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  1. Many thanks , for your replies, and will keep you updated.
  2. Yes this is the first I've heard about this offence. I was gobsmacked, i would upload the pics of my car, but cant seem to do it.
  3. Hi Everyone, Just looking for some Advise, Received a final notice, Demanding 85.00 in the next 28 Days, on Saturday, 20th April 2019. Stating my Reg Number, and Make of Car - Ford, Apparently on the 8TH of March 2019, At the M&B Toby Carvery - Ainsdale, My Vehicle was not Authorised to Park. The Problem is My Car Was stolen on the 2nd Dec 2018, By my now Ex Partner, and Crashed into 2 parked Vehicles, and been on my Drive Ever since, this was reported to the police, even though for some unknown reason they have not charged him, even though he was drink driving, no insurance or license, so this parking fine is not for my car its impossible!! so guys what can i do? . Thanks in advance.
  4. thanks for checking that, its greatly appreciated, just wondered why on appendix a it says i made 50 payments of PPI, when I only made 15 thus making the "how much i paid in monthly repayments wrong and price of ppi at the beginning ( 928.02) as this cost 413.58 for the finance of arranging the PPI I thought they might of been trying to pull the wool over my eyes in some way with there calculations - would 'nt of put it past them. ( I'm Just a suspicious person Anyway thanks again for your time,and checking it for me . pacman.
  5. I ve uploaded the reply from lloyds again also.
  6. sorry , it took awhile, to get back but here's what the sheet came up with; monthly payment of ppi 402.48 8% 246.81. total 649.29?
  7. Hi & thank you, have done the sheet with last payment in may 2007 and the figure is 618.95? but if you look at my statements they took more money from me in 2010 and only credited the lump sum then so should i include the 2010 payments also?. thanks & got to go to work now so, will have to come back later.
  8. I know im probably confusing matters but i paid 17 payments - for the 18th payment I missed the Direct Debit , but when the insurance paid out it should of been back dated and cover that so where its says the 19th july 2007 - £3507.05 from insurance, I also had a letter to comfirm the loan was settled . but after some time i was notified that it was not settled because of the missed direct debit, and then see statements 3&4 it shows as being paid 17th Feb 2010 , after i got late charges and tring to take the june 2007 payment with out notifying me and sometime later aswell - 2010
  9. ok, first repayment 16 jan 2006. made 17 payments - after putting in claim, and waiting for a decision, they told me if my claim approved they would back date it to the date i first notified them - this was the beginning of june 2007.
  10. Hi i'm sorry, will redo the documents here the credit agrreement.
  11. Sorry if the files are a bit out of order and yes I understand partly what they are saying. But do the calculations add Up? how they have worked it out is that the correct way ? that is what I'm asking Thanks
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