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  1. An update. I have now received a 'Notice of Transfer of Proceedings'. This contains A&L's defence, plus a note saying: Is this a good thing, a bad thing or not an issue?
  2. Hi everyone! OK, I'm one of the 'chosen few' who A&L are defending (although it seems like a lot more people are getting to this stage nowadays). I've claimed through MCOL, using the template on Martin Lewis' site. Today I received a copy of the bank's defence from Wragge & Co. My main question is, do I wait for the court to send me something at this point or do I have to proactively seek out what I need to fill in? I'm constantly worried I've missed some information and everything will collapse because I'm not organised enough. So far I've rejected one offer they made. I have also kept a copy of every single piece of correspondence. Cheers!
  3. Just introducing myself on this!
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