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  1. Hi Mimi yes glad it's all over, and will have a look at claiming back some costs, I'll let you know how I get on. Thanks and good luck ZEE
  2. Claimed £680 Court hearing was 14th, Wraggs made increased offer of £530.00 on the 10th. My first offer was £280.00 Accepted the £530 and happy with that. Good luck to you all, I am sure the OFT case will eventually prove how the banks are ripping us all off. Cheers ZEE
  3. Just had an increased offer of £440 + costs before court next week, previous offer was £280. The offer is made on the basis I accept A&L terms and cond's and that charges are applied in accordance with their current charging policy! If I accepted this, I presume I could make not additional claim in respect of any other charges levied ? any advice plz Claim in total is £680, I am tempted to accept this increased offer but still pondering, anyone have any thoughts or suggestions. £500.00 would be acceptable - should I phone Wraggs and suggest this???? Cheers Zee
  4. I only can get hold of the 2007 t&c so thats all I can send off, I shall be making a note on my contents page explaining that I have been unable to locate old t&c's. I dont think that will worry the Judge though,as long as they can see you have tried to make the effort. Zee
  5. My charge periods are 2002,03,04,05,06 and 07 I assume that the judge will not want T&C's for each year, I did intend to send only this years T&C's with the bundle which I have to post on Monday to the court. Can any one advise if this will be ok.
  6. Ok hedgey06, sorry about that not sure which to post on until they get them merged. Anyway can any one help me out today re: the T&C Thanks
  7. Hi All, I am sending my bundle off Monday, the T&C's I am sending with my bundle are the ones I have downloaded from the current A&L web site as I dont have my old T&C's from 9 years ago, will this be ok do you think. Many Thanks ZEE
  8. Cheers all for your help, I'll keep in touch to let you how things go. 4 weeks to go:D Many Thanks Zee
  9. I didnt send the statements when I registered the claim, I shall just send the ones with the charges on when I send my bundle of other stuff to the courts to be sure.
  10. Hi all just need some help on the following. Just about to send the court bundle in, I have printed of the latest schedule of charges including the 8% interest. The 8% figure at todays date higher than mentioned in previous correspondence to wraggs on 21 June. Which figure do I send to the courts??? As of 21st June or as of Today or neither just itemise all charges that appear on statements. Thanks
  11. Hi Alice It says, District Judge has considered the statements of case allocation questionaires filed and allocated the claim to the small claims court. Each party shall deliver to every other party and to the court office copies of all documents (including any expert report) on which he intends to rely at the hearing no later than 14 days before the hearing. The original documents to be brought to the hearing. =========== With regard to the interest it was at the time on 11June when I wrote to Wraggs £82.11, but as I am filling in the spread sheet to send to the court at todays date the interest figure has gone up, so I unsure which one to use. The £82.11 which I was claiming on the 11th June or I use the uptodate figure at todays date.
  12. Can any one help please, I am just putting my case bundle together. Do I need to send the copies of all past 6 years bank statements, or just take them with me. If I do need to send them do I just send the copies of the statements that any charges appear on. THANK YOU
  13. Well I have the court date of 14 Aug and are now about to send to the court and Wraggs the full court bundle ect: So can I send the new figure or not???? Thanks
  14. Hi all, can anyone help me, It appears I may have miscalculated the 8% charges somehow on my original claim. I had claimed £82.76 in interest charges, but after re-entering the figures again on one of the spread sheets it comes to £130.18. Do I stick with the original amount I asked for or use the new figure. Many Thanks
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