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  1. Hmm. I just rang the court to see if anything had been decided RE a court date etc. Lady said as far as she can see from the casenotes, [problem] haven't bothered to notify the court in writing about the outcome of the stay period. This was ordered by the judge- BOTH parties must notify the court in writing within 7 days of the stay period expiry- could this be seen as abuse of process?
  2. Quick question- has anyone done this already, been stood up in court and had to lay out the case or had to argue the case in court that fancies coming with me for moral support or at least meeting for a chat and some helpful advice? Answers on a postcard! Actually, stuff that, the post is unreliable. Answers in this thread or pm me if anyone wants to offer support- and if I go to court and win (as opposed to the more frequently seen possibility of getting the payout the day before the court date) then I'm happy to do this for someone else.
  3. MGP, as you can probably see from the rest of this thread, my court action was stayed from 15th May - 14th June, I sent same letter as you (although I amended it and I think I posted the amended letter on here but I can't remember and can't be bothered to look) but the letter was either refused or lost by the post office or delivered but not done properly. The period has now expired so I've written to the court with the following- partly found on here and partly what the lady at the court told me to write when I phoned her. The court in this case dispensed with the AQ (which is becoming more common) and the lady said that in that case I didn't need to submit one with this letter. Regarding contacting [problem], I know many people have done it and that I haven't heard of a single case where they've dignified it with a response- whether the court ordered the stay or [problem] requested it. If you get a response, please post it here- I'd be interested in knowing what they have to say! Anyway, I need to start preparing court bundles, due to the fact that we're now waiting on the court for a decision on what do to next. Where can I find a bundle with everything I need? I'm assuming all the letters I've sent + Statements will be required, beyond that, what will I need? Thanks guys, you're all really helpful.
  4. Oh god, please help me guys cause I'm at a total loss what to do. I've just contacted Royal mail just to get a signed for name from [problem] and they've advised that the item has been delayed and there's no way to track it, but it hasn't been delivered. He can't say why as he can't check it in any way but it has been delayed. He said that on Tues of next week I can request notification that the letter was sent and not delivered and that it was the fault of the post, but I need to know if this is going to damage my case. The $%&*£@! post office could have cost me £120 in wasted court fees and lost me £1000+. What do I do now. I was just writing to the court to say they hadn't replied (I know the court got the letter cause I rang and asked what I should put in the letter). I don't know if I should just gloss over the fact that I know they never got the letter- or is it possible they refused it at the source and that's why it hasn't been delivered? I think the guy at the post office was at a bit of a loss as he had an hysterical woman crying down the phone at him but he obviously couldn't do anything more for me. Please help me, I NEED to send this letter to the court tonight otherwise it might not get there in time. What should I write? Should I pretend I don't know it's not been delivered or can they check up on that? I need this money. I can't pay the rent without it. Please help.
  5. Hello friends, hope you haven't forgotten me! Update, and request- I, as expected, recieved no response to either my letter to lloyds requesting they confirm they haven't offered me anything or paid anything, nor to my letter to [problem] requesting breakdown of charges etc. What a shock! They can't be bothered to take this seriously! Anyway the stay period expires tomorrow. Can someone tell me what I should write in my letter to the court explaining that we haven't reached a settlement nor have [problem] attempted a negotiations/contact at all and we will have to go ahead for a court date? What should I prepare for the court, on the offchance Lloyds fail to pay out before the court date and I have to actually go? Thanks everyone, you've helped me so much so far!!
  6. This isn't hugely discouraging, as in both cases now the claimants have been inadequately prepared. It just highlights the need for appropriate preparation before court. The bit about Judge Thomas requesting a list of settled and won cases is extremely interesting. My hearing is stayed until the 17th so the outcome of that is likely to affect me. I suspect the bank will ignore/delay the order- however- Judge Thomas, friend of the underdog, on a mission to stop the abuse of process that the banks have been utilising- if he recieves a list of won/settled cases (perhaps, mods, you should send him the list of cases we have found through the forums- this should be helpful to him)- My point is, that there is a distinct possibility that Judge Thomas will recieve the Lloyds information and simply strike out all defence in any case against them. Which would be awesome. He could also order that they provide their costs in these charges which would also fix the cases currently working through the system. If neither happens, I need to prepare my defence properly! Advice please!
  7. Hijacks are ok as long as they don't take over the thread completely- and I won't let that happen I've posted (recorded) a letter to [problem], and copied that to the court also, and I've sent off the letter to Lloyds asking what figure they could possibly be referring to. eee, I'm excited now... can't wait to not have a reply in the next 2 weeks then get a court date and get paid out the day before the court hearing... *rolls eyes*
  8. Wow, that spreadsheet is fantastic, thanks! Printer died a death would only print in blue and green so I'm having to get everything photocopied- which means I'll be sending things over tomorrow morning. (recorded delivery, kthx) Ooh, I'm getting all excited...
  9. PS There's some blither on the letter I printed for [problem]- about "I have a list of cases that are settled"- can anyone provide these if they ask for them- I might just delete that bit of the whatsit.
  10. Right, moving this post back to the front page for a little attention and communication with others in this situation, Today I'm printing two letters to send off tomorrow, 1: The letter outlined above to Lloyds asking what they mean by monies (ie, are you daft?) 2: The letter found at http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/lloyds-bank/3122-nationwide-first-lloyds-last-3.html#post214506 to [problem], (brilliant name for a legal organisation I think) attempting to "narrow the issues" considering that they seem to want the courts to believe they're eager to settle (sure, sure, we believe you). Luck, luck, wish me luck, peoples!
  11. I take it no-one agrees with my idea of sending a pic of Gary Coleman avec catchphrase to TSB? Found all relevant addresses. Will post all utilised resources in this thread- in fact I'll edit the first thread to include them or at least links to them. Preparing information. Feeling a bit more confident- I think because Lloyds have just PROVEN how disinterested in this they really are.
  12. How's this for a response? What-you talkin bout, Lloyds?
  13. How's this for a template? Lloyds TSB Bank PLC Ref: X Dear Mr X Thank you for your letter dated ******* 2007. I write with reference to paragraph 3 of the letter dated ******* 2007 stating that "If you are successful in your claim, this figure will be deducted from any award that may be made. Other than this, we will not be making any attempt to reclaim this money." I request that you re-clarify this statement be return of post as soon as possible. As you can see from the attached statements covering the period 1st February - 24th May, my account has not been credited with any funds from Lloyds TSB, nor have I recieved any notification whatsoever that any money will be credited to my account. Please could you therefore advise exactly what figure/monies you are referring to in the quoted statement above, and confirm that as is clearly visible from the account, you have not attempted to credit my account or offer settlement? I look forward to your prompt response. Yours sincerely AngelCat Input, please, ASAP as I plan to post this off tomorrow. Ta!
  14. I'm guessing this is the case but am at a loss what to do next- should I call them to clarify this point in case they have wrongly recorded sending me a settlement and try to deduct it from my claim?
  15. Mistermind, no, I'm not overdrawn on my account, due to having struggled and struggled on a reducing overdraft. Made up of charges. There is literally nothing that could possibly be deducted from my award should I recieve it!
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