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  1. hi buttercup Although I am in a position to pay the repsyments S
  2. Hi sorry to jump in but i have had the same letter from BH today they have sold my secured loan to a company called Skye Loans ltd, had missed a few payments when i was redundant years ago and have missed 1 or 2 since but have been paying extra foe ages now. very strange as i only have a year left on my original loan. looked up Skye and lucky me seem to be owned by Capita. so if they have paid my loan off does it still exist and is it still secured? not sure what BH are playing at say reason for sale is that they don't do those types of loan any more i smell a rat
  3. Hi all Great news went to court and suspended the eviction, judge said that although our Payments had been irregular we had caught up all our payments last time we went to court In May 2009, Their soliciter said that our payment history was horrendous and that they had tried To set arrangements 52 times ( yea right what about all the charges added on) But I just kept quiet and let the duty soliciter do all the talking, thankfully So a huge thank you for all of your help!!!! But one last question after reading about ge igroup I have no doubt there are hidden Broker f
  4. Hi Ell-Enn after reading through your guide i have covered all the areas except referring to the Norgen case i mentioned that i had made an offer of repayment for arrears (letter and budget sheet attached along with GE refusal to my offer) an explanation of how we fell behind (childrens tax stopped) should i take evidence of this? told how we have 4 children in our house 2 on the partially sighted register and finally said how we we told told there was no need to attend the original hearing in 2009 as i was back in work and that they were not going to proceed with it (phone conv
  5. No is that something I can mention when I go to the hearing Got a date now for next week
  6. No they said they would contact me with a date before the eviction
  7. Received a letter from GE today saying to make sure I leave a forwarding address for when They sell my house and to make sure all my furniture is removed. And if pay a large lump sum and arrange additional payments they may still consider Calling off the bailiffs. But I'm guessing they are lying again so that I do not proceed with the n244 hearing What do you all think Not got the hearing date yet any idea how long it should take?
  8. Yes I did read it very helpful I have submitted the form today explaining that I can make contractual mortgage payments Plus additional payments, I have included the letter of offer and budget sheet along with Ge Refusal letter. Have also explained that loss of tax credits is the reason for falling behind And finally that my daughter is now in full time employment and is contributing towards her keep. Helpfully the judge will side with me but must admit a bit concerned at the moment If things seem to be going wrong during the hearing can I ask for time to sell my house Inste
  9. hi again i was thinking of explaining that the sudden loss of our children's tax credits (6K per year) has hit us hard and that i did phone GE to ask for a break or interest only, they said no. fortunately my daughter has started full time work and can pay £100 per week to contribute. i did send a budget sheet to GE offering extra £150 ontop of normal payments and i have paid an extra £250 this month but they have refused. could you please advise how i should word this on the N244 form. many thanks
  10. hi all do i mention on the N244, that the last time i was taken to court i was told there was no need to attend by Ge money? as i had an arrangement with them. my payments have not been regular and i am behind by about 2650.00 also i have evidence they have been putting charges directly onto my mortgage increasing the total every month i believe this is not allowed. i lost my childrens tax credit last year and phoned and asked for a mortgage holiday or interest only payments and they refused on both evidence on that too. do i use all this as i do not want to bombard the
  11. Hi all Just received an eviction notice for the 11 Oct Can I please have some advice in filling out the N244 form And any other advice you have, Thanks
  12. Hi all again Just wondering should I send any information to their solicitors? have not heard from the court yet but I'm sure it won't be long
  13. Hi all I have received 2 letters today one from simply law stating they are applying for a warrant for possession, this law firm resides at the same address as GE Money. A second letter from GE Money refusing my offer as we have not stuck to the agreed payments and they have tried 59 times to set up a payment scheme also that we did not clear the original amount agreed by the judge in 2009 (that will be the court case I was told would not go ahead) I have missed slot of payments over the years but then again I have made a lot of extra payments over the years the amount of arrears
  14. Ok Ell enn also noticed a letter from June stating that my monthly mortgage payments have increased as they have added £2294.92 in fees to my account. for saying they reimbursed me my fees end of last year (without my permission as i deemed the figure inaccurate) i would like to know how much they charge!! i have all copies you have mentioned, but i still worry. these are very nasty people to deal with and i dont think they know what they are doing which makes this all very confusing. but thank you for your help and advice
  15. Forgot to mention no refusal letter from them yet only verbal said they had sent a reply on the 13 th but have not got this yet.
  16. Hi again Yes I have a copy of the offer and budget sheet I sent them.
  17. Hi ell enn Sorry for sending this directly but not too sure how to start a thread Let me start from the beginning back in Dec 2008 I was made redundant and missed payments to GE Money (unfortunately I have my mortgage through these people), they hounded me constantly with phone calls over the 4months I was out of work, however I always explained my position. I was offered a job within a few weeks but failed the medical due to high blood pressure so medication took 3 months to work. But I started in March. They said that they would go to court for possession of my house this was
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