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  1. Hiya. Successfully claimed against abbey but have started a new thread re a new claim Could you have a look. Thanks Wont let me post link to thread. But in the abbey section. Called abbey and capquest Sp
  2. Thread Stats Views: 3 WW Factor Coming Soon... Share This Thread: Hi all Just looking for some help now really as not sure what to do now. Successfully took Abbey , when they were Abbey to court and reclined 5100 in charges. They put a cheque into my account but They then continued to put the same charges on my account which pushed me over my overdraft limit and then immediately revoked my overdraft facility and demanded immediate repayment. funnily enough just before cheque cleared. They messed up unfortunately by paying the cheque into another of my accounts which I withdrew and closed is account. Now, as far as I am concerned they still owe me nearly 2000 in charges but are bleating on about the supreme court secession and passed the accept over to cap quest who have held the account since the end of 2007 while awaiting for a resoonce from abbey. Abbey now say they are not going to pay as a result of the court decision in nov 2009. Capquest are now demeaning repayment of the overdraft (about 1900 ish). Should I now restart the whole thing against abbey with the new subject access request on the home page which requests all information ,even over the previous six year limit and continue from there Sorry if this is a quick lowdown but it's been going on for ages now and i have so much paperwork I think i can start my own recycling plant. Lol Any help would be great Thanks Sp
  3. SPCK111

    dkh V Abbey

    Never wasted if I get my money back..
  4. SPCK111

    dkh V Abbey

    YEP...Did a full bundle just to save me worrying about doing it later on...
  5. SPCK111

    dkh V Abbey

    Full Bundle....took all three to court they kept two and sent me one back Statements..Spreadsheets...all letters...caselaw etc.. DHK
  6. hi Heidi. I successfully claimed for over 1300 pounds from Capital one..They are real gits..Hassling phone calls etc but stick with it and keep the faith..They will pay up.. Link to my thread..(On another site but you may find it useful) DKH v Capital Punishment..ooops ONE - Penalty Charges Forum DKH
  7. SPCK111

    dkh V Abbey

    Hi again. Well claim filed and Abbey acknowledged to say they are going to defend entire claim...No surprise there then!.. Waiting to see what they say now then.. dkh
  8. Thats the thing...I never took out a loan I know that ...but I still don't know where the total amount outstanding comes from and they cant tell me...????
  9. Well...eventually their response arrived along today...They cant supply any documents regarding this outstanding debt as it is so old....but say as I have been paying it off for so long then I have admitted liability...b*ll...*x I say....mmm sorry As a GOGW they will reduce the outstanding amount to 1000 pounds... I have spoken to the FOS who state they must keep all information about accounts which are still active...ie still repaying debt etc.. They are now looking into it as that was LLoyds final response and I made a formal complaint ... I have also asked FOS to apply for a copy of any SIGNED credit agreement in place as Lloyds are stating this is a probably a loan ...get that, probably...think they'd know wouldnt you. DKH
  10. Hi All, After some info really…I had a bank account with Lloyds in the early ninety’s and the account was closed in 1995….Some years ago I was approached by Lloyds who stated that I owed then 4000 in debt …I had just applied for a new job and in order to get the job I couldn’t have any outstanding debts etc…I agreed to pay them 15 pounds a month with a view to sorting it out later…But life took over and I forgot all about it…I recently changed accounts and saw that I was still paying Lloyds by direct debit…I eventually decided to sort it out and sent a DPA letter to Lloyds debt recovery. After about 35 days…typical!!....I received a letter from the copy statement unit saying the account number didn’t exist…I photocopied the only two sheets pf paper I have from Lloyds referring to this debt and stated they the copy statement unit should contact the debt recovery people and see exactly whats going on and I wanted to know exactly where this debt had come from and the calculation ending up in the total..I stated that I didn’t think this was an unreasonable request and until this is done I will not be making any more payments.. I haven’t heard back from them yet but the Lloyds debt recovery people have phoned ..refused to give me any details about the account…not even the original account number and said if I didn’t pay I would be taken to court tried to explain to them about the letters I had sent etc but they just hung up..…Came home today and solicitors letter saying that if I didn’t pay in seven days then CCJ etc.. Phoned Solicitors …explained and they agreed to delay until Lloyds come back to me… Also phoned customer services last week and after 2 ½ hrs !!! spoke to someone who took all the details and phoned debt recovery while I was on the phone…Even she said they were very rude to here and wouldn’t supply the account details to her…Said she would get back to me in 72 hrs….but 6 days later and still nothing… Now….Where do I stand with the DPA request as the account has been closed for 12 years!!! And I take it they need to prove that I owe them money really…..thats all I ask!! Help!!!!!
  11. I went to my local court..Only just up the road from me...I claimed total charges plus 8 percent interest on all charges from the date or the first applied charge and court costs...1230 total but they further repaid 110 or unclaimed charges as well..guilty conscience I think... dkh
  12. They are all mouth and trousers....you will def win..believe me.. dkh
  13. WOOOO HOOOO...Letter dropped on the doorstep today...Crapital paying full amount and a further 111.00 Apparently will receive cheque within 14 days...Will wait untill cheque is cleared then will pull court papers.. Wife is over the moon as she was a doubting thomas!! Will go towards another claim I filed on Friday towards Abbey for 5K....!!! Keep the faith people.. DKH
  14. Hi All.. Was posting on another site thread so I'd thought I'd also post here if thats ok.. Claiming against crapital one to the tune of just over 1300 pounds on a debt of 920.. ALl the usual Data Protection Act, LBA Further 7 days etc...Only offering 344 ..yeah right... Claim filed and acknowledgment of service signed for on the 4th of May..with the intention to defend...so Just into June to see what happens....tick tock,, PS loads of harassment calls even though I send THREE letters to them requesting no contact except by letter and reporting them to OFT Trading standards and the Banking ombudsman..They even wrote to me to tell me they were going to continue contacting me until I pay up...OFT very interested in that letter Eventually had to bar their number but now they call on different numbers..Bar them all every time I get a call...irritating gits.. Will keep you posted.. DKH drag em all kicking and screaming to court!!!! ps...Link below to give you an idea of where Im at...Hope its not a mortal sin to post another website link her.... DKH v Capital Punishment..ooops ONE - Penalty Charges Forum
  15. SPCK111

    dkh V Abbey

    Hiya all, Im quite a way thru a claim with abbey and just thought Im post a thread here so I dont muck it up.. Long story short...Sent Data Protection Act..Got statements sent lba...got told to go away and no offer but did get back 1300 squid last year when I phoned and moaned about charges etc.....Court bundles prepared to file tomorrow at 0930 for just over 5k including court costs...so We will see what happens.. dkh link to other thread below...hope to give you n idea of where Im at.. its not a mortal to post another website link.. My mates at ABBEY - Penalty Charges Forum
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