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  1. BankFodder, Many thanks for your advice and I totally accept that I have gone about this in the wrong way. If only I had asked for advice before putting both feet firmly in it! In my defence I wrote the letter to BT, while in a bit of a strop about their behaviour, prior to going away for a fortnight and was somewhat wrong footed when I actually got a call from BT two days before leaving. I do actually have recordings of the calls I made to to BT but not of the last one they made to me on my mobile. There are no transcripts, simply an audio file for each call that I made. I have bee
  2. Dear All I would like some advice upon whether to pursue a claim for compensation against BT. Briefly back in February I accepted an offer to transfer my phone line and broadband from Virgin Media to BT. As part of my original acceptance of BT's offer I had paid a year line rental upfront at the time of order. Within a couple of days Virgin Media persuaded me to stay by dramatically reducing my monthly payments significantly below what BT had offered. I then followed BT's procedures and cancelled the order, well within the 14 days "cooling off" period. As by end of May
  3. Thanks armadillo71, old dog and letsgetitsorted. I took your advice and sent a letter on 27th Nov containing just the form of words you outlined. On 9th Dec received letter dated 5th Dec as can be seen attached. They obviously don't think they would get away with pursuing the matter. Again thanks and the more people support this forum the better it will be.
  4. Oops, Thanks ploddertom. I've obscured the issue number and re-attached the new versions. Regards, David
  5. My first post, so please bear with me. On 25th Oct my son and his girlfriend parked in a car park at Headingley Medical Centre, the local doctors and pharmacy, to collect a prescription issued at the doctors previously. Before entering the pharmacy they went round the corner to the ATM to withdraw cash to pay for the prescription. They estimate the time between going to and returning from the ATM was of the order of 2 to 4 minutes. During that time they were issued with a PCN, not attached to the windscreen but left at the back of the bonnet and not being visible until later
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