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  1. Our tenant did a bunk. We were unaware of this, until visiting the house one day. To find a complete mess. The utilities company had gained entry to our property, with a warrant, to disconnect the meters. In a pile of mail addressed to the one time tenant, behind the door was a note from the utility company stating they were applying for an entry warrant. What right do they have to enter our properyy without our knowledge or consent? We will now have to pay about £300+ to have the pre paid meters they have since installed returned to normal tariff ones. All because our tenant did a bunk. Surle
  2. Thanks Busby. But I am still unsure how safe my previous judgement by default actually now is? Mcafees professional solicitors against piddly old me!! What chance do I actually now have to get the judgement by default enforced?
  3. Thanks Busby. So it now looks as though my judgement by default is in doubt until this next hearing. Although Mcafee have ignored all court papers to date, thus judgement by default to me. The other day the judge seemingly examined the papers on Mcafees request to set aside and came down in their favour to set aside. Thus the future hearing. If my case is so strong why did the judge decide on set aside?
  4. Many thnaks dw190. Do you know if my judgement by default is now in jeapordy, or is it still safe?
  5. I was just today filling in my warrant of execution against Mcafee. I phoned the court who have now told me that Mcafee requested a set aside?? Seemingly, without receipt of the papers yet. Mcafee are stating the court action should now be heard in Ireland. Although it was their solicitor who told me to serve all court papers to a London registered business address. I await receipt of the courts papers. What I am unsire of is:- What is a set aside? Is my judgement still secure or can Macafee who have ignored all court papers to date, giving me judgement by default, still try to defen
  6. Thanks buzby. But how do I locate their UK address for the baliffs?
  7. Interesting! The Mcafee solicitors supplied that address for service of court papers. So if they supply the incorrect address, surley it is on their head be it. I am following information supplied. So I will try the baliffs, and see what happens. Surley the court would not be amused at Mcafee supplying procrastinatory wrong information to me?
  8. Name & Registered Office: MCAFEE INTERNATIONAL LIMITED 100 NEW BRIDGE STREET LONDON EC4V 6JA Company No. 02825890 The above address supplied by thier lawyers, for service of court papers.
  9. Their UK lwayers supplied me with their London HQ. Also thnaks to Gyzmo.
  10. Many thanks to Gyzmo and ArthurP, but which of you is corrcet? 7 days or 28 days wait?
  11. I have won a judgement against McAfee ( virus protection people ). They ignored all small calims court papers, so won by default. I am now not sure whether to go through the small claims court or the high court for judgement. The small claims court obviously cannot advise me. They stated that McAfee could simply ignore the judgement, as because they are such a large multinational company they are not too bothered about any adverse infiormation or CCJ's against them. This seems a bit of a rum deal. If I owed monies, I would have to pay up, yet they can seemingly flout the law and ignore al
  12. Moved to the English system to allow for larger claims, up to £5,000, whereas the Scottish small claims system is only up to £750.
  13. Nothing to report as yet. I am still looking for a proficient English lawyer who is offay with the bank charges scenario. In the Berwick upon Tweed area.
  14. Full hearing. But to be safe I would rather contact a solicitor to make sure everything is covered, well in advance of hearing, 28th March 2007. And if need be have a solicitor standing by to attend.
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