concerned, do you feel your performan
  9. I had accident in back lanes in the snow, skidded and nowhere to go so collided with oncoming car at low speed. insurance said cost too much to repair so wrote it off. valuers only offered 1600 as said 'market forces were involved', just means they offer you rock bottom price according to cars with 'similar' mileage being offered 2-300 miles away. i complained and they offered too increase, as i understood it , by £200. got a cheque that represented 1700. rang up and after a week of calls they finally said that they had listened to call and it was definitely a hundred, i said one does not sou
  10. re MCS , they have a website www.paymcs.com where payments can be made and also has contact details. they are are very heavy handed and agressice collection service which fits in with HSBC's handling of my wife's account
  11. i had similar problem with standard letters and refusal to repay charges.after a few phone calls/ emails etc. i wrote to branch service dept stating why i felt charges should be taken off due to lack of info being given to me about how they apply reductions to o/d. i got charged £171.41 for going £2.00 over limit. when i wrote to them i ask for address of data controller, week later got reply saying they were removing ALL charges from my account so finally got somewhere.
  12. Hi, everyone, anyone dealt with nationwide re charges, for years i accepted charges which have cost me quite a bit,if so advice needed thanks, manogwent
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