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  1. I have just logged a complaint with the Ombudsman - did this within 20 minutes over the phone - it's a lot quicker than 4-5 years ago when I was nailing the banks for bank charges - they will be sending Barclaycard a letter requesting them to remove data older than 6 years from my credit account. In this case they can only ask and not order them to do it - so I have no guarantee that this route will actually work sadly. You know I probably shouldn't have nailed Barclaycard for bank charges - this could be their spiteful long lasting vengeance. I actually don't even remember getting this late payment default from January 2005 - my credit account record with them apart from this is spotless - it is entirely possibly that it is a complete fabrication in response to them coughing up nearly a £1000 in compensation. What irks me is that the Experian consultant said that this late payment default doesn't affect my credit rating - however when I asked him whether lenders can actually see the default he said yes, if they look that far back they will see it as it is openly visible - so then it obviously does affect my credit rating.
  2. Just got off the phone with Experian and they informed me that the information for closed/paid off accounts will remain visible for 6 years from the date that the account was closed (in My case May 2007). Looks like I shouldn't have closed the account - I would have been better off! So that means my credit files will only completely dissappear next year May 2013 - they wont drop off gradually, but all in one go apparently. So my credit records from Barclaycard in 2004 that are still visible to lenders will REMAIN visible to lenders for another year at least - meaning that my credit report files will actually be visible for 9 years. This is unbelievable.
  3. Just got off the phone with Experian and they informed me that the information for closed/paid off accounts will remain visible for 6 years from the date that the account was closed (in My case May 2007). So that means my credit files will only completely dissappear next year May 2013 - they wont drop off gradually, but all in one go apparently. Somy credit records from Barclaycard in 2004 that are still visible to lenders will REMAIN visible to lenders for another year at least - meaning that my credit report files will actually be visible for 9 years. This is unbelievable.
  4. Thanks M, I am going to call Experian today and ask them why they are keeping 8 year old Barclaycard credit account records when they shouldn't be holding anything past 6 years! Will post their reply later. B
  5. I certainly hope so... I think I might call Experian today rather than wait the 2 weeks for their reply, I will post my findings on here shortly after about their take on matters - as I am sure someone else that may be looking for answers about this will come across this thread... watch this space.
  6. Thanks - I have already sent a message to Experian, they claim to respond within 2 weeks. Underneath the report for this Barclaycard account I picked up the following text: "Settled accounts are kept on file for six years from the settlement date. The status history in respect of a settled account relates to the period of time prior to the date of settlement." I read a similar post on here and this has happened to someone else, records are kept longer if you pay your debt and close the account. I will wait for Experian's official stance on this matter as I'm not altogether comfortable knowing there is a late payment default from nearly 8 years ago on my credit report,,,,and I am not sure this will not be visible to lenders as it does not state that it is archived material. Little did I know my records from 2004/2005 would come back to haunt me.
  7. Just came across this post as a similar thing has happened to me, I paid off a credit card in May 2007 yet I still see the debt history as far back as 2004 - sadly there is a 'late payment' in Jan 2005 which was so long ago I can't for the life of me think why it happened! Surely this is unfair?!
  8. After reading some other threads on similar issues I realised that although the retailer went bust I can still make a claim against the credit card company - Santander. So I have started up the process under Section 75 of the consumer credit agreement! New plan!
  9. I have just been through my Experian Credit Report and noticed that a Barclaycard credit card account which I paid off and closed in May 2007 has history which can be tracked back to November 2004 which is in the '25-36 months' ago timeline of the report. Normally this wouldn't annoy me - however there is one 'late payment' default in January 2005 showing up on an otherwise unblemished record. But surely this shouldn't even be on there are its more than 7 years ago. Obviously it is the year 2012. Why is information appearing on my credit report from 2004/2005? I was led to believe that credit agencies keep records for no longer than 6 years...but I can see records from 8 years ago on mine. Whats going on? Can they do this? And also - can lenders see this information too?
  10. Yes, I bought it way back in 2007 but started having problems in 2009. 2 years of use for a computer I paid £700 for (same model which is worth £900 today). I called Apple in 2009 and they gave me a unique ID referencing this problem from November 2009. The computer was more or less unuseable since then onwards until I made every effort to resolve things again when my partner started studying and needed a computer to use last year. I have no doubt Santander will make every attempt to thwart me - I guess I will have to get the ombudsman to have a look if the bank doesn't budge.
