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  1. Exact same thing has just happenned to me - hope it helps to know that you're not alone! I had a first claim sorted and then recently asked for another £100 back after they charged me whilst I was in the process of claiming. They refunded that as well. I had already opened an account with Barclays so will just transfer everything over to them now. I'd recommend taking a look at MoneySavingExpert.com ad-free, free to use, Consumer Revenge! and find out which current account is best for you, open it up and transfer everything over. If HSBC don't want your money, that's their problem!
  2. Don_

    Don Vs HSBC

    Ahem Ahem... I have read the FAQs - see my first post - "I posted my request letter on 21-Jun-06 asking for a refund of the charges." - that was the LBA. Thanks for the cautionary advice though, appreciate you taking the time. Maverick - the address I used was the local branch, sent recorded delivery - checked and all had been delivered. Have returned from holiday and the matter is now closed. Will be making a donation to this site as a thankyou, you are a great resource and have been a huge help to me. Thanks very much.
  3. Don_

    Don Vs HSBC

    Thanks Maverick. Quick question, actually. I haven't received ANY correspondence back from the bank, and I notice that on Martin's Moneysaver site, there are 4 things which should happen - receiving nothing isn't one of them. I did send the item recorded delivery. Should I wait for the bank to get back to me, or just go ahead with the MoneyClaim site? Cheers, Don. /edit - just answered my own question by searching the forums! I see now that I need to use the branch address.
  4. Don_

    Don Vs HSBC

    Come in HSBC, your time is up! No reply from the lazy bank, so it's time to send in the long arm of the law. Today was the deadline day, and I've heard nothing. Tomorrow I'm going to file with MoneyClaim, get that all sorted and then head off on holiday. Once I come back, I'll have 7 days to wait to find out if they can be bothered to acknowledge it or not. Bring it on, you thieving punks!
  5. Don_

    Don Vs HSBC

    Hello folks, Thanks to Martin Lewis and Consumeractiongroup for sharing the tools so I could take action. I am planning to reclaim just under £1000 from my bank. Like everyone I was very surprised when I totted up the charges and realised just how much had been drained from my account in 3 years. During the years prior to 05/06 there were lots of standing order recall fees etc, but since mid-05 there has been a monthly deduction of 'TOTAL CHARGES TO [DATE]', which have really hacked me off. I wrote to the bank requesting my statements on 24-May-06 and received a reply approximat
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