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  1. mum got letter from ulster bank goin on about charges and test case etc, usual guff and bulls***. waitin on mum coming back from hols then will file the case anyway, fook em!
  2. Latest update, another victory against Northern..... guy went to meeting with bank and accepted 85% of charges (against my advice!) but no court, no time lag no nothing. On a sour note, had told both these guys didn't want anything for helping them along, just asked that they give me a donation for this site, neither has done:mad: . w4nkers. Can't see me helping those outside family again. LBA going to ulster bank for my mum tomorrow, not giving them the chance to claim 12th and 13th influenced their ability to respond and all that crap.....
  3. Thank you Glav, few sleepless nights unfortunately but i wouldn't have it any other way, thankfully my other half is taking most of the night duties as i work 2 jobs, she's good to me And congratulations on a quick and easy settlement! Reminds me of part 1 with the northern bank of the 2 brothers i'm helping!
  4. Hi Glav, Been away 4 a bit, new baby boy on 2nd july so mind's been several different places!!!! You've gave them a chance, if they don't bother to respond then u know u'll get everything back, plus fees and interest, plus you can prove that you've been reasonable, attempted to negotiate etc..... good luck!
  5. any joy Glav? have you went quiet for good reason?????
  6. preliminary letter now on way to ulster bank, settlement through and they owe a total of £3229 excluding interest, will be interesting to see how they respond as my mum is about to put a large 6 figure sum in her account, perhaps only to move it to another bank soon to spite them
  7. latest update, 2nd claim proceeding against northern bank, prelim letter 4 claimant sent today, falls almost indentically to his brother's claim, lets see if northern roll over again. Ulster bank are still playing games, reinstated overdraft for one month, finishing in middle of month, aboslute joke. mum expects settlement by end of july so will take it from there and keep u all posted....
  8. Congrats Warrior, Just about to start reviewing charges for my 2nd northern bank claim, has reassured the guy that's claimin!!!
  9. Gary, Not sure what the best advice is on this one, if quick and easy money would sort your own situation out best then taking a settlement at this stage might help. However, now that you've filed for court you could tell them that to avoid unnecessary court hearing you would be willing to accept the settlement amount in full without interest or fees, thus saving them 300 odd quid, which should entice them, as at this stage they virtually guaranteed to have to pay out the full sum. Or you could stick to your guns and see the process through......
  10. 2 quick updates, bully boy tactics and stalling have commenced on both other cases: Ulster bank have cancelled my mums o/draft without notice, 15 days after the date it apparently was only agreed to (anyone ever heard of a overdraft arranged for 3 1/2 months:-? ) and head office have to approve a renewal. Little do they know she's waiting on a huge divorce settlement and the charges will be stuck to them in the next few weeks. Northern bank have told the other guy that they cannot provide a service to him for direct debits etc and that he should find another service provider. still waiting on statements. i'm beginning to enjoy this in a twisted sort of way, they'll all get their comeuppance eventually!
  11. Hi Glav, Sounds all too familiar..... If you're willing to accept 95% for a quick and easy settlement, my only advice would be to ask for it! They'll save 5% of £6k or £300 plus the fees and interest so any savings are a plus to the bank against a full payout. letter i used to get settlement for work colleague was doctored a bit from money saving expert and readings on here but went as follows: Dear Sir or Madam, Re. Account number: ********** We refer to default charges applied to our account amounting to £2305.63, which we have requested you pay back. We wrote to you on 01.05.07, making the original request for a payment in settlement of our claim. As we do not consider your offer of £950 in settlement of our claim satisfactory, we are writing to inform you we intend to claim the full amount claimed together with interest up to the date of judgment and court fees in the proceedings through the county court. This is based on the Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulations, as we believe these default charges are unfair and not proportionate to your costs, and therefore the NI Small claims court will rule in our favour. We have attached a full schedule of the charges and interest with this document. Without prejudice The charges and interest we have claimed above total £2305.63 However, if you are prepared to pay to us £1750.00 within 14 days of the date of this letter (and, for such purpose, time shall be of the essence), we are prepared to accept this lower figure in full and final settlement of our claim and interest. We look forward for a full response to this letter within 14 days, otherwise we will commence court proceedings to reclaim our money. This letter got a result, good luck whatever you choose!
  12. Gary, As you've said I'd be going for the full refund option! Sounds like a stalling tactic but from my experience of northern bank they may be looking for you to perhaps accept a slightly reduced sum, as for them anything is a saving as opposed to having to pay out the full sum plus interest and court fees! You could go along in the hope of a quick solution and stick to your guns that the fees are an unreasonable penalty, no reflection on the actual cost and that you're only willing to settle for full refund otherwise you would proceed with court action. I read a case on here where a girl spoke to the branch manager by telephone and managed to get full settlement without going through the legal bit, so it won't do any harm as long as you continue with your timetable!
  13. Hi Conlee, Just reading your other post now, I had a success with northern bank as you've just read, you can claim interest where they have been penalised for going above agreed overdrafts etc but not agreed o/d interest. You can certainly claim for warning letters, referral fees, unpaid DD fees etc, but you cannot claim arrangement fees (for overdraft etc) as this is a service not a penalty. From memory of NB the typical fees varied amongst the following: £11, £12, £12.99, £15, £25, £28, £37.50 and £38, to give you a guide of the type of no's involved, obviously they all increased over time..... I'm sure someone else can provide more advice, but thats a few bits from me that will hopefully help! Would advise you to start your own thread too! If I can answer anything else drop me a line and i'll do my best!
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