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  1. Can someone please clarify something for me please. If going through the FOS when claiming credit card charges back do they go for the full amount or the difference between what you've been charged and the £12 threshold set by the OFT? Thanks
  2. I had all my statements with the charges listed on them. I sent the first 14 day letter requesting a refund on 14th May. Had a reply on 24th May, pretty standard content & willing to refund difference. Wrote LBA on 29th saying part refund was not acceptable, found out after that that they'd already credited my account. Had reply 4th June, position remains the same etc. Wrote again on 11th June , as a gesture of goodwill giving them a further 7 days to refund all & received reply 22nd June & their heals & dug in. Total charges £520 w/o int. credited £208 (unless they've taken it back!) TIA
  3. I've got as far as I can with Barclaycard. After the first letter they credited my account with the difference between what they'd charged me and the £12 OFT threshold. I wrote back saying it was unacceptable etc. but they're digging their heals in. So I have to move forward, court or FOS. Like alot of others I find the thought of having to appear in court very, very daunting. But I have read, or maybe misread, that going through the FOS with credit card claims will only get you back the difference between what they charged & the £12. Is this right? Because if so then there's no point in approaching the FOS.
  4. Claiming against, Lloyds x 2, credit card & current account, Barclaycard and Capital One. Trying to soak up as much info as possible from this site. I'm at the stage where the next step will be court or FOS.
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