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  1. Hi elche, I realised the sticky point with my less than one years service. I can't turn up at my old work because i did a job that requires legal sign off (specialised department) so i can't do my job any longer. Even if I could do it I can't get to old work, i can't drive and it's over 40 miles away from home with no public transport on a Sunday which was/is one of my contracted days. They are still paying me so I'm not fired and according to HR at my old work there is defo a transfer at the new place. I called ACAS and they said that they shouldn't be paying me out of holiday but do i challenge that now or after i sign my new contract? Don't want to end up out of work through this!
  2. I work for a large supermarket chain and i've had the job since July last year, i recently finished uni and wanted to transfer my job back home. I discussed this with my line manager (A) who spoke to his manager (B) about it. Manager B then called the store nearest my home address and made enquiries, i was told that there was a position available for me there and given forms to fill in. I duly filled in the forms and returned them to A who signed them and sent them to the personnel manager ©. The next time i was in A asked me to confirm with C that the forms were recieved so I called her department and I was told that the form was on Cs desk. On my last day at the store I was told that there was no longer a position for me at the store i wanted to transfer to by C so C arranged for me to meet her after my shift to discuss my options. When I went to meet C she had gone home early and had not left a message for me. The next day I went to the store to talk to C and she told me that she had found me a job at another store which was on a public transport route from my new home, she said that someone from this store would call to talk to me. That was 19 days ago, I have been calling C but she rarely returns my calls so on Tuesday I went to my old store (which is miles away) and spoke to C, she gave me the details of the contact at the new store. I called the new store on Wednesday and was told that my contact was not in, i left a message for her to call me back and when she didn't call me back today I called the store and spoke with someone else from personell who did not know anything about a transfer. I called C again and was told that the person I called was indeed in the know and C promised to sort it, she hasn't called me back. Meanwhile the company are paying me out of my holiday allowance, i don't like this as I am going away in August and would like my holiday time then. I'm at my wits end, what can I do? I am a member of the legal club which i paid through my wages but i now realise that i was never given the contact details to get in touch with a lawyer, I am not a member of a union. If anyone needs to know what company i work for i am happy to tell through PM.
  3. No they're loathe to do an EP study because they're convinced that they got all the answers on the tilt table but that was about 5 years ago now. It was an unmedicated tilt so they can't even put the rate drop down to the spray or anything. The pacemaker was always set on preventing brady episodes as it's usually rate drop that causes my syncopes; with the new episodes in mine there's now debate over wether i need a different model but they wont fit one while my scar is still keloid.
  4. You should definately see someone from welfare rights if you can, I want to say that IBS with lowered mobility due to back problems may be an issue but you never know how they'll look at it. Best you can do is appeal and get them to relook at the award
  5. you can't get budgeting loans to clear your debts, you may get some for your daughters clothes but then they may tell you to use her child benefit money for that. The household items - well it depends on the area and what you ask for but you'll be expected to buy the cheapest you can find and use that.
  6. that's called fraud. The jobcentre would want to know why she hasn't returned home. Anyway a partner can be anyone with a financial link so they may have asked for your brothers details anyway. The jobseekers on entitled to is usually the contributions based one that you only get for 6 months and is based on national insurance record, the one that your brothers partner is claiming must be income assessed due to them taking notice of your brothers details so the figures may be different because of this. You should tell your brothers partner to apply for income support.
  7. no the pacemaker hasn't really helped the episodes at all, it did for the first month or so but that's been put down to the fact that i had nil stress and no life as i was just in my mums house, off work and uni with no big responsibilities. The minute i went back to real life the episodes were back and i was re-medicated so i'm back to the same amount of episodes with the same severity. The pacemaker was never meant to cure anyway but rather give a look in at how my heart has been responding and now it looks like i may have POTS as well because the pacemaker is catching tacchycardia as well as bradycardia episodes which co-incide with my fainting diary.
  8. I posted a shorter version of this on the disabilities board but thought i'd post here also just in case anyone here could help. Been on DLA for 4 years due to having a condition that's like epilepsy but isn't. I also have a "dyslexia like learning difficulty". I have a pacemaker and work 16 hours a week in a large supermarket that supports me by placing me in the clothing department and making sure i work in a team and, if possible, with the first aider so I get the disabled rate of tax credits. I reapplied for DLA with the new style form and didn't really understand the box system but i gave it my best shot as the CAB in my old area didn't fill in forms. I moved and recently got my knock back in the post. On one page it said that i didn't black out so didn't need accompanied when i'm out and on the other page it said that i did black out but i was aware of danger when i do - i am definately not as i am completely unconcious. I called the DLA helpline and they advised me to go to CAB in my new area, due to their caseload being too big they couldn't help me but they gave me the GL24 form. I called the DLA helpline again and the case is being re-looked at based on details taken over the phone, i also requested that my GP be contacted but as she's a new GP i'm not sure how much use she will be. I realise i'm not at the appeal stage yet but need to know what other organisations can help me with the GL24 and the appeal if needed? I live in West Lothian.
  9. from what i gather it's standard procedure to base income based job seekers on the income of the claimant and their partner. Your brothers girlfriend needs to get a job (any job) quickly or your brother should get a new job that pays more. You can always try plugging their details into Start Calculation to see if there's anything else that they should be claiming.
  10. I was in the middle of moving house when my DLA renewal form came through. Seeing as the form has changed of late I filled it as well as i could with the old form there as a basis (CAB didn't have any appointments). It came back that i was knocked back on the basis that i don't black out (when i do). I went to CAB in my new area and they said they can't help with an appeal because they don't have the staff (typical) but they did give me a GL24 form to fill in. I currently live in West Lothian, would anyone be able to point me in the direction of a company that can help? Currently the award is being reconsidered after i called and explained the situation.
