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  1. Hello ladies & gents Thank you soooo much for all your words of advice - it is much appreciated!!! Sorry that I've not posted a response til now but I've been feeling poorly. Anyway, I thought you might all be interested to learn of the MAJOR SUCCESS that I have had with those lovely(!) people @ Northern Rock ...... At the same time as I posted my thread on here, I fired off a 7 page epic e.mail of complaint to the Chief Executive Officer of Northern Rock (Andy Kuipers). I pointed out to him that as a financial organisation, they have a flagrant and abusive disregard for
  2. Hello everyone Please forgive me if this post is in the wrong location .... I'm new to all this and have never requested help before!!! I have serious financial problems and have been receiving help from CCCS for the past year. They would not put me on a debt management plan (I think this was because I didn't have much off a disposable income!!) but with their assistance, a monthly budget was prepared and I began communicating with my creditors. After lot's of to'ing and fro'ing, my creditors agreed to accept my reduced monthly payments and I've been payi
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