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  1. Thank you soooo much Mr P, the letter said 10 working days and as it was dated last Monday, I am hoping by the end of this week. On your A side YES! They must have quite a reserve for the public taking back their hard earned cash as we have the law on our side and they can never prove the charges are proportionate or justified HA! Agent M
  2. Hello People First off I would like to say please don't give up, no mater what the banks throw at you in their letters, anything other than an offer is just corporate dribble. I started to write to Lloyd in March 07 for just £365, hoping it to be quick as not a large amount. They gave me the standard "charges are fair...cannot refund" letter and so I threatened court. They got SERVED 4th June for £510 (interest+court costs) and yesterday I received a letter (dated 4th June...quick aren't they) offering £426!!! I'm happy as this covers my original request and the £50 court cos
  3. Hello I'm a newbie I am currently attempting to get my money back from LTSB, I got the same ol' "Our charges are fair blah blah" and so I have been onto money claim's website and started a small claim. I'm not quite sure of what it is I'm supposed to do next, I just know that I'm refusing to give up even thought LTSB are smug in winning 2 cases:| Do I know wait 14 days to win by default or do I have to wait 5 days for the serve and then start counting 14days:? Any tips???
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