  11. TheKLF as an adult you will not be entitled to the high mobility component as you can walk. The criteria for children recieving high mobility is different to the adult criteria. To be honest from your description of yourself I really don't think you should be driving, phobia of trains or not! What if you get distracted and knock over a kid?
  12. Not much, she is suspended on full pay pending at the moment but the lawyer dealing with it said that because no one died or needed surgery or hospitalisation then it's going to be a smack on the wrist if any action at all is made. She'll probably be sent on some course to get her recording skills up to scratch.
  13. she said it could take months as they are moving between hospital trusts and parts are being removed and edited because my last GP was found to have meddled with my notes to cover her back.
  14. well your own OT should be supportive and might already have the form filled out when you get there! (apparently it happens).
  15. Oh and I'm on middle care yet I work part time and study full time. That doesn't stop me needing walked to work, accompanied across the road, someone to cook for me, someone to watch me in the bath (not actually sit and stare at me lol) etc. Having a disability doesn't make you a write off it can actually entitle you to disabled element of tax credits (which you need DLA to claim which confirms you can have DLA and work). Again, good luck!
  16. as far as you can at your normal pace stopping the minute you feel any discomfort. I might be missing it but I can't see what your mobility problem is? If it's something that's known to flare up and you happen to have a good day tomorrow then rather than "laying it on thick" which might look unrealistic and so prompt feedback that you're putting it on and not disabled at all just tell them, I'm having a good day usually i can hardly make it out my gate/make it to the corner shop etc. Believe me if this shower think for one minute that you're acting it they will reject your claim and it will be the appeals process followed by the tribunal. Good luck with tomorrow, let us know how it went. oops sorry, just saw you're going for blue badge not DLA or incapacity! councils can be horrible, imagine a hospital test for this!
  17. Basically as the title says. I developed keloid scarring over a pacemaker scar when a GP didn't prescribe antibiotics which caused the stitches to be physically rejected by my body and they came out through the skin. The inflammation of the area caused keloids to form (2 lumps on a 2 inch scar). The specialist nurse at the hospital has confirmed that as I have previously had surgery without developing keloids it is unlikely to be down to my skin type and most likely due to the inflammation following mis-diagnosis. I have it in writing from the GP that she did not know the procedure for pacemaker scars or dealing with any pacemaker enquiry (she told me i could raise my arm as high as i liked even though the handbook in her hands said to do that would yank the wires out). The scar is painful and thick, it is situated just below my collarbone and is visible through the neckline of my work uniform. The nature of my work means we all absolutely have to wear the V-neck top. I am in pain whenever I wear a bra, sit in the passenger seat of a car, when i wear V-necks that rub on the scar (so always at work) and when I get the pacemaker interrogated because the circle sits right on the keloids. Research on the net suggests that the keloids can be fixed but my GP is against the idea because they will reoperate in the area every time my pacemaker is changed. My surgeon said that as the scar is he will not reopen it unless there is dramatic improvement. I need rid of these keloids, I'm not even demanding surgery, I'd be happy to try the silicon treatment. It's just so sore and it's so frustrating that this is the GPs fault, the one person who should have been looking after me. Does anyone know how I can get this problem fixed? I have a new GP who is generally supportive but unwilling to go near this while my notes are in transit.
  18. It all depends. DLA isn't awarded the minute you come disabled it comes when you need help and the amount you get is based on how much help you need. It's never based on just what gets written on the form, instead they will write to doctors, hospital specialists, they will look up medications, talk to anyone who cares for your wife and, in the end, it will be down to them to decide if your wifes good days are good enough or if she gets enough bad days to require the levels of care stated on the forms. Most likely they will reject your first claim anyway (I'm the only person I've come across who's never been rejected but touch wood because mines is up for renewal in December). You will likely go to appeal which means sourcing more letters, reports etc. Really, if your wife meets the criteria she should apply but do be prepared for the long haul, you don't get anything on a plate from DWP. Good luck!
  19. the applications take ages to go through DCG so don't be surprised if something comes through your door in the next 3 or 4 weeks. If you want you can call up and ask for the status of your application.
  20. We used to change all the names on the (electronic) register before the sub teacher came in so he'd be calling out names like Hugh Jass, Phillip McCann, Isa Blue etc
  21. I decided to stuff it and send in the DLA letter anyway, I just know they'll send out demand for it later if I don't.
  22. Yeah a lot of people have issues with long term use of anti-bis. Some of the yakult like drinks claim that they can help the stomach get back on its feet after a course of anti-biotics so that might be something to look into if you feel you need a boost in that area. As for doctors, do what I do and tell them that you've had a bad experience in the past and you don't feel comfortable in their office. They usually respond well to that and sometimes they can arrange for someone to come in with you just to reassure.
  23. a group of people at our school got expelled after burning down the extension which had just had a brand new roof fitted. Apparently the cost was well over £1 million. We one switched the water and sulphuric acid beakers in chemistry. Teacher got the shock of his life when the lithium exploded and made a hole in the roof tiles.
  24. I've started my new job but not been paid yet. Got the WTC application form in and called the head office to get stuff like PAYE reference numbers and the like but I'm quite unsettled that no one has asked of proof to be sent for the form. I'm under 25 so only qualify because i'm disabled, recieve DLA and tick more than 1 of the accepted disabilities boxes so that's no issue but should I send my DLA letter and doctors summary of my conditon away with the form? I just want this to go through as quick as possible.
  25. Thank you both, just to confirm that we moved in on the first and not the 17th. This is turning into an intellectual debate more than anything else because the letting agent wont budge and by the time we pursue it we'll be out anyway. It's just a bit of a mess to be honest we were wondering what sort of idiot adds on days to his year.
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