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  1. So just to confirm, the original tenancy agreement is still valid? We also presume that my partner is subletting from the shopkeeper. We are very worried about comfronting the shopkeeper with this information as he will prob not understand get on the defensive and try to evict. He has told me that if we do not pay this money, the landlord will be closing the shop and taking all the stock as payment and then we will have to move out. Is this just a ploy to scare us into making the payment? Also earlier this year the shopkeeped informed us that my partner had to start paying water charges e
  2. Many thanks Hedgey........ Just got housing problems now lol!
  3. Just to let you all know that I have finally got the money owed to me by the bank and this week I have bought my 1st car with it. Happy bunny. Thanks or all your help everyone!! x x x
  4. sorry a bit more Does this tenancy agreement still stand even though it has not been renewed and the shop ownership has hanged hands so many times. should the tenant have to pay this money? The flat itself is in need of some major repairs to the leaking roof etc, but we don't really know who to tell as the shop keeper doesn't seem to give a stuff
  5. My partner has been renting a flat above a shop since Apr 2002. he was given a 6 month Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement. The owner of the whole building has never been seen and he pays the rent each month via his bank account to the shop keeper. Since the agreement the shop has changed hands on numerous occasions and rent has always been paid correctly and on time. No updated Tenancy agreement has been made or signed since the original in 2002. The problem has arisen as the shop keeper has asked my parter to pay him £450.00 for buildings insurance. The original tenancy agreement states
  6. Oh i think i may just drop in at some point, probably bring half the staff from my court with me who are claiming hee hee
  7. so where exactly is the meet gonna be???? I'm in Oldham anyone close?
  8. I he no idea if she will appeal the order, as it was only just being drawn today, but as she and counsel for Loyds attended, she will already know the outcome. I just hope that she gets help with this matter. Must admit that my heart sank for her when it was brought to my attention
  9. Loyds TSB with Sechiari Clark & Mitchell in tow
  10. i think that i will be getting a judge to look at my N1 before i submit it just to be on the safe side......... thats if i can find a judge that isnt in a bad mood!!! hee hee god help me
  11. However is must state that after speaking to a few judges about the claims going on in my court, that case seems to be the only one that has gone to the hearing stage. All others have settled before getting that far. Our top judge has made what is know as a variable paragraph up that all our judges are using, making it difficult for the banks to comply. My main problem is that I cannot issue at my own court due to predjudice views. So I will probably have to issue at Manchester county court. Just need to know what their judges orders are like now. Time for some digging me thinks!
  12. Has anyone issued at Manchester county court? does anyone know what the orders that the judges are giving are like?
  13. I work in a county court and therefore I cannot provide any details of the case i'm sorry to say. I just wish that she had gotten somme help from here. I may work in a court, but I am still vary unsure as to what route to take. I know what DJ's are like. They change their minds as often as their Mercs!
  14. Yeah if you win!!!! i have seen a case today where the claimant lost and was ordered to pay the defendant over £3000 n solicitors coste etc. Not sure that would be fun!!!! Although she didnt put up a very good argument
  15. Yeah thats what i thought, Just read that its also a good option, but i think that i will stick to the court way. thanx
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