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  1. The defence was due to be filed by 26/05/07 and they paid directly into my bank account on the 21/05/07. I then got a letter from Nationwide stating that they had paid and a copy of the defence from Eversheds stating that the matter had been paid. Good luck!
  2. NATIONWIDE PAY-UP:D Despite defending the court claim, stating that no moneys would be refunded, Nationwide today paid my claim in full. £1811.00 bank charges. £323.09 interest. £120.00 court costs. I hope my good news spreads a little confidence to everyone taking legal action against the so called 'Big Boys', so don't listen to any of them or their lawyers when they try and bully you into thinking you won't get a penny, because believe me, you will!!! Good luck everyone BIG 'T'
  3. Hi all, I am also in the same situation, Nationwide have until 26/05/07 to file their defence to my claim, but todate, I haven't received any correspondence regarding it! Keep you updated.
  4. Hi all! Just a quick message to say hello and to get you up to speed with my court action against Nationwide. I have issued a claim form against the enemy for the sum of £1811.00 charges, £803.00 interest and £120.00 costs. Nationwide acknowledged my claim and stated that they would defend it (they have until the 26/05/07 to file their defence). Todate I have received no correspondence from their solictors, Eversheds. I will keep you all updated with my progress. See ya! Big 'T'
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