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  1. GM Card have stated that any refunded charges to do not count as a payment. I pointed out that this is not a refund unless she wanted to admit that on behalf of the bank ? i pointed out that this was a good will gesture. Gm card state that if the payment is not direct from me then it is not a payment... i asked if she could send me the £1003 and i would send it back.. nope they cant do that either.. so this isnt really a payment at all....
  2. GM Card, agreed to pay back all my charges without interest of £1003. It was agreed that this would be paid into the account in order to reduce the outstanding balance. On the 25th june i was in arrears of £59. On the 28th June the £1003 was credited back to the account. On the 5th July i recieved a letter asking for the outstanding £59 ? On speaking with them the £1003 is not a payment it is a credit. I pointed out that if i paid £59 that would show as a credit to my account. I cant see that it can be anything else other than a payment back to my account. I clearly pointed out that the offer letter states " the payment is being offered" and at no stage was i under the impression that it was anything but. I know Banks are sulking but this is just being bloody minded.
  3. Letter now sent, both by post and email. Got a reply today via email stating that they will review the "complaint" but this could take a further 8 weeks...yawn yawn....
  4. sorry , letter 3 is the "letter before action", as i never sent any letters requesting statements, this was done over the fone, and they even refunded me the £10 fee due to them being sent out in 3 lots. have rang them and rejected the offer ! but will follow it up in writing.. they did ask me if i wanted the complaint to go to Stage 2 which takes a further 6 weeks.. will prepare for battle...
  5. Submitted request on 7th May for refund of charges, approx £4400. Submitted second request pointing out that with interest this would be in the region of £5400. Today i recieved standard letter with an offer of just £50 as a gesture of goodwill. Looks like its gonna be the court route... Will start letter 3 today.
  6. have decided to accept the offer of £1003 against my account, HFC were not for budging and given that this is a full refund of the charges including those levied at £12 ( upto April 2007 )im reasonably happy. So i see this as another victory for the consumer. Now awaiting the Abbey (£4448.50 plus interest at £1042.92 ) and RBOS who are in the process of sending out statements plus offer.
  7. I put in a claim for £1003 , 1213 including interest. Asked for £900 for quick settlement. I still have an outstanding balance of £2900, although the card is no longer active. HFC sent out letter claiming charges fair etc and would not be making any payment. I rang them and the day after i recieved an offer of £500 which would be credited to my account. I rang them again as i felt that this was unfair and that any settlemnt should be direct to me in a chq. The stance they took was that the balance obviously reflected the charges and it should make no differenec to me. I told them i was not happy , and they said they would reconsider. Two days later i have had an offer of £1003 as long as it comes off the balance, and they would not pay any interest. Happy with the offer, but i still feel that it should be a payment to me and not taken off the account. Anyone had anything similar ? I still think its slightly unfair , given that ive been paying off the balance including the charges at a very high interest rate. Just a thought , when i make a manual payment over the phone im charged £1 , and likewise similar amounts for non direct debit payments to other institutions, so when a bank has to make a manual intervention for charges, why do they cost £30?
  8. I contacted RBS via email re tracing a closed account. Initial response was that they could not trace closed accounts. When i pointed out that they were required in law to hold such details for at least 6 years they began a trace. 3 weeks later having heard nothing i again emailed and was told that no trace of the account could be found. i rang and left my contact details, and then emailed pointing out that they were being obstructive and that i would go direct to the financial ombudsmen. Within 30 minutes i recieved a telephone call stating they had found the account. They are now sending out al list of all charges levied together with an offer for settlement, and that this should arrive within 3-4 days.
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