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  1. OK, I'll stop getting into a panic! Thanks Andrew
  2. Hi there, I have another quick query. I've just phoned the court to confirm that I still have to pay the £100 fee and I was told that the judge may decide to issue an AQ afterall and that I should not do anything until I hear from the court again. What does this mean in terms of sending out the Draft Order for Directions? I was going to send it at the same time as paying my fee. Should I just wait and see if the judge decides to isssue an AQ or just send it anyway? Also, I don't want to mess up my case by not paying the £100 within the 14 days from receiving the initial defense lett
  3. Hi Saintly, Thanks - yes you're right- I'm just getting the hang of all this thread business!
  4. Hiya! Yes, they have submitted their defense and I recieved notification from the court that I don't have to do the Allocation Questionnaire, so will pay my £100, wait for the court date, prepare for the court bundle etc. Slightly worried about locating the T&Cs but have seen some helpful links on this site.
  5. Sure, It's all getting a little scary now, so I'll definitely prefer to start preparing sooner rather than later! Thanks for your help!
  6. Thanks! I guess all I have to do at this stage then, is pay the £100 and wait for the court date, then start preparing the bundle...
  7. I've just received my notification from the court outlining Barclays defense. They have said that the Allocation Questionnaire is not required (at least that's what I understand from the statement "the filing of the AQ to be dispensed with" and I know I'll still have to pay the £100 as my claim is above the £1500 threshold. But, what difference does not having to fill out the AQ mean in terms of the whole strike out thing? Just want to make sure I understand everything!
  8. Well, you've come this far! We're both at a similar stage, so will keep you posted.... Don't lose heart
  9. Hi linda1968, I know the feeling and was definitely tempted to take my money and run, but then I realised that even if if did, I would still be angry at myself for not having the guts to go all the way! From what I've read on these fourms, it does seem like you will get your money in the end if you follow the steps to the T. I'm trying not to think too far ahead and just concentrate on what my next step/response should be. I don't know if this helps, but you are not alone
  10. Hi everyone, This is my first post but I've been eagerly reading for moral support! I have recently launched my court claim against Barclays and am awaitng their defence. They did send me a letter offering to refund £1,455 but this is well below what I'm owed. I have just sent them the 'thanks but no thanks' letter, I must confess that I did hold off for a couple of days after that Lloyds case but this site helped me get things in perspective! From what I'm picking up Barclays fight till the bitter end, but I'm willing to go there! My sister got her money back in full from HSBC, so I
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