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  1. Hi To date Loans.co.uk Ltd are regulated by the FSA. However in June 2005, MBNA bought Loans.co.uk Ltd Loans.co.uk Ltd Stansfield House Chester Business Park Wrexham Road Chester Cheshire CH4 9FB Good luck
  2. Hi My initial complaint was rejected for the same reason, however it was reinstated after I informed the FOS, PPI policies sold alongside a secured loan are governed by the (MCCB) Mortgage Code Compliance Board if the firm that sold the policy was a member. Loans.co.uk was a member of MCCB between March 2000 and 30 October 2004 and became FSA regulated 31October 2004. The Mortgage Code is limited. Please read the code, if Loans.co.uk breached the code then complain to the FOS again. Good luck
  3. The Financial Services Authority fined Loans.co.uk for failing to treat its customers fairly when selling PPI. Loans.co.uk failed to make sure adequate processes were in place to ensure the suitability of its PPI recommendations.The Financial Services Authority found In the majority of cases the term of the PPI was shorter than the term of the loan. good luck
  4. Hi Appointed adjudicator investigates your initial complaint. If you disagree with his/her decision you have the right to ask an Ombudsman to review your complaint. His decision is final regarding your complaint with the FOS.Howerver his decision does not effect any future action. good luck Marcus
  5. Mr Richard Harris Head of Complaints Alliance & Leicester Narborough Leicester LE19 0AL
  6. You may have read about it under section S.20 Limitation Act provides that the time limit for actions to recover money secured by a mortgage or charge or to recover proceeds of the sale of land 1) No action shall be brought to recover - a) any principal sum of money secured by a mortgage or other charge on property (whether real or personal), or b) proceeds of the sale of land, after the expiration of twelve years from the date on which the right to recieve the money accrued
  7. Hi Chubba I simply replied to A&L Dear I have concerns your final responce on such important and sensitive issues, failed to include actual dates, or indeed give guidance I had SIX MONTHS from the date of your letter to ask the Financial Ombudsman Service to look into my complaint. I do not consider merely December 2009, appropriate when important time frames are attached to your final response. Please respond with relevant dates, rather than a template letter. Yours faithfully. Basically I have responded within the eight weeks A&L stipulated, game on the balls in there court Good luck
  8. Hi chubbas Google BBC News 24, ( business page ) good article today from FOS about hardship claimsand the banks behaviour. good luck
  9. Sorry about the above the underfunding fee is charged if you fail to make an agreed monthly payment to your account
  10. Premier Direct Current Account interest rates and fees Service Amount you pay If you ask to stop paying a transaction £10 each item Banker's drafts £10 each draft Paper copy of monthly statements and documents £5 each copy Paper copy of PlusSaver statement £15 each year Same-day electronic payment to another person's account in the UK £30 Banker's reference £10 Under-funding fee (if you fail to pay in the minimum amount we ask for each month) £5 each month Cash withdrawals from abroad A 2% (at least £2) cash-advance charge, as well as a fee of 2.95% the sterling value of the transaction to convert currency into sterling. Card transactions abroad A fee of 2.95% the sterling value of the transaction to convert currency into sterling. Cash withdrawals from our cash machines Free Cash withdrawals at any Visa cash machine that is not part of the Link Network, or at any financial organisation which accepts the Visa card A 2% charge (at least £2). The charge may also apply to buying foreign currency or traveller's cheques at any outlet that provides foreign currency.
  11. HFC Bank North Street Winkfield Windsor Berkshire SL4 4TD
  12. Hi fco Standard delay tactics from Loans.co.uk. you or the business can disagree with the Adjudicators and request the Ombudsman look at your complaint. Most accept the Adjudicators decision. Unfortunately Loans.co.uk and HFC bank (both fined for mis-selling PPI) abuse the Adjudicators decision and requests the Ombudsman reassess your complaint, his/her decision is final. Have a look at OLIVE.FAMILY tread, posted on this forum 24 Feb 2009 Good luck
  13. Sven Lagerberg Customer Relations Manager Capital One Bank (Europe) Plc PO Box5283 Nottingham NG2 3YG Good luck
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