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  1. Hello!

    The sustain board failed on my LG TV (£2k) after 16 months, and so I am currently in the process with Consumer Direct and Trading Standards about these LG TVs that have failed.


    I have seen that this is a COMMON problem, especially with my TV model LG50PX4D.


    Call Consumer Direct and they will help you! Try and get a TV engineers report and send this to Currys.


    Good luck with your claim against Currys.

  2. Thanks gyzmo. I have 4 other people in the UK who have had the same thing happen to them. There are several cases on the internet on the z sustain board failing on these TVs.


    The repairman cannot say it is a manufacturer fault, as the manufacturer has not sent out a memo regards this part. Like they would anyway as they would have tonnes of people claiming for the TV to be repaired.


    What do I do next?




    P.S. Forestchav - thanks for ur advice, but you're of no positive use to me.

  3. Hey everyone!


    Currys spoke to me on the phone saying that they will not pay for the repair/replacement of my TV.


    The failure of the z sustain board is a common fault, and this is as stated in the engineers report. Failure due to a poor weak screen. They told me it was due to wear and tear - god, I've only had the TV 19 months before it blew.


    So Currys are washing their hands after selling me a TV which died after 19 months! I need help! Can you please help me!


    My no, is 07939470872 or a reply to this thread would be great.


    How can I take my claim further!

  4. :mad: Hello, this is my first post and hoping someone could please help!


    I had bought a LG 50" TV in June 2006 from Currys. In Oct 2007, the plasma screen went a funny colour and the screen looks like it has a black film on it. Sounded like a fuse or something went on it.


    I bought it for £200 on credit card and £1900 on finance ( now paid off )


    So this £2.1k TV and it's 16 months old. It's now broken. Went to the Currys manager and he said he didn't care and that any repair would be at my cost because it's out of 12 month warranty. A joke for a item that cost so much and nearly new and now broken.


    Can you please help as to where I stand in this matter and what I can do?


    Many thanks,



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