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  1. crapbot still harrasin me can anyone help please they just will not be told thankyou
  2. well with all the messing about and with different dca companies hers is what i have got Hi teaboy well would you believe this i will type what i have got from JD williams Dear xxxxxxxxx Thankyou for your letter which we recieved on 4th march 2010, the contents of which we note (which one are they on about unless S>J>R sent them what i sent to them and they have sent a copy to them?) a request to pursue this account had been allocated in error and for this we apolgise. We have advised the credit account managerment company that no futher action is required on this account Once again we apolygise for any upset we have caused. yours xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx what do you think of that?
  3. heres my threads by abroadgirl abroadgirl v vanqis aboadgirl Urgent PlzLittlwoods abroadgirl need help with a important letter abroadgirl enviromental health is there someone higher abroadgirl lloyyds and there charges/fees abroadgirl i want my holiday pay abroadgirl rights/law after purchasing glasses abroadgirl abroadgirl v Abbey ( 12345 ... Last Page) abroadgirl stress? abroadgirl Abbey help please abroadgirl a charge help pease ty abroadgirl Going To Court To Have Your Stay Lifted? Hope This Will Help abroadgirl bankrupcy but now abroadgirl started action rbos v french abroadgirl kensington mortages/lost my home abroadgirl carnt find jonni2bad's thread where abroadgirl airtours dirty accomadation abroadgirl Hi I'm New abroadgirl Showing results 1 to 18 abroadgirl
  4. well yet anotherone repaying your account-our offer to you will they be told can anyone please draft me a nasty letter to crapbot they are not listning they are taking no notice i am fed up to the teeth now tysm abg
  5. thought i would post this incase anyone wants it lol N Brown Group plc Alan White, Chief Executive Tel: 0161 238 2202 Dean Moore, Finance Director Tel: 0161 238 2208 Website: NBrown Corporate website Kreab Gavin Anderson Fergus Wylie/Clotilde Gros Tel: 0207 074 1800 jd williams (fashion World)
  6. hi dipply and everyone good luck dipply in court and it is nice seeing you i know we cannot always get in when we want or need too no worries. thankyou all for your help, advise, and letter drafts tysm will let you all know when i get a reply hugs abg
  7. heard nothing as yet will update as n when teaboy i have anotherone thread reliable collections please can you have a brouse i think i need one of your fab letter again for these as they are starting again with a different debt collection agency thanks abg
  8. well well wwell i got my charges back as everyone knows but yesterday i got a letter from them about bank charges and what is happenening then right at the bottom says i cannot claim bank charges since the outcome of the bank charges i laughed are they daft ive had them and my account is closed well as you all know they closed it without telling me i ripped it up abg
  9. heres the update got a letter from cabot this morning there normal sub standard letter there normal important notice-please do not ignore if you do not take action contact cabot immediately linda thomas what a waste of paper postage etc i have replied to them everytime i think now she needs a really nasty letter to wake them up and to take notice that i have responded i have replied i have sent all letters are they thick or stupid words i cannot put in here gggggggggggrrrrrrrrrrrr
  10. THINK I WILL WRITE TO CABOT AND ASK THEM IF THEY WOULD PAY THIS off FOR ME AS AN EARLY CHRISTMAS PRESENT FROM THEM TO ME:D NOW THAT WOULD BE JUST NICE so if the trolls read this one why dont you go for it instead of being noisey at what it being written about you all go and give us all a break and treat:D pay it off clear the debt:D and wish us all a happy christmas:( mmmmmmmmmmm rolleyes we all wish dont we so dont bother saying happy new year then huh as you wont change will you 8) just thought id have a rant
  11. hi teaboy bless i will pm you i will type the page one of the letter as the one i posted was page 2 it is alot for me to take in everything you have said so i will re read it all again and come back to you. page one of 2 OUR FINAL RESPONSE TO YOUR COMPLAINT I refer to your letter recieved 11th nov etc...... I regret you have felt the cause to complain etc the normal in answer to ones letter I understand that you believe cabot have failed to comply with your request under cca 11974 (cca) However upon reviewing our records it is clear that we have provided you with the required information and have responded to your previous concerns. We made several Urgent requests to VANQUIS to forward any documentation relating to your account with us unfortunatly cabot did not recieve this documentation within the statuory time limits due to a delay in retreving this information from there archives notwithstanding this was enclosed with our letter dated 9th