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  1. Thanks for the response demon x slash. The ticket was hand written and therefore could be read as either KYS202H or KY52OZH. Thanks
  2. I was issued with a parking ticket on 27/10/06 for parking my car in a coach/hgv car park. I sent off my mitigation to the local authority specifying that I thought I was OK to park there as the times specified on the notice board was up to 6.30pm. (I was parking at 7.00pm) Had I read the notice correctly I would have seen the 'add on' to the notice of 'No Cars' - my mistake. The letter came back from the council but they quoted a registration number of KYS202H on the letter requesting payment - even though I had quoted the correct registration number on my mitigation which was KY52OZH. I wrote back to the local authority explaining that I had no knowledge of the car with the registration number KYS202H. 4 weeks went by and I thought I had got away with it however today a further letter has been received requesting payment but with the correct registration number quoted and an apology for the mistake in showing the wrong registration on the original letter. My question is should I pay or can I argue the point that the council acted on the original notice issued by the parking attendant which shows the incorrect registration number? Any help/advise greatly appreciated. Thanks
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