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  1. If you make a second request by recorded letter and ring them and tell them so, someone will print them off there and then! So try ringing them as you have already made a second request, be polite but firm telling them you are entitled to them and if they dont comply they are liable for prosecution, cant do you any harm! And yes you will end up with multiple copies, but it will save you photocopying them!
  2. Try this:- Barclays Bank Plc 1 Churchill Place London E14 5HP
  3. use this template: 1. Data Protection Act, Subject Access Request letter - List of charges and send to Barclays Bank Plc 1 Churchill Place London E14 5HP Use a letter it is better in the long run
  4. assuming you have been following the steps on here correclty and have now made your claim, you are on track! The mediation questionare can be used as an efective tool against barclays. Ring up Barclays Litigation team numbers for contacts can be found here:- http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/barclays-bank/94602-barclays-litigation-team-good.html Say that you have been given an order by judge to try mediating claim before court. They will almost certainly settle, but if they dont then make a note on detais of phone call (time, date, etc) On court form say mediation tried quoting your recent call but it was refused Hope this helps
  5. lol if only! I think trucker is right and go with the traditional route snail mail lol Actually I think having to goto post office etc shows effort on you part, looks better than I sat at home and e-mailed while having me Tea and biscuit lol!
  6. Only problem is that the banks having been on the whole sending out their revised T&Cs i.e new ones not the old. The new ones have now been reworded to hide penalty charges to fees for a service..yhea right! I think it is more important to have somthing which is relevant at the time the charges were applied..i.e if your claiming 2001-2007 then either when your account was open or a a range of a few across those years
  7. umm good point, not sure, e-mail has its obvious advantages, but I think in the end you will not be able send off a court bundle via e-mail! you mayas well stick with one route. Recorded delivery is not too bad cost wise and e-mail trackers could be interepreted as invasions of privac, so be careful! I wonder what others think on this, i like this idea of doing everything by e-mail! lol
  8. I just PM you! But with regards to T&C yes look in Woolwich forum also. Failing that PM MODs bankfodder might have them, but try any MOD you can hold of!
  9. Hi with regards to t&c. I think ideally you would want ot have the ones from the start to the end of charges i.e over the whole peroid, most will send the ones they were started on so yes try and get hold of earlier ones, failing that, as long as the 2005 say somthing along the lines of you having to keep you account always positive then they will be!
  10. Start again, remember recorded delivery, with 10 pound cheque! you could then try in a fornight to ring them say this is you second request and see if they will print them off for you then and there
  11. I was just referring to gaining just by default being really a no win situation, sorry to confuse. If you aplly and get it awarded you delay you progress.. you wait fo barclays to file defence to delay your progess. And yes there is no gaurantee the court will through out their defence, some do, some dont
  12. Firstly,,,sned everyhting recorded and note every converstion you have had with barclays, things like name date, time, general subject matter. what tends to happen is that barclays mess up the sending of statements, i hhad three copies of the same ones! lol one for my orignal request, 1 for my secondrequest,and 1 for my complaint! They have to send themout within 40 days, wordword, make a new request in writing using template and 10 pound cheque, send again, but this time ring them after 14 days and ask them where it is, tell the person on the line it is your second request, they will print it out there and then and you will eventually end up with many copies! deeddub probably do the same
  13. I think you have to very carful also of claiming CI and take note of trucker. If you are over the 5000 amount then you do run the risk of going fast track, and even though the possibility is quite small you do run the risk of being lilable for court costs...plus he is right 8% added at court stage i.e when you file your claim you ask for the court to award interest With ref to the letter I think it looks fine, if oyu already have statements etc I dont think there is any need to waste more time in writing to ask for them. Maybe you could already give you final warning since you have previous contact with them, by stating that you will purse the matter throught the courts if they donot settle in full by then. (check templates in libray for exact wording) What do others think?? I think sending the letter if you get further positive responses from people like dar£n, saintly etc is not a prob.
  14. your welcome! Make sure you do it in writing as well, just in case!
  15. Its a no win situtation. You apply for judgmetn, due to no defence being filed, you get it by defaut. Barclays however can then legally ask for it to be setaside on the grounds it was a default, blah blah blah, so then their application will not be accepted without an apperance in front a judge. ie you have to wait for a court date and rewuest from the judge that their request is ignored On the other hand you are waiting around for ever!!!!
  16. you still trying to get your money back even though judgment has been made in you favour? Have you already spoken to Litigation team before about this?
  17. umm, go fo it! No one available to answer questions? the must employ a lot of people if they think 30 quid is a reasonable cost where have they all gone when you want info lol
  18. I suppose the issue of CI comes down down to how much are you prepared to go for it. CI is very risky, and you will need to fight, because they will. I might be wrong, but I dont think that are many who have had CI awarded. 8% presents a safe route which bar a very small number have failed to get once the banks have been pushed! You must make a formal request in writing using the templates from this site for your charges/statements etc. Send by recorded delivery. Barclays will play you around. At least this way you have everything in writing should it go to court. You say for statments from the begining how far back does that go?
  19. Best to do evreything in writing, sending it by recorded delivery and make sure you stick to your deadlines, they have 40 days to provide statements by law under data protection act Have a look at thread below:- http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/barclays-bank/81857-dar3n-bs-beyond-thunderdome.html
  20. Short answer YES, but it is harder and getting your statements back to find out which charges have been applied can be also difficult. At the current moment Barclays dont seem to be giving back any statements before 1996, claimng the rest are on microfich. There aer a few people trying, so thre is no harm in giving it a bash
  21. man I wish I worked in a school lol....bring back those 6 week hols anyday lol
  22. hey 2006 be gone, summer 2007 is here, forget the past look forward to the future and remeber all that in 2006 has already given you the right skills to beat the banks! See 2006 had some good points to it
  23. welcome to your new home! you have sure had a lot going on! Will help when i can
  24. that sounds great and very powerful!
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