june 2009 subsequently we are now entitled to enforce this agreement Pleased be advised that failure to to provide a copy of your agreement in time does not affect the legality of your debt with cabor financial group but merely renders the credit agreement unenforceable until such time the agreement can be produced to clarify enforcement onlu means obtaining judgement at court. i note yourefer to section 61 of the cca which deals with the signing of the document and states a regulated agreement is not properly executed unles a a document in the prescribed form itself containing all he prescribed terms and conforming to the regulations (consumer credit agreement regulations1983) under section 60(1) is signed in the prescribe manner both by the debtor.... (b) the document embodies all the terms of the agreement other than the implied terms....." section 189(4) of the cca states A document embodies a provision if the provison is set out either in the document itself or i in another document referred to in it in this instance on the credit agreement it is clear that the terms and conditions are referred to in the declaration box with regards to your subject notice under section 10 of the data protection act 1998 (dpa") section 10(1) of the DPA states subject to subsection (2) an individual is entitled at any time by notice in writing to the data controller to require dara controller at the end of such period as is reasonable in the circumstances to cease or not to begin with proccedings or processing for a specified purpose or in a specified manner any personal data in respect of which he is the data subject on the ground for specified reason a the proessing of those data or there procesing gor that purpose or in that manner is causing or is likely to cause substantial damage or substantial distress to him or another and b that damage or distress is or would be unwarranted page 2 already in the post here ****************************************** to be honest i dont fully understand all this crap and i only told them that they stopped paying pp as it was hubby who cam e sick etc they paid it for a year then all of a sudden they phoned and said they cannot pay pp as it was in hubbys name and not me most of this amount is charges fees letter fees etc and the address is my old one didnt even get the damn card at my old addy as it was here they phoned me up to ask if i would still accept a card with the credit of £200 all this i donet know they even ignored me with my letters and hardship info damn them its doing me head in
  12. the first page is the normal and going on and on then on the 2nd page it reads section 10(2) of the dpa states subsection (1) does apply not apply a. in a case where any of the conditions in paraagraphs 1 to 4 of schedule 2 is met or b in such other cases as may be prescribed by the secatary of state by order i refer to your attension to paragraphs 1 to 4 of schedule 2 of the DPA which states conditions relevan for purposes of the first principle Processing of any personal data 1. The data suject has given his consent to the prossing 2. The processing is necessary a for the proformance of a contract to which the data subject is a party or b. for the taking of Carbot is legally entitled and obligated under the original credit agreement and under DPA to process information and also to report to the credit referance agency ("CRAs") We disclose information to cra's about customers conduct of there accounts because disclosure is nessary for the purposes of legitimate interests pursued by us, other members of the creddit history and the CRA's to ensure responsible lending. CRA's hold such data and disclose it to prospective lenders because that is, simlarly necessary for the purpose of the same legitmate interests. Futhermore under the orginal terms of the credit agreement which you signed with the creditor you consented to information being disclosed to third parties and the CRA's accordingly. the DPA's section 4 schedule 2 of the act in particular paragraph 6 of the schedule 2 permits disclosure of such information to and by CRA's without the customers consent For your ease of reference the outstanding balance on the above account is £1,607.08 i would recommend you contact our collections dept within 14 days tele..............................to discuss the options available in order to setle this account. I must inform you that if we do not hear from you within this time frame this account will be escalated within our collections produceres. I trust i have set out our position clearly however if you remain disatisfied with final response you may bring this to the fos within 6 months of this letter etc etc jordon cole customer assurance adviser
  13. hi teaboy sorry for delay have been on hols 16th nove not long back from goa. well in the mail was a reply cabot are not giving in and still obideing with the same about the so called cca and demanding payment i will type it hear for you
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