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  1. No, I that was received and returned a few weeks ago, It was an email letter from the mediation service.
  2. I have, in between working over 60 hours a week. Everything I have read suggests mediation is not appropriate due to my not receiving the paperwork/documents I have requested. I am just asking if it would be better in someone else opinion to just enter mediation and get it over with, i.e. what should I aim for?
  3. Ok an update. I have received a letter to make a mediation appointment, what should I do? If I enter mediation, what should I be aiming for? Thanks
  4. Was advised to never use email, which i havent, they have
  5. Hi guys I have received an email from asset collection with a notice of assignment to Perch capital, however litigation will continue. I am currently away but guessing i have received a directions questionnaire as i received an email from tm legal with a copy of theirs, which still states claimant as asset collections. I will be home thursday to sort out, but can they carry on with the claim when the claimant has sold it on?
  6. just to be clear point a should read a) show how the Defendant has entered into an agreement; and Is this correct? Thanks
  7. Ok Have not received any responses, so after a bit of research have come up with- 1. The Defendant contends that the particulars of claim are vague and generic in nature. The Defendant accordingly sets out its case below and relies on CPR r 16.5 (3) in relation to any particular allegation to which a specific response has not been made. 2.Paragraph 1 is noted. I have had Accounts in the past with Ferratum UK Ltd. 3.Paragraph 2 is denied I am unaware of any legal assignment or Notice of Assignment allegedly served.
  8. whilst waiting for a reply should I be thinking about a defence?
  9. Does the Cpr 31.14 Have to be posted or can it be emailed?
  10. date of claim is 24th july Have acknowledged and clicked defend. In work now so will get them done and sent tomorrow.
  11. In order for us to help you we require the following information:- [if there are more than one defendant listed - tell us] Name of Claimant - asset collections Date of issue – 24/07/19 Particulars of Claim What is the claim for – the reason they have issued the claim? - 1.The claimant claims this amount in respect of an unpaid loan, regulated by the consumer credit act 1974. 2.The loan was funded by Ferratum Uk Ltd. 3.The defendant has failed to make payments in accordance with the terms of the credit agreement. 4
  12. I have received a claim form today regarding a ferratum pdl taken out in 2015. The claimant is Asset Collections & Investigations, and the contact details are TM Legal Services ltd. The particulars of claim state it was a loan funded by ferratum UK Ltd but no date. The credit agreement was assigned to the claimant, but again no date. I do recognize the debt with ferratum but have never heard of asset collections. Can anybody help with the best way to proceed?
  13. Ok thanks for the advice, ill have to have a long hard think
  14. if i vt then i would end up paying equivalent to 2 years further payments as it was a 5 year term?
  15. I do like the car but being realistic, being such a short way into the agreement cant see it being much of an option
  16. Hi I have a car on finance with moneybarn, and I'm not sure I can continue to afford the payments. I took out the agreement last august and have had no problem, however in January this year due to a contract not being renewed (another story) my business failed and I have had to take a job which resulted in my income dropping by around £1000 per month. I am not in arrears, but after reading horror stories of people in difficulty I am hesitant to contact them just yet. Could anyone advise of my options? Thanks
  17. Ok, thank you N244 filled in to be sent Monday morning.
  18. I cant see the claimant agreeing very easily, as this is a result for them!
  19. I have downloaded n244 what do I need to put on it, and who do I send to?
  20. Big problem! The claim was in joint names, mine and my wife's, I have submitted defence etc. but have just received a judgement through in my wife's name. It is the same claim number so presumed there was only one actual claim. what do we do now?
  21. I have had a read of other similar threads previously, and it does seem like a pretty standard response. How do I proceed from here, I have filed the defence as above but do I now just wait?
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