  11. I found some template letters on money saving expert's website and am going to try and get Santander to pay for my computer to get fixed. Hows this? Name Address London Postcode Tel: xxxxxxxxxx 26 April 2012 Santander Cards PO Box 700, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS99 2BD CARD NUMBER: xxxxxxxxxx Dear Sir/Madam Faulty iMac - Sale of Goods Act Ref: Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974 I am writing to request that you reimburse me the value of £420.80 as payment towards fixing this item. I paid for it with my Edge credit card to Computer Warehouse on 12 April 2007. My claim is made on the grounds that the item purchased was faulty soon after purchasing and I have been unable to resolve my complaint with the supplier who went into liquidation a few years ago, and that you are jointly and severally liable for any misrepresentation or breach of contract with the above supplier under Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974. Furthermore I have included the receipts from the Apple store in Kingston who examined it over the last year. They verified that the problem with the machine is an inherent manufacturing flaw. They require £420.80 to fix the problem. I look forward to a full and prompt response to this letter within 14 days. Yours faithfully, Name. Just for the record I took it to Apple first of all and they told me it was the retailers job to refund/reimburse/fix. Which led me to Santander because the retailer went bust.
  12. Hey people - I bought a computer from a company that ceased trading shortly after my purchase in 2007. I had umpteen problems with the computer I bought - it turned out it was an inherent problem in that particular model of computer and Apple recognised this by fixing it on one occasion (but then decided not to fix the same problem again 6 months later). I started a thread where you can read the back story in the forums: Faulty-iMac-manufacturing-fault-who-do-I-claim-from I opened up an Edge card (now Santander) to purchase this computer on credit in April 2007 - I started having problems after only 2 years...and it was more or less unused ever since! Is there a way I can get Santander to pay for it to be fixed or refund me the money? I paid £700 for a large door stopper! Any help appreciated.
  13. My girlfriend asked me a question yesterday which I have now come to think might be a really good idea - she asked me why don't I get Apple to fix the machine again or possibly start proceedings against them seeing that the retailer does not exist. Does this sound like a crazy idea or a good idea - according to UK legislature a consumer must approach the retailer for a refund or to have an item fixed - but what if that retailer went bust?! Any thoughts appreciated!
  14. Well after a few weeks of firing off letters to the head office address on the Computer Warehouse website and then after a month of waiting finally getting up the courage to issue a Moneyclaim against them I thought I would just call their head office one more time. Well turns out that Computer Warehouse are owned by a group called 'The Square Group' who bought the trading name and url and email address, apparently the company trading as Computer Warehouse when I bought my computer were liquidated around 5 years ago. So it looks like this story has reached an unresolved conclusion - with the company I wanted to claim from seemingly dead and buried. Boo.
  15. My current credit score is 876 - but realistically it should in the 900's. Yesterday I spotted my only 2 defaults, and they were from last year on my Experian credit report and immediately went into Natwest to have them removed. They really shouldn't have been there. IT PAYS TO CHECK and it pays to have them removed.Last year when Natwest changed over to the £5 per day unauthorised overdraft system I happened to be away for 3 months and when I got back I was horrified to discover my account £700 in arrears, which included the daily rate of £5 per day plus charges for not using the account (because I was away)- anyway I immediately phoned them and told them the problem and they agreed to wipe the charges away for a fee of around £360...which I paid and they promised no defaults would occur on the account. Sadly it took me almost a year to discover that they certainly HAD DEFAULTED ME. Two months in a row! I even had a small personal loan rejected recently which kind of spurred me on to actually check and pay the £12 for the credit report - well worth it I tell you if this can be avoided! Unbelievable. However to cut a long story short - I am also very very curious as to how much my credit rating will improve in the month or so from 876 - it will take the credit report people around a month to re-register the new account details with an improved score (hopefully). Watch this space.
  16. Hey - I know this thread started off quite a while ago - but for the benefit of passers by it came up when I was looking around for a basic business account that caters for people with poor credit ratings. Ever since I nailed 3 banks to the wall and reclaimed around £4.5K a few years back for banking transgressions 6-9 years ago (seems a long time ago to still be suffering from this!) I seem to have been plagued with a bad credit rating for some reason! Anyway, Im looking to form my own start-up business in June 2012 and have been looking around for a basic bank account (no credit cards or credit of any sort, just an account to pay money into) and I found some people at 'Foersters Formations' who offer business accounts for clients with poor credit ratings. They have a number of different packages available, however although they help those with poor credit they still are restricted by CCJ's within the last year - they can do defaults but no CCJ's in the last year. Not bad though! Their accounts range from £10 to £85 for the full works (including an incorporation certificate) - some of them don't need money to be paid in advance either and offer 2 years of free banking (so you stick with them for 2 years and then move - by then your credit rating should have improved a bit - hopefully!).
