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  1. Hi Folks I am claiming against LloydsTSB charges from a Business Current Account "they" closed earlier in the year. I have now got to the stage where LloydsTSB have sent there defence letter back to me, but unlike some of the standard replies I have read about on other threads, this letter has 11 points not 9. Points 10 and 11 read as follows 10. In the premises: 10.1 the charges are for banking services, and are not damages nor a penalty; 10.2 the Bank is entitled by contract to imposethe charges, which are fair and reasonable; 10.3 it is denied that the charges are unlawful or contravene and statute or regulation. 11. The Claimant's claim is denied. Is this just a conclusion to the to the standard 9 points? Also with the defence letter was a notice of change showing new solicitors "Martineau Johnson". Is this a stalling ploy or do the LloydsTSB feel they may have greater success defending any claim with this new firm. I have as far as I am aware followed your guidlines to the word and must say I think all the information given is excellent, but I am finding the process a most nerve racking experience and the thought of going to court is not the most pleasent.
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