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  1. GREAT NEWS - the bank have refunded me the show tickets in full. They took around 5 working days after I sent them an email last Monday. What a relief and thanks to everyone for the advice - it worked!
  2. Yes. I will call the bank and see if they can arrange a chargeback on my tickets. Thanks - will post the update later B
  3. It was with some annoyance that I discovered that Cirque Du Soleil's head office is in Luxembourg. After having our show (Amaluna at Royal Albert Hall) ruined by double-booking of my seats at Valentine's Day (of all days - myself and my date were appalled) I have decided to go after them for a full refund of the £150 I paid under the Goods and Services Act 1982. We basically missed the first 15-20 minutes due to their bungling of our tickets and jilting us into inferior side seats. I emailed them at their 'customer services' email (info@ ....) and have not had a reply. Like as if that's an actual customer service email address. there is no other contact for customer services. Another sneaky way to get out of dealing with annoyed customers. Mainly it's the principle. They think they can go and create some dummy office in Luxembourg and try and sneak people out of their consumer rights here in the UK, well they can think again. I have never claimed refunds from businesses based outside the UK but I imagine the process is similar, send letter asking for refund...wait 3 weeks, send final warning (however on this occasion I have already emailed them so they don't get another warning)....apply for European Payment Order....send bailiffs into the London venue if they do not pay with possible shut down of show due to health and safety because the bailiff took the show props and show equipment to recover costs. Anyway, I have written them a letter as of today which will be posted to their Luxembourg address: 16 Avenue Pasteur L-2310 Luxembourg Grand Duchy of Luxembourg I will give them 3 weeks from today before making my application for a European Payment Order and then possibly get to send the bailiffs in to Royal Albert Hall. Does this sound reasonable?!
  4. So it's 3 weeks since we sent a chargeback letter recorded delivery to Barclays and no reply. I am considering sending Barclays a reminder or follow up letter - thing is we expected a reply by now!
  5. Ok - I'll draft the chargeback letter tonite and hopefully we get some kind of response from the bank as soon as possible.
  6. My initial thought when they asked us to drop the bag off to be sent for 'quality checking' was that it was some form of trickery. Because... if we don't give them the bag and bring them to court they can say 'well Louis Vuitton offered to inspect the bag and the purchaser said no'. And we get chucked out. And yet even if we send it all the way to Paris at additional postal expense to us they can turn around and say 'this bag was damaged by the owner' which again leaves us in a difficult situation!
  7. Hello Cags, My fiance purchased a Louis Vuitton bag from their flagship Bond Street store in London. The day after purchasing she noticed an odd scuff mark (not caused by her) on the inside top lining of the bag and on close inspection the paint is revealed to be noticeably peeling off in an area of around 1 cm square. Not knowing her rights she approached me a couple days later with the issue and I took a look and believe that this item was sold to her defective and that she should be entitled to a full refund under consumer law. She was not afforded the opportunity to inspect the item upon purchasing as they gave her a sealed boxed item to take away. She paid using her debit card unfortunately. A week after purchasing she attempted to return the bag to the store only to be told by the store manager that 'the bag is worn and cannot be returned under Louis Vuitton guidelines'. We immediately sent a letter requesting a replacement/refund under UK consumer law. No reply for 2 weeks and we sent a letter before action with legal threat. My fiance had a phone call and Louis Vuitton refused to give refund however they have offered to send the item to their Paris Quality Control team for checking - however no possibility was given for a refund or replacement. We gave them a deadline of Friday 26th November after which time we have threatened legal action. They have 4 days. Do we need to hand the bag over to them for 'quality control checking'?!?!?! What madness is this!? I am guessing it's just a run around. Please advise. 99
  8. Hi Raydetinu - The contract is as follows and started on the 27 November 2012 (it was a one year extension) - notice under section 21 was received via telephone on Friday 3 April...the next day Saturday 4 April the notice arrived hand delivered for repossesion on Saturday 8 June. Last page of the 16 page tenancy agreement - the only page that mentions notice to move. SPECIAL TENANCY CONDITIONS 1. The Tenant agree that the Landlord has the right to terminate the Tenancy by giving the Tenant not less than 2 month' notice in writing by serving a Notice under section 21 of the Housing Act 1988 on the Tenant to be sent by first class post or hand delivery to the address of the Premises to end the Agreement. 2. The Landlord agrees that the Tenant has the right to terminate the Tenancy by giving the Landlord not less than two months' notice in writing to be sent by first class post or hand delivered to the address specified in clause 35.1 of this agreement, to end the Agreement. 3......8.
  9. SURELY if we have requested a move out date of 2 months to the day then they should honour that rather than expect us to move on exactly the date that suits them - which is unsuitable for us, which is an oddly shaped 2 months and 5 days...?
  10. Yes, they had a break clause that the landlord could give 2 months notice - and according to the law you can't give notice before 4 months have passed and they made me pay £120 for the extension then greedily waited almost 4 months to the day before giving me the weird notice date which suits me not one bit and will cost me loads - probably on purpose I imagine!
  11. Any property rental gurus with advice would be most welcome. We (my partner and I along with my 6 year old) rent a managed property through Ellisons and 4 months into our 1 year contract extension (our 2nd extension) they served us a 2 month Section 21 Notice requiring possession dated 4 April.Exacyly 6 months into the extension. The effective notice is 8 June. Our monthly rental due date is the 27th every month. A few days after the notice was served I told them that we would prefer a moving out date in accordance with our rental which is the 27th May as it would cause complications for us otherwise. They refused. Then I requested the first weekend after the 27th to do our move - the weekend of the 1/2nd (to check out on Monday 3rd of June as they dont work weekends)...and they said they would contact the landlord and get back to me if he was prepared to let us leave early. 7 weeks passed and I heard nothing until the Friday of the weekend I was to move. I organised my moving schedule and email the agency the friday before the move that I was moving out the pre-arranged weekend and would be at the check out on Monday the 3rd. They then informed me that I could not check out until the 8th and that i would need to pay extra rent to cover 3 - 8 June, plus any council tax and other utilities. Even though I have cancelled my bills already! i am a bit peeved as I am now sitting in my new place after having moved and having to continue to pay Ellisons rent even though I told them I was moving 7 weeks ago, and also wasted my afternoon today as I intended to check out today and they told me they werent going through with it . Now I have to schedule MORE time off work to check out on the 8th - which is 2 months and 5 days after I was served my notice requiring possession. I am also now likely to lose hundreds of pounds in extra rent and bills and a full day of work (I am a highly paid contractor and stand to lose £300 because of this). Anyone know what I can do to even the score? I told them I was not happy having to wait 7 weeks for a response to whether the landlord would allow me to move out on the 3rd (which as it happens is exactly 2 months after the notice was served and would have worked out fairly for me). I believe that their bespoke notice of the 8th is unfair because it's mid-month and not our rental day, and there are no decent rental properties available on at that time of the month either. To top matters we now have to wait an extra week or so for our deposit (minus the extra £250 in rent and other deductions I am sure)- and I just know they will try and shaft us even though we have looked after the property and cleaned it to a higher standard than it was when we moved in. Please help.
  12. Alright stress is over folks - they finally paid !!! What a relief - think I am going to have a stiff drink now. Thanks for your advice peeps - it will come in handy next time this happens, at least I have learned a few valuable lessons. A: ALWAYS specify terms in an invoice. B: ALWAYS have a signed contract BEFORE starting a job. It seriously sucks being owed money.
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