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  1. R.E MACKENZIE HALL (Next plc) Rcvd a red postcard thru the post for somebody who isn't living with me or as ever lived me asking me to get in touch with the above named company who i av never even heard of before, Not even give me chance to contact them when following day i rcvd another letter for notice of court action. As i have lived at my current address for over 6yrs and have never had any letters from any debt agency dont know where this as come from? I've foned Mac.hall and informed them of this matter only to have a rude lady on the other end of the fone called LAURA McLEISH who keeps saying that its a crime and penalties will be paid and then keeps putting the fone down on me, but what i've been trying to ask for is some sort of proof from them as to why and how this debt as been linked to my address. Please Please Please can anyone tell me what i'm supposed to do when there stating that its off to court if i dont pay up before 24th May. Also what i dont understand is that i currently run next directory with no debt owed against it and my Ref No is PT xxxxxx but the account No that Mac.Hall av starts wiv a single letter M-xxxxxxx followed by 7numbers, whether this is relevant to it i dont know, but due to asking friends nobody's account seems to start with just 1letter followed by 7numbers. Hope somebody can put my mind at rest as i'm really starting to worry now that this is the start of some very nasty company demanding money. Thanx Again - Crazey Lou
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