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  1. Update The cheque arrived for £69.99. Interestingly, the date on it was not the 22nd Oct 2010. It says 29/10/2010! If I get any goodwill gesture from TT I will come back and update this thread. Thanks everyone!
  2. Done! But I think it may be in the wrong place....Hopefully a kindly mod will put it where it should be!
  3. I just called them again! (I guess I'm a glutton for punishment?) This time I used a customer service number I found out the web. This time I got a call centre in Manilla (I feel like I've been on a journey round the world today!) The person I spoke to was very nice and told me that a payment by cheque had been made on 22nd Oct. I asked why and they said that my DD wasn't active! See post above. Anyway, the cheque is meant to arrive within 28 days. As long as it arrives! I must have been feeling lulled and chilled by the person I was talking to because I kept my coo
  4. Hi Rebel11 I have just got off the phone with my bank who understood immediately the whole charge back thing. They filled out the form and it has been sent through to the disputes dept. They then said that the money would be refunded to me but on a temporary basis! This means that if they can't win the dispute they will take it back! It also takes over 3 months for this process to happen. The upshot of the convo with my bank was them advising me to carry on trying to get the cash back myself! The dispute is now underway via my bank. I don't think I have the energy o
  5. Hi all It's been a while since I had a consumer issue, but I'm back and I'm stressed! I was lured by the cheap tariffs and agreed over the phone to take out a contract with them. (Phone & Broadband) They asked for a new line fee of £69.99 which I paid using my visa debit card. (This was 14th Sept 2010) Over the next few days I spoke to friends and asked if they had any experience of TT and was horrified at the stories they told me. 4 days after I initially made the verbal agreement, I called them back and cancelled the contract. (This was 18th Sept 2010) TT ask
  6. Hey all Sorry it's been so long since I last posted on this thread. I managed to get a Dr's letter (free because GP was disgusted at their lies) and then rang and spoke very nicely to someone in acounts and managed to get a promise that the letter would cancel my 3 yr contract and that I wouldn't have to give a months notice etc. 3 months on and I haven't received anything from them so it looks like it worked ok. Just wanted to say thank you everyone for offering your advice and time to answer my post I learned a good lesson with all this - sod the gym, I got a dog!
  7. Hi all Ive been perusing my contract and i see that it states that if i miss a payment by DD or cheque or any other form of payment they are then entitled to charge a administration fee of £5.50. This is different to what i was verbally told via the phone a few days ago. The amount the 'delightful' woman told me over the phone was £10 admin fee added on top of any missed payments. (i have a full recording of this convo) After looking through other threads on Ashbourne, I'm dismayed that such a company is operating. I'm even more dismayed that I've been duped into the contract. I'm te
  8. Hello all Thanks for your posts, I feel very supported. When i first heard of this gym it was by way of a leaflet through the letter box. I was drawn to it because it seemed a very reasonable price. I rang and made an appointment with Emily who told me i needed to jump on board quick as the special offer memberships were limited. During our initial interview i explained about my weird muscular conditions and my ability to dislocate shoulders (indeed any joint) and stressed that i wasnt sure a gym was right for me. She assured me that it was worth trying and as i stated above, told me quiet
  9. Hi again. I cant find the copy of the contract ! I believe i signed a three year contract, as i signed it the girl who signed me up was very reassuring that if there was a problem concerning my health, they would end the contract with medical proof. She didnt explain what type of proof and i foolishly believed her. She actually said 'I shouldnt tell you this, but if you need to cancel your membership, just provide medical evidence' I must lead a sheltered life, I believed her, and relied on her promises. How dumb am I ? So much for getting fit, this type of stress is even more unhealthy
  10. Hi all, Ive just got off the phone with this bunch, what a downright rude customer service policy they use ! I signed up in Jan 09, prior to signing i had a good chat with the girl who signed me up about my bad health and long term med conditions. She assured me that they could 'hold' the membership if i was too ill to use the gym. Also it would be ok to cancel if i provide a doctors note. 4 months into the contract and ive only been able to access the gym 4 times. I would love to be able to use it every day, but im stuck with health probs which have been exasperated by using the facilitie
  11. we had some serious threats from this company. my mother was pressured into allowing a rep to come and measure her windows. luckily i arrived as it was happening and i was there as he rang his boss to get 'discounts' and various '2 for 1' offers that he would be able to give us but these offers were only open there and then that day. we just kept shaking our heads and saying no but it still took and hour and half to get rid of him. we then started getting follow up calls, again offering vastly over-priced windows and doors, even after we informed them that the job had been given to a local c
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