  17. On 29 March 2007 I purchased a brand new intel iMac from Computer Warehouse. After a couple years I started having problems with the screen, vertical lines appeared all over the LCD - I was unable to make use of the computer eventually as the increasing number of lines across the screen made this impossible. After many months of frustration and leaving my machine unused for almost a year, my partner started studying and needed my iMac urgently to do her work - I took it into Apple and they repaired it in May 2011. (But my first contact with them about this was around 9 months before around July/August 2010 but I never got round to taking it in until May 2011 as it wasn't urgent until then. As it turns out, I am not the only person to experience this problem with the iMac - this fault is a well documented in the USA, a manufacturing problem common amongst iMacs with a serial starting with W8 (made in Shanghai). I think Apple got sued (or were threatened) in a class action suit - and they instituted a service agreement to fix these models. Apple replaced the LCD screen in my machine in May 2011 under some 'service agreement' due to this fault. Only... a few months later the fault re-occured - with a vengeance. Same lines back across the screen but more and bigger!! And after only 4 or 5 months. Again I could not use the computer and took it back in Feb 2012. Now they wont fix the problem again - they want to charge me £430 for the new screen and labour. Their reasoning is that the ‘service agreement’ has expired on this model of iMac and it is no longer covered. The problem I have is that when they replaced the LCD screen I do not believe that they fixed the problem with the computer. Or perhaps their service just wasn't very good. A screen should last longer than a few months surely?! After writing to the store manager and asking for a resolution, he called me but refused to fix it for free and would only offer me a goodwill gesture of 20% off a new machine as he said my machine is very old and I wouldn't succeed in claiming anything for it through normal channels. He also suggested that I should take my case up with Computer Warehouse who sold it to me. I paid £700 for the computer and got less than 3 years out of it. Thats nearly a quid a day - and it wasn't even used every day - if anything it was lightly used. What on earth should I do? My partner needs this computer more than I do to do her studies but Apple want £430 to service it.
  18. Well...some new developments have arisen! Positive developments I would have to say. As a stroke of luck the agency which is selling the house on behalf of my ex landlord got in touch with me last Friday to ask if I was still in the house because they wanted to do a viewing...and they copied in the landlord's email address on the CC list much to my surprise! So I took the opportunity to send a request to the selling agents (with the landlord cc'd in) to get in touch with the landlord on my behalf to repay my deposit as he is trying to sell the house without refunding his ex tennant or contacting his letting agents - and mentioned that the letting agents have also tried to get hold of him to no avail. So I guess with the added pressure of everyone trying to find him and the fact that all this would look pretty bad on his attempts to shift the house with a new agency, lo and behold, an hour later I got a call from the landlord promising a swift repayment. Just shows that sometimes it pays to be a real pain in the *** and contact everyone possible to create a bit of a scene.
  19. I moved out of my previous house on the 30th November 2010 after being issued notice (no particular reason was stated on the notice form however the house was up for sale before I had been issued notice). I have not received my deposit and 17 days have passed. The landlord placed the deposit in a protection scheme - I have a certificate and started a dispute with the protection scheme yesterday. Before I moved out I provided the letting agents with my contact details to be passed onto the landlord. I made sure that the house was professionally cleaned before I moved out and the check-out report indicated that it was in good condition and presentable with no major problems. However the landlord has failed to contact me since I moved out. I have sent him a couple letters to remind him to repay my deposit - both letters have my full contact details and one of them had my bank details for him to arrange repayment. But still no contact or repayment. The estate agents have tried calling him apparently and they said they get only voicemail. He has ignored them too. If I wait for the protection scheme to resolve the issue I will only receive my deposit within the next 3 months...that's if the landlord agrees to repay it. I have reason to believe that the landlord was in breach of contract of my tenancy agreement. The landlord ignored requests to fix faults at the property and put the house up for sale while I was still in my legal tenancy WITHOUT giving me notice. My contract was an 18 month contract with a 6 month break-clause after 12 - however after 13 months I came home from work to see a 'for sale' sign after being contacted by an estate agent all day asking to do viewings. I called my letting agents who had no knowledge of the house being sold (by other agents nonetheless). I believe the landlord should have told me he was selling the house and given me official notice of this because all this badgering and pokery by the estate agents trying to sell has had an impact on my quiet enjoyment of the property during my tenancy. My question is this: Can I claim for compensation and reparations for breach of contract in small claims for not carrying out repairs and subsequently not informing me the house was for sale....as well as not contacting me to repay my deposit upon moving out? Would it be wiser to get a court order to get the protection scheme to repay the deposit and then claim the compensation in addition to this directly from the landlord? I want a court order for the protection scheme to pay my £800 deposit and I want £1600 in compensation for breach of contract and subsequent financial hardship of not having my deposit repaid before christmas (I have a young child to support). Secondly how do I go about A: getting a court order to have my deposit refunded by MyDeposits B: What is the legislation and documentation I need to claim compensation for unpaid deposit and breach of tenancy/landlord agreement. Much help appreciated.
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