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  1. Hi, Spoke to the court today and apparently the order I was sent was a standard document and I don't need to pay the £100 allocation fee. Just means I have to submit the ammended POC - not a problems thanks to your help. Perhaps I should send a letter to Judge Field to the effect that Stylised Orders do not constitute a valid order! Thanks again
  2. Thanks, The Abbey template is fantastic. Just what I needed. Yes, it is Hitchin. Any reason why you knew this? Will ring tomorrow and ask about AQ fee as it is less that £1000 plus interest and court fees. Thanks again.
  3. Thanks for your quick replies. I think it's too late to amend the particulars but the order seems to want me to resubmit without filling out any forms or paying the £35 fee. Can I use the N1 template to do this and send it in without using a form? Also, does everyone have to pay the £100 even if they are sent an AQ or is it decided on by the judge? Can I claim back the MCOL fee and this new fee (total £180)? I have until monday to pay the £100. Thanks
  4. Hi, I am currently pursuing Lloyds TSB for approximately £1000 of unfair bank charges. After sending out 2 letters onto the bank with no refund I moved onto Money Claim Online. I submitted the particulars of claim according to the MoneySavingExpert.com website which was subsequently defended by the bank. The claim has been transferred to my local court. In early June I received an order from Northampton Court stating that the claim was being transferred to the local court and that the filing of an Allocation Questionnaire be dispensed with unless the local judge ordered otherwise.
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