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  1. Advice please. On Friday 28th December I received a PCN for parking outside my house at 9am. Suitably annoyed, I wanted to get the payment out of the way straight away so I phoned up but they couldn't find the reference number. The reason was that it had only just been issued and I was told to try again tomorrow as payments within 24 hours of issue could not be taken.


    My point is that I have followed the instructions as given on the PCN in order to pay the reduced amount of £30 only to be told that my payment cannot be accepted. There is nothing on the PCN to say that payments within 24 hours of issue cannot be accepted. What are my rights? Has this point been raised before? As far as I'm concerned I have done what is required of me and it is the fault of the council not mine that they have not taken the payment that I offered.


    I've got 12 days left to pay the reduced fee, so any guidance in that time would be appreciated.



  2. Excellent, cheers. New here so still learning the ropes.


    I used the template provided, so now confident everything is going ok, thanks.


    I have not received anything from the bank or the court saying the defence has been filed, the only way I know is having looked at the status of my claim online. I guess I will receive something concrete through teh post soon. My otehr worry was that I am going to be away for the next 2 weeks - am I likely to receive anything that I need to return within a short period of time that I might miss??

  3. Hi


    I have been reading some of the threads today, and consequently becoming more concerned about my own case. I filled in the online form for MCOL about 3 weeks ago, but there was nowhere to attach the details of the charges, or, as far as I could tell, no request to send these details separately in a printed document. I read somewhere today that I should have sent the specific details of the charges as soon as I filled in the online form. Is this true? Have I now messed up my claim?


    I see on the MCOL website that on 30th April LloydsTSB disputed the claim, but I've not heard anything since. Should I now be expecting something else in the post? I'm going to be away for the next couple of weeks and won't be able to send back any time-sensitive documents.


    GaryH, could you advise please?

  4. Hi there


    I am getting concerned about my ongoing case against LloydsTSB. I received a letter a couple of weeks ago from the HMCS saying that Lloyds had until the 19th May to respond to my claim of around £2500 bank charges, including a fews days to allow for postage. Today is the 19th and I have heard nothing from Lloyds or HMCS, at which point I thought I had won by default.


    I then went onto the MCOL website, and realising I could check the status of the claim online, found that on 30th April Lloyds actually disputed the full amount of the claim. On reading up on this, the MCOL website says:


    "If the defendant disputes the full amount of the claim, he will complete a defence. The defendant can complete and submit the defence online, or by filling out the defence form in the claim pack and sending it by post or fax to the court.



    The defendant should complete and submit his defence within 14 days of the date of service of the claim, unless an acknowledgement of service was filed, in which case he should respond within 28 days from the date of service.



    The defendant must state which allegations in the claim he denies and the reasons for doing so. If he fails to deny an allegation it may be taken that he admits it. Before submitting a defence the defendant will be required to complete a statement of truth.



    If the defendant files a defence and the defendant is an individual, the case will be transferred to the defendant´s home court. Where the defendant is not an individual (ie: the defendant is a business), the case will be transferred to your or your representative´s home court. This means that your claim will no longer be handled by the MCOL system.

    MCOL will send you a Notice of Transfer, an allocation questionnaire, and where the amount claimed exceeds £1,500 a request for the allocation questionnaire fee. The allocation questionnaire will help the judge decide how the case should proceed. Most claims for £5,000 or less are dealt with in what is called the ´small claims track´. Claims of more than £5,000 are generally dealt with differently, either in the ´fast track´ or ´multi track´."




    Now I'm confused as to what to do. I have received nothing since the letter advising of the last date for the bank to respond of 19th May, where is the pack I'm supposed to receive, am I supposed to be given a court date? Also, I'm going away next wednesday for a couple of weeks - what happens if a time sensitive document arrives whilst I am away and I miss a date by which I need to respond.




    Any help gratefully accepted.


  5. Hi, this is my first time here, hope someone can help. Basically, I got into a bit of a mess trying to juggle repayments a couple of years ago, and in desperation so as to make my payments for other debts that month, took out a loan from a certain bank that charges very high interest rates. When I went in to ask for the loan, I was told that my income wasn't enough for the amount I needed, and in order to get the amount I asked for, I was encouraged to enter a false income and have it signed by a colleague at work rather than my boss. Foolishly, I did this and was given the loan.


    The following month I was in an even worse state and finally bit the bullet and looked for an alternative solution, ending up paying my debts through the CCCS which is something I now wish I'd done years ago! However, my intitial loan of £8,000 had now had the interest applied as if for the whole term, and it suddenly became a loan of £16,000, which is the total amount they say I now owe. First question is, is this correct of them to do this?


    Second question is, do I have any legal rights against this bank as I was encouraged to lie to secure the loan?


    Any assistance gratefully accepted.


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