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  1. Hi Dave again, I've just noticed there's a web address too. www.debtfreedirect.info Margaret.
  2. Hi Dave, I spotted this ad in the newspaper yesterday which says "If you can't afford to repay all your debts you may qualify for a little known and almost unbelievable solution" I can't copy it all here but there's a freephone number 0800 298 8837 and it says it's government legislation to clear your debts. Worth a call perhaps. Good luck. Margaret.
  3. Do you mean the manager just took the money from your account for his own use? If that's the case it must surely be theft and he should be dismissed and arrested.
  4. I have been trying to reclaim charges from HSBC on behalf of my son and got as far as court action. HSBC are defending so now we are waiting for court date. However, this has been dragging on for so long HSBC have clocked up about another £400 in charges on his account. Could I start another claim against them for the new lot of charges, and this time tell them I will refer it to the Ombudsman? Or do I need to wait until the first claim has been sorted?
  5. Thanks for your reassurance. I have just been reading the MCOL stuff . Should I have sent a copy of schedule of charges to HSBC's solicitors at the Notice of Acknowledgement stage? I don't think I did this. Is that a disaster? I have just phoned the local court and been told that no allocation fees are payable in this instance (re bank charge claims)
  6. Hello, I found this website and logged on because I'm in a panic, I don't want to ramble on too long, but I'm trying, on behalf of my son to reclaim bank charges from HSBC. They are defending the claim and I'm now waiting for a court date. I have no idea what to do if or when I have to go to court, but whatever it is I'm prepared to do it even though the very idea is giving me nightmares. Can any body give me some guidance please?
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