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  1. Hi Lee Can you ring my sister to arrange payment again please, terms as previous month. Thanks Tired and Angry
  2. Hi thanks you for your reply, in the meantime my sister needs to sort out the current bill. I believe the arrangement made in December is still the same? In which case she'd like to pay this months bill minus the disputed amount and that was done through you last time. Can you ring her to sort this out? Thanks Tiredandangry
  3. Hello Thank you for speaking to my sister since your post she has received offers to upgrade and her next bill but no further information regarding this matter. Please could you update my sister on progress to date in investigating this matter? Thank you Tired and Angry
  4. Hi, Thanks for your replies. Lee my sister has emailed you using the details provided. Looking forward to your reply. Lee my sister would normally pay her bill, as this is in dispute and she wants to know what to do, does she pay what she usually pays while it is being sorted out? Thanks Tiredandangry
  5. Hi, my sister has received a bill from vodaphone for £471. Payment is due on Xmas Eve. This is for data useage on an IPAD. She is concerned as the bill covers when the ipad was at home on wifi, not cellular. And there are irregularities with the bill. Also there was a failure on Vodafones part to text prior to Data usage going over, even though there is a commitment to do this online. I've searched online and in the vodafone forums vodafon states problems with the texting service. The Ipad is used by my 7 year old autistic nephew e
  6. Hi I have speech problems too. Worse case scenario, if you cannot get help, is it possible to take in a laptop and use text reader software? It will certainly show the difficulties you have in communicating and the lengths you have to take to be heard and how difficult it is to attempt to vocalise a response. Also try these they provide disability advocacy they may be able to help CHOICE IN HACKNEY Defoe Block Ground Floor Hackney Community College Falkirk Street (Hoxton Street entrance) London N1 6HQ Telephone: 020 7613 3206 Textphone: 020 7613 3208 Fa
  7. I currently have a claim stayed in court. This has not stopped HSBC threatening recovery action. I have received threatening/harrassing letters from MCS and DG solicitors. Being disabled and recently poorly I have not had the energy to write so tried talking to them on the phone. I explained I'm disabled and the case is stayed. They still keep trying to persue action and I am sick of it. I've tried writing a response. What do people think? The request for reasonable adjustments is to ensure HSBC/MCS etc focuses on complying with the disabled discrimination act to meet my needs.
  8. It is nice to know not all councils are bad. Babybear, ring back social services and ask them for a date when your assessment will take place and find out who deals with it. From experience it is very easy to get lost in the system, unfortunately it is necessary to remind social services that you are there and need their help. Good Luck
  9. Hi all hope your having a good Xmas. Can I get the FOS to look at the harrassment before the stay and after? They sent my case to the debt collectors knowing it was stayed.
  10. TFT Thanks. That cheered me up. Considering so many vulnerable people are involved it would have been a kindness if these big institutions had left their announcements till after Xmas.
  11. Yes its a let down. That does not mean I'm going to stop fighting. Like many of us that are disabled and on benefits, I am entitled to legal aid, so it is not going to cost me to fight. Is it possible to find out how many caggers are on benefits and how much in charges has been taken? How many are disabled? We have the services part of the disabled discrimination act that may apply re behaviour of banks. How many were persuaded to take out loans to cover charges while still on benefits? This is the sort of information that could be incredibly shaming to the banks and gove
  12. Hi Currently I'm fighting my council for suitable adapted housing. We've been at the top of the housing list for years watching suitable houses going to able bodied families. I don't think my council likes housing disabled people. Papers are at the barristers for judical review after years going through the "proper complaints procedures" and getting exceptionally bad support/advice from local councillors, MP and LGO and the local Shelter. Finally they "may" offer us a house, "if" they can get the funding and "if" they can get planning permission for a "possible" extension and
  13. Found a copy of the letter here http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/general-debt-issues/36790-bank-taking-your-benefits.html Its not just for benefits, I also used it for my dads pension.
  14. Thats not fair. However the school and education authority are potentially in a lot of trouble. Instead of family partnership you can get a named person from Network 81 Network81. Helping parents of children with special needs. these are completely independent. Before you talk to these people write it all down. You can change schools, the LEA does not give out information about which schools are best for special needs. The parents in the parent groups will. Please talk to Network 81, just the threat of them has had an amazing effect on the LEA in the past, when w
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