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  1. Cheers Michael just wanted to be sure, have just found this quote in a post and i think this shows where the A&L have got this muck they have sent me in letter regards credit card charges, funny how they have not quoted regards OFT's review of bank charges, good mind to send them this quote but will stick to plan. steve 1. In March 2007 the OFT announced a formal investigation into the fairness of unauthorised overdraft and returned item fees (referred to as 'unauthorised overdraft charges'). This followed on from the OFT's initial review of such charges, where the OFT concluded that it shared the public concern about the level and incidence of bank current account charges, but recognised that applying the general principles set out in 2006 in relation to credit card charges is not straight forward.
  2. Hi , i would certainly start to pay something back for your overdraft as if you dont you may end up getting it put onto your credit report , may just cause you more probs in the future. Good luck
  3. Hi all letter in today from A&L refusing to refund charges, they claim the OFT's comments refer to credit card payments only and not current accounts, they also claim their fees are reasonable, ye right! Any thoughts or should i just send the next letter to them??
  4. Have sent off preliminary letter today so will wait and see what comes back if nothing in 14 days will send next letter, a bit later than i thought getting this done something always seems to pop up at the worst time . Keep you informed.
  5. Cheers Rory32 , do you know situ regards getting it of my credit file cheers
  6. Hi cheers Tom man of many words lol. Is that a yes to both questions.
  7. Hi again, Can u or anyone confirm that it is the case in Scotland that it is only 5 years for statute barred to become effective. I am not being pursued for this debt but am wondering if i can remove from my credit file. Bakery38
  8. Hi , I have noticed on my credit file that i have a debt that has not been updated for 5 years, mainly i suppose as they cannot trace or have not tried to trace me in this time. Am i correct in saying that i can request this to be removed from my file as nothing has been active for over five years, and to my knowledge there has been no attempt to contact me in this period???????????
  9. Thanks Michael will get on to that now and will post back prob tom hopfully to say letter ready to go cheers
  10. Hi all, have received statements from A&L this week have toted up how much charges they have taken and it is £750. I know i have to send of the letter to reclaim these charges but would appreciate any advice before i do this!!! Thanks
  11. Thanks folks will keep u updated of new developments, by the way do you know of any particularly good banks to go with?
  12. Hi all, have sent of my SAR this week with fee,used template on this forum. Can anyone give me any advice on next steps? Should i seek out a new bank account now or wait? Any advice would be welcome.
  13. Hi all have been reading some posts have sent of my SAR request to bank at start of week with £10 fee, anyone had dealings with the alliance & Leicester regards refunds of charges??? hello again and keep up the good work and advice!!
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