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  1. she is available for over 40 hours per week over 4 days including weekends thats more than part time, its so sad when employers are not willing to accomodate when my daughter is only trying to better her education.
  2. my daughter started work part time 4 months ago for a well known cinema, she is also attending her 2nd year at university. she was able to cover more hours over the summer as university was closed, she has requested a change of hours of employment due to her study schedule and out of 7 days will be only available to work 4. Her employer has written to refuse her request even though she is only contracted part time, the last part of the letter is quite intimidating stating that any absence will be dealt with in accordance with company, can they treat her this way?
  3. My daughter informed me today that landlord came to property the same day i had complained to them and they are going to put right the problems.they even did a few that day.lets hope all are complete within 2 weeks otherwise my next step will be arranging a visit from the community fire safety officer.
  4. When my council failed to do repairs i took photos and e-mailed them to the chief executive, they soon completed all and i was even compensated.
  5. Today for the first time i have visited the house that my daughter and 3 friends are sharing whilst at university, what a disgrace it is and they are paying £1000 per month rent. When i got home i called their landlord and politely requested that they were issued a gas safety cert,was told they to pick up from office. My daughter fell down a flight of stairs at the weekend (no she was not drunk lol;-) i have requested that a hand rail be installed as the stairs are very steep and curve which is very dangerous, landlord says it may take a month, not good enough in my view. I have asked for the living room ceiling to be looked into as it has been covered with polystyrene tiles which are a fire hazzard and illegal. I will be contacting the council if the landlord does not put these things right.
  6. The last letter i recieved from this person said court procedings would be issued on 2nd july, well i'm still waiting for paperwork from the courts if he does follow out his threat, may i add this is also for a previous debt which is statute barred.
  7. Yes i know i should not speed and i will pay up if ticket is issued, we do not need cynical one liners on here,i have for many years kept a clean driving record, and hope to keep it that way.
  8. The first camera flashed at the rear of my car and the second from the front, i hope i was smiling for that one:). i wont be traveling on that road anymore (A68), they should indicate what the speed limit is there was not one sign telling what it was. So others beware. I had bought the car from a dealer.
  9. Oh well, possibly 6 points on my clean licence with fines i 'll just have to hope there was no film in the camera and in future be more cautious with speed.
  10. A month ago, i was snapped twice by speeding cameras on a country road which i understood would have a speed limit of 60, there are no indications of any speed limits, i was doing about 58 first time and nearly 80 2nd time (stupid me). I had just picked up a newish car so vehicle was not in my name at the time,i will hold up my hands if i do recieve anything but how long does it normally take? This is the first time i have been flashed by cameras in my 12 years of careful driving and i hope not to spoil my driving record.
  11. I dont have the other persons forwarding address and quite right Babybear i wont be do DCA's work for them the scumbags can bog off.
  12. The same is happening to me too,i have had several letters for a different person, at first i returned the post but recently have recieved more and a post card saying they will be paying a visit, i have these ready to hand to them and a few choice words.
  13. Its now been over a month since BC threatened me with court action for a statute barred debt,i will look forward to him making a fool again of himself when it does eventually arrives, thanks everyone on here for your fantastic advice. i will keep you all posted.
  14. I have never aknowledged any letters on advice given to me and i've had 5 in the last month he is so persistant
  15. does this letter prove that he is still trading as Bryan Carter & co? it also has the name crelins at the bottom. I've pm'd Laiste for advice too.
  16. Here goes, i hope i've done this photobucket thing ok, well i received another letter from BC he has the cheek in threating me with court. Note letter dated 26/6/2007, the envelope is dated 25/6/07 Laiste has been very helpful and advised in totaly ignoring letters as the debt is statute barred. input re the above letter would be greatly appreciated.
  17. but if i request a copy of an agreement would that not imply that i aknowledge the debt and therefore be liable
  18. I have never had any correspondence from them for over 6 1/2 years until this last month, should i just ignore this carter letter as it is obviously coming from the debt agency?
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