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  1. Hi Orfoster, I think the legitamate interest argument, especially with the examples provided with the finance company, shouldn't stretch to sharing that information with credit reference agencies who then publish this information. Fair enough sending details of a disapeared debtor to a DCA (although I wish they couldn't!) as the DCA is going to use this info to trace the debtor, but cannot further share the information or publish it. Anyway I'm about to find out I suppose as Nationwide has just confirmed that they have no copy of my signed application form consentin to them sharing my info
  2. Hi Orfoster, reading this with interest as I am in a very similar position! Mine relates to an overdraft that was defaulted, but have written to the Data Protection Team at Nationwide twice asking for proof that they had my permission to share my information with any third partyand have had no reply. Where will you be sending your latest letter and would you mind if I base my next letter to them on yours? So annoyed about this as this is the only bad thing left on my credit rating and has another 14 months to go if I leave it to drop off naturally. Best wishes, Pookey
  3. Just put - 'Cabot financial Apex credit' into an anagram site and it came out with 'In farcical, bad expectation'. Whet an apt name for the new company, I think I might drop my friends on King's Hill a line suggesting this as it also sums up their 'customer care'!!!
  4. As a lot of Welcome loans or finance deals will be coming to the end of their cycle soon Cattles, who own Wlecome are probably trying to wrap them up quicker. The sooner they are all paid the quicker they can get rid of the remaining staff!!!!!!!!! For me it would be worth £100 just to bugger up their plan, or you could try and negotiate even more off! Pookey
  5. Sorry about your loss. Am going through the same at the moment but fortunately there is a very detailed will in my case. Complaining to the SRA and Ombudsman is the right way to go and in the meantime I would write a very strong letter to #### ######. If you have evidence that the original will had been destroyed then they have acted fraudulently telling you they had the original and asking for a copy to compare to it, ask them why they did this and why they are acting as there is no instruction for them to act, as the original will had been destroyed.I cannot believe that they are tryin
  6. I had a similar problem and Trevor Munn sent me a letter, so I sent a letter as above but sent it to the address for him on the Law Society's website (which appears to be his home address). Sent Recorded and timed to arrive on a Saturday morning. Don't think he was very happy and ARC ran away very soon after!!!! Pookey
  7. Hi, I don't know how new it is but Rossendales also operate 'Rossendales Collect' which is basically a DCA. Pookey
  8. I had a similar situation with Nationwide. I was told that my overdraft limit had been increased then a week later when it clearly hadn't I phoned up only to be told that they had decided not to raise the limit. As a result 2 Direct Debits were returned as it was too late to cancel them and Nationwide started adding charges (£375) to the account. I told Nationwide that I was not prepared to pay the charges as they had misled me and they refused to back down, I told them to get stuffed and that I would not talk to them again until they refunded the charges. Over 2 years went by with t
  9. These are the sort of people you will be dealing with! http://extranet.kingston.ac.uk/careers/detail_vacancies-jobshop.asp?VacancyID=14292 Fredriksons/Carters give up at the first sign of trouble in my experience - I've had dealings with them three times. I have had a lot of experience with DCA's on the phone and can now quickly get them off script and tie them up in knots, but I would never advise anyone else to discuss a debt over the phone. Having said that I never discus debts with DCAs over the phone - normally the weather, are they happy with their life or do they think I
  10. Andy has been a naughty boy! http://beingthreatened.yolasite.com/resources/20090513140313.pdf Looks like he got away before by the skin of his teeth, I would have thought just having an IVA would have made time unsuitable to be a Solicitor. Never mind I think his luck has just run out!! Pookey PS Think I might give ACS a call tomorrow to ask why their website is down at the moment.
  11. I hope so, they should keep the story in the headlines as long as possible so that the maximum amount of people get to hear about ACS.
  12. How the mighty have fallen!!!! Not long ago Andy was wondering whether to buy a Ferrari or a Lamborghini on the profits from others misery, apparently he settled for a Jeep (cheapskate), never mind I've got a pair of roller skates he could borrow once he's been struck off and the company bankrupted by the ICO's fine. Pookey
  13. One thing I have just noticed going over the form again is that it says it is a Statement of Costs for the hearing on ***** (interim application/fast track trial). Perhaps Morgan are just confused and maybe weren't trying to intimidate!!! Pookey
  14. One thing I have just noticed going over the form again is that it says it is a Statement of Costs for the hearing on ***** (interim application/fast track trial). Perhaps Morgan are just confused and maybe weren't trying to intimidate!!! Pookey
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