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  1. Milktray man thanks for the advice


    Charmaine & PPMan thanks also,


    So in a nutshell, as I cannot use MCOL now I havr to wait for paperwork to come from the court, and progress from there



  2. Guys & Girls


    Today is deadline day, at midnight tonight I win my case by default, I will phone MCOL first thing tomorrow morning to see if they have received any paperwork from Eversheds LLP (Cos I certainly havent received anything from the court or the solicitors), so I will use the automated process on MCOL and see what happens, wish me luck!!!!:-)

  3. Yea!!!


    Just read the MCOL on line guide, and it says that you should enter default at the next day on the basis they have not sent their defence in to the court otherwise it takes preference, so hopefully on the 14th I can enter judgement against them


    Fingers crossed!!!!!!

  4. Right guys, i am one week away from a possible victory, as I have claimed via MCOL, it states that you have 2 options to choose when starting judgement

    1) Says along the lines of "The defendant has not filed a defence or admission, the other says

    2) the defendant admits all is owed,


    So if It comes to midnight 13th June, and they havent filed a defence (even though tthey sent a Acknowledgement of Service) which of the options do I choose????



  5. Hi Guys


    Need a piece of advice, my deadline is 13th June, if they dont file a defence or do anything which seems to be the case, how do i get my money back from them if I DONT bank with them anymore????


    Any help would be appreciated

  6. Hi Guys


    I have with me all my paperwork , and I have bought in the Acknowledgement of Service from Eversheds LLP, saying they intend to defend the claim, my claim was issued via MCOL, do i need to send the documentation to the solicitors, even though Nationwide have had this already???? Any help today would be most beneficial



  7. Hi Guys


    Thanks for that I will check the paperwork received from the solicitors tonight and will get back to you tomorrow, I whave already sent copies of the "evidence" to MCOL, what I'll do is check tonight and ask your advices tomorrow, cheers guys and POWER TO THE PEOPLE!!!!!!

  8. Hi Guys


    I am in the middle of taking Nationwide to court over my bank charges, and need help as they have ackknowledged my claim and are going to defend it, I dont know what to do should i take them on or should i bail out now, any advice would be MOST helpful!!!!

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