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  1. Ok thanks I would have thought this information would have been sent via post rather than passing on personal information to other members of staff. Obviously I was wrong that's why I asked
  2. Just a little update today the delivery driver turned up with payslips for the last 2 months nothing for the before that though? Seem very odd clearly trying to hide something. Also the driver did not know her address so the employer has given this out would this be a breach of dpa?
  3. Brilliant thank you everyone for all your help I have passed everything to her. She is writing the SARS request. Is this the same request as you would send to any company or is there a different type for ex employers?
  4. One last think how is she going to force them to give her payslips I can only assume he is up to no good that's why he won't supply them
  5. Thanks I will get her to call Acas again they offered her mediation service for free so I assume that's needed first to try and resolve it
  6. Hi thanks for the reply her contract does not state any hrs it just states she will work 5 days out of 7. She has a separate letter since leaving that she was contracted to 37.5hrsa week does that matter? Do I know where she stands with the week In lieu
  7. Sorry I hate being the go between but she has cancelled her internet due to funds so said I will help as much as I can. In her letter to her ex employer she as asked for payslips and holiday pay and her week in lieu to be paid. Holiday pay has been paid However her week in lieu they state that she works a week in lieu that means you work a week and get paid the following so no money is owed for that. In regards to the contract not statiing the hours the letter she has does intact say you are employed on a 37.5hr per week contract of which there is 37.5 hrs work provided and your
  8. I have a copy of it in front of me it says hours of work The employee shall work 5 days per week Monday through Sunday then it goes on about working overtime
  9. Ok I have just spoken to her to give her an update so thank you all so far for your help/advice ease keep it coming if you have anymore information. She has also just told me that on going back through her bank statements it would appear that for her 1st 3 months of employment she was being paid £6.51ph rather than the £7ph which it states in her contract.
  10. She did say she had spoken to scad who said she cannot claim unfair dismissal due to the 2 yr ruling but they did say she could go down the tribunal route another way but did not state how.
  11. I suppose another question even though she's not asked me yet Is she entitled to any help in regards to income She is married with young children her husband work full time again he is only on min wage. She was told she could not get jsa due to walking out of her job. Income support from what I can see is a no go due to her husband working full time. She has a mortgage so again I assume no housing benefits will be available nor help with council tax?
  12. Her contract does not state the amount of hrs she is contracted to however since she left letters have been going back and forth and in one of those letters its states full 37.5hrs how ever they have also said she left early of her own accord therefore in breach of her contract. As I said before she is on low income and could not afford to leave early so this is just not the case surly just say she was leaving early without prior consent this would lead to a disciplinary of some sort to of which there is not.. It does also say the employer can deduct money at anytime. She has emailed me a cop
  13. Hi after some advice if possible. Today I have been contact by a family member go is having some issues with an ex employer. The issues became so bad that she decided to walk out of the job after 11 months of employment. She had problem being paid on time in fact around 3/4 of her pay were at least 3 days late with some being nearly 2 weeks. She is yet to receive any pay slips even though a number of letter sent recorded delivery have been sent. It all came to a head when her employer told her all work had been completed so he is closing early this happened on a number of days. S
  14. hi everyone sorry for new thread i cant find my other one so please feel free to merg.. yesterday i had my statments back from welcome with all charges and capitalization charges on them, May seem like a really daft question what next? what do i do with all this paper work? thanks again
  15. Hiya just after some advice for my brother yesterday he recieved a court date for car payments he as about £3000 outstanding he has called and offered to settle on full by the 15th of june ( im releasing some money to help him) They have refused which i fully understand as he promised to make payments before. the court date is set fo the monday 4thafter june However after looking at the court summons it states they are after reposession of his car they have the right make and model but the reg is wrong his is on an 06 plate and they have filled for an 05 plate the rest of t
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