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  1. The offer was for the full amount of the claim that was submitted to the court (not including interest)
  2. Response back from DG Solicitors. Can't say much about it as I am asked to keep it confidential. I will accept the offer though.
  3. Yes my offer was from DG Solicitors. I have written back rejecting their offer. I also couldn't find a template that fitted this exact case i.e. rejecting an offer from the bank's solicitors. This is the wording I used. You are welcome to use it. My address Their address Dear Sirs Re: Request for repayment of charges Account number: xxx Claim number: xxx Thanks you for your letter of xxx kindly offering the sum of £££ in respect of my claim for repayment of charges made to my First Direct account I respectfully decline your offer of settlement and request, once a
  4. Does anyone have a template for a letter to the bank's solicitors rejecting the ir offer of half my claim? I could make one up but would feel more comfortable with one that has worked in the past. Should I push for the full amout of charges + interest or offer to settle at just the charges? Advice gratefully accepted
  5. Received a letter today (dated 4th Dec) offering me £2396.75. i.e. half of my claim (excluding the interest). I think I'll reject the offer but accept the offered amount as part payment.
  6. I have just submitted a claim through MCOL but there doesn't seem to be any way of attaching my charge details. Can anybody advise?
  7. I have just finished submitting my claim through MoneyClaim. All seemed quite straightforward. My only uncertainty is that there did not seem to be any way of attaching my breakdown of the charges. Total Claim = £4793.50
  8. I have just been having a quick look at the Moneyclaim website. I'll work out what I have to do to submit a claim tomorrow. However, now it is time for bed.
  9. In response to my LBA I have received today (22/11) a letter from Robert Kernaghan saying that he has reviewed my concerns and doesn't agree that the charges are unlawful. He then goes on to say that I am welcome to refer my complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service "as this letter consitutes the bank's final response". This seems to be a slightly different response to that which most other people have received. Is this a change of stance, or are they just pushing back a bit harder as I am claiming back more than the average claim. I guess the next step is to start the court proc
  10. Received letter from FD today (sent 8/11) saying that they do not agree blah blah blah. I guess the next step is the Letter Before Action letter which I will write this evening and post tomorrow.
  11. My reclaim letter and schedule will be in the post to FD tomorrow. Total charges for period Jan 2001 to date is £4673.50!
  12. 20/10 - DHL attempted to deliver the statements yesterday but there wasn't anyone home to sign for them (something for people to consider if they are out at work all day). Rearranged delivery for today. Now I need to go through the statements I am missing at tot up the charges.
  13. 29/9 - Letter back from FD today with my uncashed cheque and a letter saying that my statements would be send by courier.
  14. I think that the difference between "Overdraft Fee" and "Excess Overdraft Fee" is that the "Overdraft Fee" is for a service which you, the client, has agreed to. The "Excess Overdraft Fee" is the penalty for exceeding the agreed overdraft. Perhaps someone with a bit more experience can confirm or correct my understanding.
  15. My Subject Access Request letter will be in the post tomorrow (Sept 26).
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