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  1. Hi there


    i notice from the forum thread:



    that you have assisted someone with their trouble with drakes bailiffs, my neighbour is beside herself with worry, experiencing a very similar problem, has been making regular payment for non payment of tv licence to not only the tv licence people through a card but also through a card the bailiffs have given her, they have posted a card saying they are coming today with a locksmith to force entry and have mentioned they have a distress warrant. ive told her to sit tight, not let them in or even speak to them and to get copies of all reciepts to date and we are going to work on 3 letters today for each party...the bailiffs, the tv licence, the court (to hopefuly call back the debt), as yes, it has got that far! Im contacting you to ask if you have a general template from your website as mentioned on the above forum thread to aid us in our letter writing! i do hope to hear from you soon, thanks for your time in this matter.

    M.B. :)

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