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  1. This is a test have I picked up on the correct thread wiht out starting a new one
  2. Thank you I may just try a quick test
  3. Thank you for your prompt reply How can i keep to the same thread, say I wanted to ask you another question, in 3 days time what thread do I go to. Sorry to be a pain.
  4. My mother is registered disabled. When my husband went to pick her up on fathers day, she was un able to bring down a parking card. so he left the car and made his way up to the 3rd floor after having to wait 2 minutes or so for a lift. Once at the flat it took time for my mother to open the door , find a ticket and my husband to come down. All in all no more then 8 mins. In that short time he returned his car had been towed away. We had to pay £150 travel 8 miles to retrive the car. We wrote a letter that has just been rejected saying that they allow 10 mins. so this was reasonable, as far as they were concerned. when we picked up the car the girl said the car was towed at 4.21, my husbands ticket for parking was made out at 4.25, that means at no stage was any reasonable time been given for someone to go up and obtain the necessary card for parking. What evidence must they supply to show us exactly what time they towed and how they waited, they did not give any time just towed the vehicle away. this is Tower hamlets Authority.
  5. Hello I last requested help in May which was kindly responeded to. I followed instructions and now I am on the next part of this adventure and again confused. Back -ground. I issued summons on line, it was passed to local court. usually defences put in by DG. Reading various threads I sent a nudge letter. I have been totally ignored. by DG. I contacted the court and informed them of dates that i will not be available and asked whether an allocated questionaire was necessary. I haved received today,withit is a form 150. here is my confusion. What are the protocols?? Yes I sent nudging letter does this count as exchange of info to settle what other doucuments are they referring too? Enclosed is a mediation letter offering the service via the court if I used this does that mean I do not send the form 150. Do I need to send a futher £100 will I get this back. Please help I am away from wednesday onwards and need to sort this out urgently. I have also recently been in hospital so i really dont need this stress. Please help. I thought that I had read on other threads that court do not usually want the questionaire why have i got one. Thanks
  6. Sorry for the confusion I am so new to the site I am not sure where and how things merge or stick to or anything. I have found your advise to someone else and read that, but as for merging things i cant do it.
  7. Thanks for the quick reply. I have just spoken to the MCOL people who have confirmed that there will be a defence and the case has been transfered to my local County Court. They are going to post out the defence details to me . They said now I can only deal with the Court. Any ideas how and where I can get information on how to defend it at court. thanks santafe.
  8. Just made a phone call MCO who have confirmed that HSBC have put in a defence and it will be sent out to me today. They have also transferred the case to a local county Court and it will be up to me to decide to defend it or not. Any ideas anyone, has anyone else got that far with HSBC
  9. Hi I have just joined CAG. I have been mucked around by the HSBC so long that I have issued a summons on line, they did all the usual bullying, making me send in written out letters stating the charges, exact dates going back the full 6 years, i did this twice, they still sent 5 letters saying they have not recieved them. Then on the same day sent a letter came saying they did have them and were looking into it. When I informed them I was going to take court action, as I heard nothing, they made an Offer two weeks later, which refused. Then I received a letter saying they had no records of any charges and the ,matter was closed. i then issued the summons on line and received an acknowledgement that they were going to defend the charges. That day is today i have heard nothing from any one, has any one got any ideas as to what the next steps are. i would hate to go to court and loose against them as they may have implications of other ncases.
  10. Hello I am new to the CAG as a registered person, who always looked in on the website. I am one onf the unlucky ones who has written to HSBC to claim bank charges. After serveral letters of wasteing time and delay, they asked for a full statement stating the exact charges and dates going back 6 years. I sent it two times recorded delervey they then sent the same letter 4 times asking for the same thing and and one letter dated the same date saying they had received them and were looking into it. They then made a small offer which I ignored. They then sent a letter stating that they could find no charges on record and that was the end of the matter. I found that amazing, how can they make an offer then write and say they have no record of charges. I got fed up and issued a summons via the online system. They issued a claim of defence. today is the last day and I have not heard anything from any one. Has any one have any ideas what the next steps may be. I would hate to have to go to court and because of any incompetence loose the case they may have implications on others.
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