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  1. Cheers Andyorch - your spot on lesson learned - Just one think does it all need paying straight away for it not to be registerd or can I set up a payment agrement and still stop it being registered - again many thanks Lushni
  2. HI Guys, sorry to ask again but is there anyway I can appeal against this or is all lost? Many thanks Hugh
  3. Yes DX your right they cut him off and charged for the rest of the contract even though he couldn't use it. Yes I was going to submit a defence (one from this site) TBH I thought I had 33 days from the 4th of Jan and not the 17th of Dec - I really could kick myself. I'd have done it earlier as well but I've be poorly recently with this dam Covid (at least I've had it now).
  4. Hi DX thanks for getting back - the original bill came in at around £130 - it was my sons phone but in my name - it was a £13 a month contract - he went to the USA for around six weeks, - he crossed the border at the falls into Canada for two days - When he got back he found out that the calls in Canada were not part of 3's roaming - he got the bill and asked 3 why he got charged so much - put in a complaint - however a few weeks later they said full amount had to be paid - he couldn't pay - they cut off his phone still had over a year to run his contract down - so added almost £200 charges that he could use – To be honest he should have just paid up when he got the bill but his job fell through when he got back and he didn’t tell me at the time – we both have the same name, so I just passed on all 3’s post to him without opening it. Again many thanks, Lushni
  5. Can i appeal this judgment or do I have to pay up - so many added charges on this account - it don't seem fair.
  6. Amount Claimed £362.05 Court Fee £35.00 Solicitor Costs £50.00 Total Amount £447.05 Issue Date 17/12/2020
  7. Hi Guys thanks for getting back so quick - It don't look like I have any options to add a defence now - Claim form issued 17th December. Kind regards Hugh
  8. Hi Guys, Looking for some advice - Lowell claimed against me for old mobile debt - I stupidly thought that I had 33 days after Acknowledgment, as you know this is not right - after recovering from Covid I thought I start my defence today only to read that I might be too late I've just checked on line to find the below - is there anything I can do? Kind regards Lushni Your acknowledgment of service was submitted on 04/01/2021 at 10:48:10 Your acknowledgment of service was received on 04/01/2021 at 12:05:37 A judgment was issued against you on 22/01/2021 at 19:16:12
  9. Hi DX, again many thanks for getting back so quick, what should my next move be and how do I calculate what the compound interest should be. They say in the letter if I'm not happy with the figure I should contact the FSO direct. Any advice would be very much appreciated. Lushni
  10. Hi Guys, Can someone please help - after NRAM refused my PPI claim they have since sent me the attached letter, which I think is the payments I made plus 8% simple interest - my question is should they also be paying compound interest if so how much should I be claiming for base on their figures. Let me know if any more information is needed. Many Thanks In Advance Lushni
  11. Hi Guys, once again many thanks for the quick response - to be honest I'm not sure if I signed for full and final (would say I did) as at the time I thought that would be the end of it. I'll keep looking to see if I have a copy anywhere. Cheers Lushni
  12. Hi Guys, Once again I'm looking for some help and advice from this wonderful site - Stupidly through a third party Claims company I tried to reclaim any mis-sold PPi that I had on my Barclaycard. However Barclay's send me a letter stating as the account was so old they could not find any details and as a gesture of goodwill they were willing to pay me £500. At this time back in 2011, I was in money trouble and took their offer. Fast forward until today and I've just found an old statement dated back to Nov 2000 and it's showing a PPI payment of £22.94 per month. Heaven knows how much I've paid over the years. Can I do anything about this, can I go back to Barclay's and ask them to review this or I'm I to late as I've already accepted their offer. They also quote in the letter back in 2011 that as the sale was pre 2001 when they became signatories to the general insurance standards council code of practise that my complaint was not eligible for referral anyhow. Once Again Many Thanks In Advance Lushni
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