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  1. I did ring the ombudsman up and he gave me the address i used and they logged it as a complaint mainly because i was recently made redundant and the bank took what i had in my account to cover a small amount of my overdraught and then started charging me £8.00 a day £35 for sending dds back and a £25 pound charge charges what ever the hell that is and this matter is now sorted as i was given all this back and the bank manageress rollocked, although as far as i am aware i am still dealing with my own claim as he gave me the address to send statements a template to
  2. Could someone give a little advise as my last thread says sent out statements and first templete no reply yet monday is d day because of this test case of the banks, and them getting a stay of execution on claims would i expect not to hear anything by monday or do they indeed still need to reply,it seems to me that by stalling all claims it gives the banks free range to tie this up in red tape for years until people get fed up waiting, hope its worth the wait and the OFT dont bottle it under the wait of the banks.
  3. Hi all its been a while since i have been on i have been away and computer blew up so just got round to sorting this out,sent out statements and template of here saturday they recieved this morning as i sent special delivery sent them to address given by the ombudsman: Mr McKirdy, Clydesdale Bank Plc trading as Yorkshire Bank, Clydesdale Bank Exchange, 20 Waterloo Street, Glasgow G2 6DB. Just see what happens in 14 days claim stopped short at £1,493.00 will do second claim when successful for another about £550.00.Andy.
  4. The rest of my statements have this morning arrived thank goddness so i will work out charges today and send off.
  5. Hi, the 40 days are well and truly up they where late sending the statements they sent,
  6. Hi caro i see your name on here a lot you have helped a lot of people,well they have nt said they wont send them only that they changed there system in 2005 and it will take a little longer to retrieve pre 2005 and also because of the high volume of people claiming its taking them longer,I say take more staff on, i just wonder what to do next, dont know if i should make claim on the one year then make another when i have the rest?
  7. Hi catmaddy,i sent for my statements over 40 days ago just today received them but only for one year as they sent a letter telling of some change they made to the system in 2005 and i have to wait a bit longer for the rest so this may or may not happen to you i will let you know when the rest arrive,on checking just the one year it is already up to £800 one month alone i was charged £280 ! good luck..Andy
  8. Hi all today received statements but only for the last twelve months as they say the bank moved to a new system in 2005 and are in two different areas of the bank and it will take a little longer to get statements past 2005 is this just stalling tactics on there part any advise,by the way one years charges comes to over £800 which is a good start:o
  9. Hi to the both of you thanks for help firstly yes 40 days now up secondly i did recieve acknowledgement of cheque and they said they would comply,will now have to ring does anyone have a contact number for them.....i have read all over here there a real pain YB well im ready for a fight,i will keep a check with you guys just ahead of me for tips..ANDY
  10. Hi all times up for the statements and no sign is this a good start or bad! am i write in thinking it s template 3 i need to send or another please help?
  11. Hi everyone just starting a claim, I have sent for statements, time just about up on them, my partner set up this for her charges for info and i have used it as well,I have been off work today and spent most of the day reading these wonderful storys of success against various banks and feel a lot calmer doing this knowing there is help and advise out there...andy
  12. Hi all snet for statement of charges with data sheet off here recived letter from yorkshire bank saying they would comply but date has now passed and no statements anyone know who i could contact..andy
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