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  1. strezzy


    They settled the day after the 28 days expired, presumably because the 28th day was bank holiday monday.
  2. strezzy


    From what I've been reading on this website, I think you should be ok; just hang in there and good luck!
  3. strezzy


    Feels brilliant cos I swore that as soon as I filed the claim there would be some judgement or other that would prevent from getting my money back! It's been a great day cos Egg have settled as well. 3 down, 7 to go!
  4. strezzy


    Hi! Don't mind you asking at all. The costs were as follows: £664.00 in bank charges £143.74 in interest £ 80.00 in court costs £887.74 in total The bank charges were posted sometime yesterday and the costs and interest sometime today but not sure what time in each case.
  5. strezzy


    Hi! Don't mind at all. Claim was for as follows: £664.00 in bank charges £143.74 in interest £ 80.00
  6. strezzy


    Hi All, Despite saying they would file a defence, Nationwide didn't and I received my claim plus interest and court fees yesterday and today. Do I have to inform the courts or is that it? Also am I entitled to claim interest from the date of filing the claim with the courts until settlement and also for costs in respect of time and stationery incurred in filing the claim and is it worth antagonising them further or should I quit while I'm ahead? Thanks for your help:D
  7. Great result r.thompson! Received my notice that the Acknowledgement has been filed on 30 April 2007 but have heard nothing since. They have until 28 May to respond, is it normal they leave it this late or have they got something up their sleeves?
  8. Thanks very much for that. Not sure what it all means and which part is relevant to me but I'm sure that once I've had a good look at it, it will all make sense!
  9. Sorry for being such a dork but thanks very much for your help.:o
  10. One thing I forgot to mention in previous message is that, when sending their full and final offer they said that I alleged that the charges were a penalty ( I did nothing of the kind, I merely stated the standard line that charges must reflect true admin costs and could not be punitive) and that I had no put forward no evidence to support the allegation and therefore did not accept it. What evidence do I need to back this claim or is quoting the 1999 Unfair Terms In Consumer Contracts Regulations sufficient?
  11. Hi All! I am new to all this and getting thoroughly confused so please bear with me! I've already started claims against my bank and 9 credit card companies mainly from advice and templates found in the national press. Hopefully I've followed the correct procedures, though I haven't adhered strictly to the timescales laid down in my letters mainly because I realised I didn't really have a clue what I was doing and how I stood legally. I have got to the stage of pursuing my claim against Nationwide in the small claims court and they had 28 days from 30th April 2007 to a file a defence and so far I've heard nothing. My concern is that I no nothing about the Lloyds bank ruling and feel I ought to as it seems I need to be prepared if they try to bully me into accepting a reduced offer. I'm also unsure as to when interest applies from ( I have so far included it on my claims from the date each individual charge was posted). Am I entitled to interest from the date the claim was filed to the date it is settled in full. How do I also go about filing a claim for all the time and materials I've incurred during the course of these claims? Also what is a thread and what's the difference between that and a post? Sorry to be so thick but as I said I'm new to all this.:-?
  12. Hi all! Pardon me for being really thick but all this looks a bit daunting. I've already started claims against my bank and 9 credit card companies mainly from advice and templates found in the national press. Hopefully I've followed the correct procedures though I haven't adhered strictly to the timescales. Not sure what a thread is and also what the Lloyds bank ruling is. This concerns me as I've already started legal proceedings against nationwide and they have until the end of the month to respond and I want to be prepared if they try and bully me into accepting a reduced offer.
  13. Hi, I've recently started reclaims against several banks regarding credit card charges and so far most of them have sent partial refunds by cheque, none of which I have yet cashed as I thought this may prejudice my claim. Is this the right course of action or do I cash them and then continue with the full claim? Also is it the case that we are still entitled to a full charge refund despite the ruling that set charges at £12 or are we only entitled to the difference? All the charges I am reclaiming were applied to my accounts before this ruling.
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